A/N: Ok, this takes place after Sayid rescues Hurley from the mental hospital, Santa Rosa, but I've had to change it slightly so that their plan is to get back to the Island, no arguments, they just want to go back, because they know they need to go back.


At first Sayid thought that he had misheard Ben. Maybe the line was faulty, or maybe the battery on his phone was dying. Maybe there was traffic in the background that had distorted his words. Then, after asking Ben to repeat himself, Sayid had figured that it was some kind of sick mind game, the type that Ben loved to play.

"You'll have to repeat that one more time," Sayid said through clenched teeth, gripping his cell phone tighter. He glanced over at Hurley, sitting in the passenger seat eating a bucket of fried chicken, seemingly unconcerned by the fact that Sayid had just received a phone call from the man who was supposed to be their enemy.

"I said," Ben started again, his voice crackling in Sayids ear, "That before you can go back, you need to get Charlie."

Sayid turned his back to Hurley slightly and held the phone closer to his mouth.

"Charlie is dead," he hissed.

Sayid could almost see Bens face curling up into a smile. He could hear it in his voice.

"Charlie lives at 42 Northwood Street."

"You are lying," Sayid said baldly.

"Go and see for yourself," Ben said lightly, as if it barely concerned him.

"What will I find?" Sayid asked suspiciously.

"If you're not too late, and Widmore's people haven't gotten there first, you'll find Charlie, but Sayid… he wont remember you."

Sayid pulled the phone away and took a deep breath. He returned the phone to his ear.

"Suppose I believed you, why would Widmore be after Charlie?"

"You said yourself that he's meant to be dead."

"Dude, did you just say Charlie?"

Hurley was staring at Sayid, a piece of chicken in his hand, paused.

Sayid opened his mouth to say something but Ben was talking again.

"Sayid," he said warningly, "I'd hurry."

The line went dead.

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