It took two weeks for the war to turn into just that. Two weeks of utter bliss, settled into the warm embrace of Sesshomaru's arms during the nights, and two weeks waiting for the day that he would have to leave. He laid back with her in his arms, basking in her warm, feminine scent. Glancing at the hair that he had trapped between his fingers, he let a long, morose sigh slip through his lips.

"My mother is coming today. I suppose I should bathe and dress and prepare you to receive an audience with her, ne?" She nodded, standing up slowly, her muscles flexing and groaning under the strain of movement. The past two weeks she had been basking in the afterglow of good sex. Her muscles complained loudly and often due to this fact, but she took it all in good stride. Every twinge of pain reminded her that Sesshomaru loved her. Perhaps he had never told her as much, but the loving caresses that he gave her were more than enough proof.

She stretched much like a cat, arching her body this way and that, trying to work out the kinks. She smiled after him, going to the bathing chamber together. Now would not be the time for having fun. Kagome knew better than to keep dog demons waiting.

She sat in the audience room quietly, sipping the sake that the servants had brought her, settling into the cushion easily. She had heard tell that Sesshomaru was making big changes in power, which was supposedly the reason he had called on her. She resisted the urge to grin, already imagining the look of tired anger and annoyance as she poked and prodded him, her darling son, into nearly having a tizzy. Oh, she could hardly wait.

Little did she expect a slight woman to waltz into the room, following Sesshomaru at a respectable distance. She cocked an eyebrow, interested in this new turn of events.

"Sesshomaru, my son, did you know that a small woman has followed you home? I know that you took in the one stray, but two? In one century?" She tsked, shaking her head.

"Mother, Kagome shall be the co-regent." He looked at her pointedly, hoping she would take it at face value. He never had much luck with her. She talked far too much.

"Sesshomaru! A…" She paused, trying to find the appropriate words to describe the little woman, "A hybrid, leading your lands! Why, I'd never!" She looked appalled at the very notion of it.

"Ue-sama, please. I am more than honored to be allowed to work with you. I simply will take care of the budget. You shall still command the castle with an iron fist." Kagome gave a low bow, smiling softly at the slight woman ensconced in her furs and robes.

She sniffed, a bit embarrassed at the amount of respect this little woman showed her. It wasn't the typical lord or lady, to be sure, but it showed that she respected her on a different level. She grinned a little.

"Well, I suppose it wouldn't be too much of a bother to run the castle for a few months. I certainly have missed the small army of servants to wait on me, hand and foot." She hummed softly to herself, snapping her fan closed.

"Fine. However, I would like to spend a little while with this little slip of a woman." Her grin set a cold tingle along his spine at the evil grin that twisted her features. He resisted the urge to sigh.

"As you wish, Haha-ue" He muttered, standing in a flutter of silk. He tried to ignore the horrified look that Kagome sent him, and strode elegantly out of the room. If only Kagome knew what she was getting herself into. She looked longingly after him, deciding she would stare at her hands curled up in her lap.

"So…" the female demon drawled, glancing nonchalantly at her claws. "How long have you been fucking my son?" She grinned at the shocked, panicked sounds that came from the little woman.

"I… well, two weeks, Ue-sama…"

"Oh, enough of that. You may call me Haha-ue." She flicked her wrist exasperatedly. "And only two weeks? Hmm, if you have planned to steal the kingdom from my son, you work faster than the human princess with whom my husband begot the half breed son." Kagome felt as though the words themselves were enough to incite anger, but the casual way they left her mouth left her a little confused.

"Haha-ue, I don't know what you mean. I have been a part of your son's pack for a long time, and before that, I was part of your mate's bastard half-breed's pack. I hold no desire for power, and all I really want is to assure myself that my pups have a place to live and grow. Whatever I have to do to come to that end, I am more than happy to do." Kagome leveled blank eyes at Sesshomaru's mother, and she blinked as the little woman laughed.

She laughed for a long while, to the point that Kagome was at the beginning stages of being offended. She finally crossed her arms, huffing softly at being laughed at.

"If I may ask, just what is so funny, Haha-ue?" Kagome cut her eyes at the older woman, and this only renewed her peals of laughter.

"Silly child, you love my son, don't you? I wonder at how much time you have spent with him. Your eyes dull just as his do when you talk to me." She grinned, sitting up excitedly and deciding that she would throw every question that she could think up at the small girl. They were there for a long while, so long that the servants brought them pots of tea and trays for both lunch and dinner.

Somewhere else in the castle, Sesshomaru felt a tendril of guilt curl in his stomach at leaving Kagome with his mother. Only the Kami above knew what horrors she was going through.

Kagome looked on as Sesshomaru lead his men. All saddled up, preparing to go, and she couldn't help feeling like a small child. Just before Sesshomaru would leave, he came to her, his hands ghosting along her soft skin that he loved so much. His lips met hers, and they lost themselves to the feel of their joined lips and tongues. Eventually, Sesshomaru drew away from her mouth, resting his forehead against hers.

"I shall see you again in a moon. I will send word to you of progress every week." His words were formal, but the feeling that rested just below the surface left her feeling weak in the knees. She nodded, tearfully, walking with him to the balcony. Her eyes followed him as he jumped over the railing, seemingly drifting back towards the surface of the earth, nothing more than a flutter of silk and downy hair.

She sighed, looking after him until he disappeared from sight. She took the hatori that he had left on the bed, folding in gently before stuffing it into a cloth sack. She then continued towards the audience room, where she knew she would be spending the longer part of her day in for the foreseeable future. Oh, joy.

The days passed slowly, and soon she became accustomed to the schedule that she had to follow. She spent her mornings in hearings, meetings, and balancing the ledger. She spent the afternoons training, playing with her children, and keeping up written correspondence with Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, Miroku and Sango.

Her hand found her stomach, rubbing the little bump that had appeared one morning. She sighed softly, rubbing her fingers across the taut skin. She wasn't looking forward to explaining that to Sesshomaru.

"Although there shouldn't be that much to explain" She said quietly, smiling a little at her own joke. She was really hoping that she was wrong in her assessment, but the sly looks that Haha-ue sent her whenever she thought she wasn't looking only confirmed the opposite. As the war progressed more and more, she saw him less and less. What had started as monthly visits of three days lowered more and more until he only stopped by for the night every month or two. She nodded off, curling up dispassionately, dreaming of her demon lover being there with her.