I thought I could be anything I wanted to be.

You seem to think that you are on top of the world, that you can control anything you wanted to. You enjoy life, go out partying, do well in tests, and fuck with girls. You answer to no one. You have your own ambitions, dreams that are slowly on their way to becoming reality. You don't take people's feelings into account, and no one questions you. You feel immortal.

Then someone comes along, and the equilibrium is shifted. Suddenly you are vulnerable, erratic. You notice the slightest things and you think about them every moment you can find. You try to speak eloquently, but fail hopelessly. You find yourself in denial, and wonder how you got there. How did I let this happen?

Then the jealousy and greed seeps in. You want them to reciprocate these feelings. Inwardly, you beg them to love you, while blaming them for making you feel this way.

One wrong move changes it all, and you are sent crashing down. Everything you are falls apart.

It takes a long time to pick up the pieces.