Name: Catching Smoke

Summary: There's James, quidditch playing 'hunk'. There's Lily, prefect, straight O student. But how did they become James+Lily? REEAAAAAD ITTTT! You wont regret it!

Walking down the corridor of the Hogwarts Express with the marauders in tow, James Potter had the whole world in his pocket. He was one of the top students in the whole of the sixth year, though he'd never admit it; he had three best friends whom he could always rely on; and he had half the girls in the school begging to go out with him. He had everything, right?

Wrong. He didn't have Lily Evans.

They passed her compartment, and it made James' heart ache to see her talking animatedly to her friends, laughing and smiling. It made his heart ache more to see her look up at him disgustedly, the smile gliding off her face.

Finding an empty compartment, Sirius threw himself onto the seat, taking up an entire side. James sat by his feet, with his head in his hands, as the others sat opposite, warily.


Lily Evans sat in a carriage with a bunch of her friends, who were laughing and reminiscing about their summer.

"So Lily, how was yours?" asked Isabella Taylor, throwing an arm around her best friend. Izzie had long, messy black hair, and big blue eyes. She was prettier than most of the girls in Hogwarts put together, as the boys constantly told her, and she had a loyal and fun personality to match her looks. The male population of Hogwarts were queuing up to date her. And didn't she know it.

"It was ok," Lily began, "Petunia was the world's biggest bitch ever. As usual. Oh how I wish I could turn her into a fruit-bat..."

The carriage laughed, and even she cracked a smile. All of a sudden, a tall handsome figure passed by the carriage, glancing at Lily through the window.

Great. James Potter. Just what she needs.

She gave him the most disgusted look she could muster, and turned her back on the carriage door, purposefully.

"Lily," Izzie moaned, "Give him a break,"

"Just because he's your cousin, does not mean I'll forgive him,"

"Ha! Not just 'cause he's my cousin, biatch!"

"Shut up, you" Lily snapped, "I need to go to the prefect carriage,"

"Ah, we'll come with you," she said brightly, gesturing to another girl in the carriage, "We need to introduce dear Kathy to the rest of the school,"


"James, get off the floor and stop moping, you whiny prick," Sirius said sharply, as the train began to move.

"Get lost," James moaned, and Sirius laughed, patting James on the back.

"It's not fair Sirius," he wailed, throwing his head into his arms.

"She'll come around, some day. You know it," Sirius said genuinely, as Remus and Peter exchanged doubtful looks.

"Yeah," James said looking upwards.

"You just need to change your tactics slightly, right?"

"I have to go," Remus said suddenly, getting to his feet, "Prefect meeting. I'll see you guys later."

He grabbed his bag and left the compartment.

"Well that sucks," Sirius sighed, "No Moony and moping James. Great,"

"There's me!" Peter said, but his comment was obscured by James getting to his feet, energetically.

"I'm not moping," he grinned, sitting in Remus' empty seat, "Let's do something fun,"

Sirius beamed excitedly. James was so much more fun when he was in a good mood.

"Erm we could always – " but he was cut off as the compartment door flew open, revealing three pretty Gryffindor girls.

"Izzie, I'm out of here," Lily hissed under her breath, running towards the prefect carriage.

Izzie rolled her eyes and sat down next to James, punching him lightly in the shoulder.

"Oi, Jamesie, why didn't you come over this summer!" she demanded, "My mother misses you,"

"Auntie Gabby can wait," James grinned at his cousin, "And who's this?" he asked, looking up at the petite girl standing before him.

She had soft blonde hair, which framed her small face perfectly, bobbing on her shoulders. Her chocolate-brown eyes were twinkling devilishly, and her mouth curved into a cute smile.

"Kathy Green," she said, "I'm new here,"

"Awesome," Sirius said standing up and shaking her hand, charmingly, "I'm Sirius Black, and that handsome fellow is James Potter. Oh and Peter Pettigrew,"

"Great," said Kathy, sitting down beside Sirius, distractedly.

"James Potter, you are the biggest prick in the entire school you know that!" Izzie said suddenly, turning on James.

"Err – is there a reason for this sudden outburst?"

"ARGH, you're making Lily so upset! She's so stressed out about your annoying ways,"

"What's going on?" Kathy asked, a frown creeping onto her face

"Oh you know that other girl, Lily? Well this idiot here hasn't left her alone for the last five years. He's constantly asking her out and being an arrogant idiot," she suppressed a smile. James could be quite funny at times.

