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Summary: Five years isn't very long. But when secrets and lies play a part... bonds are tested and friends find that bad habits never die. Sequel to Hot Girls and Fast Cars. AUish.

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Now I give you the FIRST chapter of... In Search of the Two L's.

Chapter 1
My Hallejulah Song

Look at me, I can't believe I've finally made it here
Feeling like I'm where I belong, singing my hallelujah song
Hard to find, took some time, but I think that I'm might be hittin'
On what's been missin' all along, singing my hallelujah song





"Hi!" a female voice chirped. "We are out at the moment. Do your thing at the beep. Thanks."


In the next moment, a frantically ecstatic feminine voice flooded the machine.

"Hey guys! So I have wonderful news! You will never believe what happened to me! I can't tell you how excited I am about this! AH!!! He proposed! Can you believe it? I swear I still don't believe it!

Of course I said yes! I jumped up and down for a while. The people in the restaurant must think I was crazy.


So that's kinda the reason I'm calling. See I know we just got engaged but… don't get all upset about this either okay… the wedding is in two months! I know it's really sudden, but you know how I feel about him.

Well, that being said, I expect you here ASAP! Woman, as my Maid of Honor, yes that honor goes to you, I expect your ass here, like now! Just kidding. The other girls are going to be bridesmaids. Isn't this just great?

And you Mister, you will be a groomsman. Izzy and TK have graciously accepted as well! After a little coaxing, that is.

Seriously, though, you better get here soon. TK is coming home from college. That little punk was like, 'You're getting what? Who would want to marry you!' I'm so gonna kick his ass when I see him. Kari's coming home, too, with her new boyfriend. I'm still really sad that they broke up. I know it was a long time ago but still. Oh well, fingers crossed. Ya know, I was really considering telling Kari she couldn't bring her boy-toy to my wedding, but that would have been mean.

Izzy's taking time off of work. You know how demanding the space program is. He told me they were very upset that he wouldn't be there for the next launch. I personally think it's him who is upset… but whatever.

Joe we really don't have to worry about. I mean he works with his father. All the Kidos are invited so that shouldn't really be a problem. I just have to pry him away from his books.

Jun, well, she's obviously going to be there. You should have heard her scream my ear off when I called her. Gawd! I couldn't hear right out of that ear for hours.

And before you get all snippy about why I called her before both you guys, I have a really good reason. Time difference! Ha! In your face! Apparently, I still can't get a hold of you people. Geez.

So… I'm still debating inviting my mom… I mean she is my mother. You 're my best friends, what do you think?

There are no more excuses for not coming home missy. You're gonna have to face him sometime. I need you here. Please! I really miss you. Nothing's the same anymore. What are we going to do about this? It can't rule your life forever.

Besides, if you don't show up, I will fly over there and drag all three of you here!

Well I think I've used up enough time on your answering machine. Call me when you get this. And I'm serious… you both better be here like at least within the next two weeks; well, you more than him!

I'm really happy and I wanna share this with you.

Alrighty, bye! I love you guys!"

Sighing in satisfaction, the woman snuggled close to her brunet fiancé and closed her eyes dreamily. She was going to have the best wedding ever. And her family would all be there to see it.

Title: My Hallelujah Song - Julianne Hough

Question time... who's talking... whose voicemail was it... who's missing?

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