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Chapter One

Breaking the News

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Platform 9 3/4 was as ever crowded with frantic students and smiling greeting parents. Yes, term has indeed ended and for Lily Potter so did her school career as Gryffindor's Quidditch captain and Head Girl. This is the last time she'll ever be here.

Well only until her children start going to Hogwarts and who knows when that'll be.

She search for her parents or at least for Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron who'd might pick her and Hugo up from the station but she so none of the above.

"Did you find them?" Hugo asked her, he just finished saying goodbye to his girlfriend for the last two years, Tamsin.

"No such luck, Hugh." Lily shook her head. "Look, there's Uncle Percy, let's ask him."

"Must we?"

"Worst case we'll appart to The Burrow and stay with grandma and grandpa."

They walked towards Percy's direction where they saw that he was in the middle of a lecture to his twin girls, Molly and Lucy, who once again returned home with yet another warning for their misbehavior and pranks.

"Hugo! Lily!" someone called from the crowd and as Lily turned around she saw her older brother, Albus, coming their way. "Rose's behind me."

"Where are mum and dad?" Lily asked, giving him a hug while Hugo hugged Rose. "Or you're parents for that."

"I thought we'd go and have lunch at the leaky cauldron, we really need to catch up." Rose beamed at them and Lily looked at Albus.

"Don't ask me, she just flooed this morning telling me we're picking you lot up." Albus took her trunk and helped Hugo with his as they made their way to the Weasleys' family car.

"Dad said I can." Rose blushed as she glanced at the mirror while putting in first gear and driving from the station.

They parked fifteen minutes later in a sideway street and headed to the leaky cauldron.

They entered the tavern, greeting the landlady, Hanna Longbottom and se down in a side table.

"I'll go and get the drinks." Albus said and went to the bar, Hugo went with him.

"Sorry, Rosie, but I have to go to the loo." Lily added and with an apologetic smile went to the bathroom.

She checked her reflection in the mirror, she looked the same way she felt, miserable. Stupid Aiden McCourt, she thought to herself, they didn't even dated for that long, just short of six month but she really started to like him and he couldn't get over the fact that his girlfriend caught the snitch under his seeker's nose at the last game of the year, thus winning the cup for the twelfth year in a row. He whined about it for the last couple of weeks and then ditched her for a fellow Ravenclaw, Rachel Quirk, saying Lily was insensitive and not really his type.

She dried her hands and walked out of the bathroom. She soon spotted her brother in deep conversation with a blond man she didn't know as he was with his back to her.

"I thought you were getting the drinks." She said and pocked Albus in the side. "I don't see any."

"I did, but then Scorpius arrived so I went with him when he order's his drink." He answered and pointed at the blond man he was talking with when Lily came.

Scorpius chuckled but smiled at her, taking his drink from Hanna. "Little Lily Potter, how are you?"

"Not that little anymore, but fine thanks." She forgot how he always referred to her as Little Lily, it used to edge her then and it's edging her now.

"That is true," He said, giving her a more thorough look. "Grew up during the last two years, that's for sure." Lily blushed at this while Albus snickered.

"There you are!" Rose called and came to them winking at Lily before she gave Scorpius a quick kiss on the lips. "Took you long enough."

"Father lectured me again for not keeping my place clean enough." Scorpius said as they all made their way back to the table.

"I told you to tidy up before you meet him." Rose scolded him, Lily noticed, while the rest didn't or were just too busy with their drinks, that Scorpius looked rather sour at her remark.

"So why are we all here?" Hugo asked cheerfully after they all ordered food. "There have to be a reason."

"Okay," Rose said, looking sideways at Scorpius who nodded. "Scorp and I are getting married!" she grinned broadly at them and Lily cried and got up to hug her.

"Rosie that's wonderful!" Lily as they both set back down at the table.

"Cheers mate." Albus raised his glass and nodded at Scorpius, who looked more or less both terrified and pleased.

Hugo was still quiet, not having said a word since Rose's announcement. "Are you pregnant?" he finally asked as they all took sip from their drinks, causing both Scorpius and much to her surprise, Lily to chock on it.

"What?!" Rose asked, shocked by her brother's suggestion. "No you prat!" she smacked his arms while Albus kicked his leg. Lily felt relived somehow. "We're getting married for the sake of getting married."

"Did you tell Mum and Dad?" Hugo asked, Lily was rather interested in that too.

"No, I wanted you to know first." They all gave her a questioning look. "Okay, I did it to ease the pain on Dad."

"Understatement of the year." Scorpius remarked and they all laughed. "But what can I say," he took Rose's hand and kissed it. "I was meant to be Weasley."

"I want you to be maid of honor, Lil, what do you say?"

"I thought you're going to give it to Al." Lily teased. "Of course I will!" she said and got up to hug Rose. "I'll help you with everything."

"Thanks." Rose said. "And of course, Al, you'll be Scorp's best man?"

"If he'll ask me." Albus said in a mock hurt voice.

"Bugger off mate." Scorpius said. "You know you'll be it!"

"Look at this male romance," Lily remarked slyly. "Makes me want to cry."

"Care for a hug Little Lily?" Scorpius asked deviously

"I don't hug ferrets offspring's." Lily snapped at him, only he was able to make her lose her cool.

"Scared I'll bite?"

"Scared I'll get infected with something."

"Poor Little Lily could never be sick."

"Only when I'm around you, Head Boy."



"Bloody Gryffindor!"

"Smarmy Slytherin!"



The two were up on their feet, both wands at hand. God she hated him, Lily thought to herself.

"Enough you two!" Rose demanded as she too got on her feet, she placed her hand on Scorpius' arm trying to cool him off. "I don't know how you two are going to handle the wedding preparations."

"I'm not sure there be a wedding if the groom dies by a freaky hex accident." Lily said as she set down. "Stupid pillock." Scorpius smirked as he too, set down.

"You sure you're not pregnant?" Hugo asked earning another hard smack on the back of his head.

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