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Chapter 14

The cold feeling returned to Harry, covering him like a big blanket, blocking all sight and sound from him but he didn't care. He was away from the boy. He was away from Batman and that was all that mattered.

He wasn't sure where he was, all he knew was darkness. He was curled up into as small a ball as he could with his small hand clamped over his ears, terrified. He was very cold but he was too scared to move. He wanted Miss Ivy. He wanted Miss Cat. He wanted to go home.

Attentively he opened one eye before quickly closing it again. He still could see anything and he felt sick again. Very sick and his head hurt something terrible. Like Dudley on that drum set his Aunt had bought him.

It lasted one playtime before it was broken.

Harry hoped his head wouldn't burst like the drum. He was sure that would hurt even more. He sighed and opened his eyes, both this time, and tried to see where he was. It was so dark. He could make out the faint outlines of object looming at him but nothing he recognised.

He blinked and squinted as if he need his glasses again (Miss Ivy had fix his eyes for him because his eyes were far too pretty to hide them). Slowing, very very slowly, the darkness retreated and object changed to a faint grey and then colours spread into them, like ink and water on a child painting.

Harry wondered briefly if the colours were real at all or if they only existed when he looked at them.

Harry uncurled his numb limbs and sat up, wincing as his head throbbed and the world spun around him. Owwwww... He waited for the world to settle again and the sick feeling in his tummy to disappear. He was in...

The world flipped...

He was in a funfair.

Then everything went black...

"Mister J, what are we going to do?"

"Why, in the name of comedy, are you whispering, Harls?"

"Shhh, Boss, Kiddie-winks is sleeping. I figured –"


"Well, let me do me the thinkin' Harley!"

"Yes, Mister J."

Harry blinked. He was lying down but this time on something lumpy and a blanket or coat of some sort had been placed over him. He ignored the two whinnying voices as his head throbbed painfully again. It hurt and he couldn't think straight! Blinked again the room came into closer focus – it was very dark as the window had been boarded over but even through the dim Harry could make out the stripy multi-coloured walls, the oversize furniture and the rather dilapidated look of the place.

Sitting up slightly, Harry noticed that voices had disappeared just at the curtain separating his small corner from the rest of the room was ripped back. The small boy screwed up his eyes against the bright light in let in.

"Well, Nurse Harls, It looks like our patient is awake!" Grinning manically the Joker danced into the room, his white doctor coat replacing his normal purple suit. Harley floated in behind him, she too had replaced her normal costume with that of a nurses and she smiled down more gently at Harry. Harry might have smiled back if the Joker hadn't grabbed his attention back – literally.

"Well let's see here!" He grabbed Harry's face and 'seriously' started to examine it. Harry flinched as the long fingers dug painfully into his face but didn't dare do anything in fear of invoking the clown's temper.

"Ahh!" The Joker made more 'knowing' noises before letting go, waving his hands dramatically as he spun around. Harry was glad he did because he was sure the Joker wouldn't have appreciated the dark looks the boy sent him has he tried to rub the red marks on his jaw away.

Harley, who had noticed, quietly noted to tell Red that the boy was spending too much time with her when she was in one of her...darker mood and that it was starting to rub off. Not child that age should look so...furious.

"Nurse Harls, it's just as I feared! It's most terrible what this poor boy is suffering from!"

Harley's eyes widen in horror, "Oh Mister J, What is it! Can't you help him?"

The Joker have a long suffering sigh and placed the back of his hand over his eyes as if to ward away the pain, "May dearest Harley I fear that there is only one cure...

...Laughter, HA HA HA HaHahahahahahahahha!"

Shrieking the clown clutched his sides as Harley squealed, clapping her hands as she bounce up and down excitedly. Harry just stared at the mad couple.

It took a few minute for the two to calm down although the Joker still let out a few hysterical giggles and Harley a few dopy sighs, before they returned their attention back to the small boy. Harry almost wanted to run away at the sight of the seriously Joker.

"But Puddin what are we going to do? You know Red doesn't want yo-us near him, I think we should let her know-"

"Yes Boo-Bear, and as a Doctor of Medicine, I know that a guardian (Yes even green ones) has a right to know their child is hurt-"

"Great! I'll call her!"

But before Harley could take a step the Joker spun around a smack her over her head.

"NO! Don't interrupt me I'm not finished!" Ignoring the small 'sorry boss,' the Joker smiled again only this time it was a little more strained, "I'm afraid to say, Nurse Harls, that this boy is an orphan!"- Harley gasped correctly- "Yes, the sadness of this knowledge must be interrupting his recover! So Nurse Harls, I propose that we take in this poor defenceless child and cheer him up a little – after all laughter in the best medicine."

Harley squealed again but less enthusiastically the before – she was trying to figure out just how mad Ivy would be if she let this happen and just how much that was going to hurt when Ivy finally caught up with her. Ivy always did in the end.

"Umm Puddin?" She asked as the man examined his reflecting in a mirror, admiring how the coat looked on him. "Hmmmm?"

"W-what are we going to do with him? I-I meant I-Ivy, well she's a bit...overprotective of him and I don't think-"

"Don't worry so much! You're such a worry wart, I'm sure Wayne will take good care of the Brat." He fiddled with his smiley tie.

"Wayne? What's he's got to do-"

"Harley!" The man spun around, "What do think we're going to do, adopt the brat? No, oh no, I think not. No I think Mister Wayne will enjoy the boy's company more than us, in one way or another– for a highly inflated price of course."

Harley didn't look convinced, the memory of Red's last rampage leaving a strong imprint in her mind "But Puddin, Red will go nuts –"

"Reddy-Rosy is missing, Harls – remember?" The Clown pasted a kindly looking face on as he turned and pulled the sad looking jester into a hug, "I knows she's your friend and I'm sure she'd want us to take good care of Harold ('Harry, Puddin') for her." he pulled away, "Besides, she's most likely in Arkham or will be soon – so she and the Bat will be too busy to stop us!"

Harley bit her lip but the sickly-loving look the Joker sent her washed away all her doubts and concerns. "Of course Puddin, Old Wayne-Boys bound to want him!"

Squealing the woman throw herself into her boy friend's arms, who spun her around and kissed her. Harry watched on, scared and worried, not sure if the idea of being sent to 'Wayne' made him feel sicker that watching the two clowns kiss. It was close, very very close.

Only he knew none of this was any good to him – or Miss Ivy since the Joker had said she was missing. Did that meant Miss Cat was missing too? Did the Bat get her, like he did Miss Ivy? That would explain why he was at the penhouse, if he was after everyone close to him...Or was it someone completely different? Harry didn't know.

There was a lot here he knew didn't know – Only that he couldn't stay here with the Joker if he was going to find them and save them, that was for sure.