Can't Speak French

A/N: Just a crack!fic me and Tiff came up with as we came out of school and felt the urge to write in English the next day :D Enjoy, and don't forget to review. No pairings.

"Doctor!" Donna chortled as she rounded yet another corner. Gazing down the elongated corridor, she groaned, "Why is this place so big?!" she murmured to herself.

For over an hour now, she had been wandering around the maze that was the interior of the Tardis. Sighing, she put her hands on her hips, and listened for any sound of life in the desolate wasteland. A soft beat echoed up the walls, vibrating like white noise, a wind in the forest of the blue box.

With a relieved grin, she marched up the pathway, ready to demand a map so she wouldn't have to waste time like this again. She'd forgotten what she originally wanted the Doctor for. The last door on the right was slightly ajar, and beams of artificial lights were pouring from the gap, empathizing the shadows of the corridor.

The music was louder now, and Donna raised an eyebrow as she recognized it as 21st century pop music. Girls Aloud to be exact. So, the Doctor was a Girls Aloud fan? She crept along the wall, and peered through the gap. She froze, eyes widening and mouth gaping in shock. No way…

His pinstripes suit was hanging on the wall, and had been substituted for a pair of boxers and a baggy vest, that had been turned in on itself and tied in a knot at the breast bone, like a crop-top. The room was reasonably small, with half of the walls covered in the vast mirrors, while the other half had been painted bright orange, metal dalek-like domes and all.

A single CD player lay in the corner, booming out the song. The Doctor, however, had eyes only for his reflection. Bare feet jumped about on the lime green carpet as he danced, with the luminous pink pom-poms flying through the air. A tuneless singing voice went,

"I can't speak French! So I'll let the funky music do the talking, talking now! Yeah!"

Clearing her throat, after calming a startled giggle, Donna pushed the door fully open and lent against the frame. The time lord froze, foot in mid-air and mouth open from singing. He twisted around slowly, and both of them just stared at each other for a while.

"You, um, suit pink," Donna said eventually, grinning mischeiviously. The Doctor pouted, grabbed his suit, and strutted from the room thorugh a near-by door to get changed.

Donna laughed so hard, she was on the floor, with tears streaming down her face. Faint singing came from the next room,

"Can't speak French…"

Donna fell into another fit of laughter.