Author's note: Had lots and lots of ideas for this one. Unfortunately I couldn't bring myself to write them as they all seemed too obvious. So, I certainly aim to be the only one using "frame" in this way:-)

Disclaimer: Don't own anything you can watch on TV. Not even a mascara.

Spoilers: I reveal who is the villain in the movie Who framed Roger Rabbit?

Words: 100 (managed it again, yeah!)

That's the bunny

Dean was leaning on the counter, his favourite pose. Sam was chatting to the hairdresser, their only witness.

"Remember Roger?" Dean asked suddenly.

Sam frowned; "Rabbit?"

"That's the bunny", Dean answered and then they acted as one.

Sam ducked and Dean drew his gun as the hairdresser pounced, his one quick shot killing the shapeshifter/hairdresser.

"Didn't think we'd ever get to use your code words from "Who framed Roger Rabbit", Dean grinned. "You were like 10 when you came up with that."

"Clever, Dean" Sam admitted "I'd almost forgotten."

"The last one you would suspect is a toon" Dean nodded.