"You know she loves it," James laughed

"Not that she'll ever admit it!" Izzie groaned, thumping James.

Suddenly, the compartment door opened and Remus walked in wearily, followed by an angry Lily.

"Hi," he stuttered, sitting down next to Kathy, "I'm Remus Lupin. Lily told me about you, you're new right?"

"Yeah, Kathy Green. Nice to meet you Remus," she smiled warmly.

"Sit down Lils," Izzie said, shoving Peter out the way and squeezing Lily in next to her.

"Hey Lily," James said cheekily, and everyone in the carriage snickered. Except Lily.

"Get lost Potter," she said, pulling out her wand.

"Jeez, calm down," he mumbled, leaning against the seat.

"Hey, how'd you guys do on your OWLs?" asked Remus, breaking the tension.

"My Jamesie kins got ten whole OWLs!! He passed everything!" Sirius said excitedly

Everyone's jaws dropped as James looked away embarrassedly.

"Sirius!" he moaned.

"What subjects did you take?" Kathy asked

"Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient Runes and Muggle Studies,"

"What about you Remus?" asked Lily

"I got nine. Stupid divination!" he groaned.

"Yeah, that's why I didn't take divination," Lily laughed, "Complete rubbish. I got nine too; I got P in History of Magic."

"I got same as Remus," Sirius said, "Stupid Trelawney..."

"I failed astronomy," Kathy said, "But Os and Es in everything else,"

"Ah, I got T in Divination. Bollocks," Izzie groaned.

"We're almost there!" Peter cried excitedly, looking at his watch.

"Oh shit," Sirius mumbled, reaching for his trunk, "You'd better go," he told the girls.

They looked at each other, already dressed in their robes.

"Why?" Izzie and Kathy said simultaneously, grinning madly. Sirius and James exchanged grins and began taking off their shirts. Remus groaned and gestured for Peter to follow him into the bathroom. Lily followed them, rolling her eyes extravagantly.


"Isn't it great when the new prefects have to do everything" Remus said to Lily, who laughed, as they left the hall after the feast.

"Yeah!" she replied, "Prefect stuff is so boring,"

"That's what you get for being a geek," Izzie scolded, standing up, as they walked out of the hall.

"Yep," James agreed, "I'd never be a prefect!"

"Like anyone would want you as a prefect," Kathy laughed, "I'm guessing you're a bit of a ... troublemaker?"

Lily scoffed, "That's being kind. Him and Sirius, they're the worst students in the school!"

"Oi, we're amazingly clever. I got six Es and an O!" Sirius cried indignantly, running up the stairs like a madman.

"Whatever," Lily said, suppressing a laugh, "Oh we still need to introduce the first-years, Remus,"

"Oh shit yeah," Remus groaned, as the first-years came up to the portrait hole behind them.

"See ya," James laughed, as he and Sirius sprinted away from the miniscule 11-year-olds.

"Kathy, the girls dorms are this way," Izzie said, leading her up the stairs, as the boys climbed up in the opposite direction.

"Ah good old Hogwarts," James grinned, as they reached the dorms.

"You're much happier now," Peter commented.

"Mm. Annoying Lily always gets my spirits high," he laughed, lying back on his bed.

Remus opened the door and headed straight for the bathroom, mumbling under his breath about annoying first-year pranksters.

"What's got his robes in a twist?" Sirius muttered, and the others chuckled, as Remus emerged from the bathroom in his pyjamas.

"That Kathy girl's cool," mused Remus, sitting on his bed, "She was talking to me about History of Magic. Very interesting..."

"Whatevs, Moony," Sirius said, tiredly unbuttoning his shirt.

"It's great to be back," James sighed, coming out of the bathroom in the middle of brushing his teeth.

"Even when Evans hates your guts more than ever?" Remus remarked

"Oh yeah," James spat into a random flower vase, "I can change her mind..."

"James! Don't spit into that! My mother gave me that..."

"James loves Lily, James loves Lily," sang Sirius

"No shit," Remus sighed.

"Shut up Moony before I tip the contents of that vase over your head," Sirius said shortly.

"Hmph," huffed Remus.

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