Author's Note: Teehee! Dreamt this up after a trip to a local Botanical Garden. It was fun to write a bit off laughter instead of angst. Hope you like. J P.S. Still working on Cry Wolf, I've just gotten a bit lazy.



"Relax Dean, it's not gonna kill you."

"Oh yeah sure. You're not the one with the scary as hell creature on your shoulder."

"Dean, chill."

"Don't tell me to ch- oh gosh it's biting me or scratching me or something- GET IT OFF!"

"Dean, they don't have teeth or claws. They have… well, tongues, I suppose."

"So it's tasting me? Why the hell is it tasting me?"

"I dunno, maybe you taste like a… a flower?"

"Dean Winchester does NOT taste like a flower. Ohgosh it's going for my neck GET IT OFF ME!"

"Dean Winchester is being a pansy."


Sam Winchester laughs heartily and gently scoops the butterfly off Dean's chin and onto his open hand.

Poor Dean Winchester is terrified of butterflies.