Author's note: I would so like to see some serious flirting on this show, so I had to make up my own. Written for CW Drabble Challenge, the word is "slice".

Disclaimer: Do I look like a genius? No? You are right, nothing in here is mine. Supernatural.

Want a slice?

Dean and Jo stood on opposite sides of the table, thoughtfully looking down at the decapitated carcass. Dean, always a bit uncertain in these circumstance, decided to delegate responsibility.

"So, kid, this is your show. What do we do next?" he asked.

"Well", Jo picked up the big carving knife and absentmindedly started twirling it, "I guess we cut the bastard in half".

Dean looked up in surprise and their eyes met.

"What?" Jo raised an eyebrow and asked with mock innocence, "You not up to a little slice and dice?" She leaned closer to him over the table in a flirtatious way.

Dean's surprise changed into admiration and a grin slowly spread across his face as he responded in kind; "Oh I am game, sweetheart. What would you have me do?"

He too leaned closer over the table.

"Take this knife" Jo said, handing him a smaller knife, amusement and desire contesting in her eyes, "and start chopping up the nuts".

"That's awfully cold, woman", Dean said, his grin growing wider as the gap between their lips narrowed.

"Enough, guys" Sam wearily interrupted from behind his laptop, "You said you'd do chicken-cashew stew tonight, so get on with it or I go for take-away – again!"