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Chapter Seven

Witch Hunt

* *

* *

* *

* *

Scorpius starred at his reflection in the mirror and felt numb. He knew that the tie was probably too tight and that the cuffs were misplaced. But still all he felt was nothing. Absolutely nothing.

There was a soft knock and a redheaded girl peered in. "Scorpius?"

He saw a glimpse of her in the mirror and turned around so fast that it made him slightly dizzy. "Oh, Roxanne," his voice went from enthusiastic to flat in a millisecond. "Just about. Can you get Al for me?"

"Sure thing, soon to be cousin in low." She winked and closed the door, just to open it again. "Rose is scared shitless, just so you know."

"Right." He laughed feebly as she finally left the room.

A few moments later the door opened again and in walked Albus, dressed in a similar suit, looking rather tense himself.

"You wanted me?"

"Tell me I'm doing the right thing." Scorpius ran a hand through his hair.

"You're doing the right thing." Albus approached Scorpius and loosened his tie just a bit. "Of course you just asked me to tell you that." He smiled knowingly at his friend.

"No. I am doing the right thing."

Albus gave him a tight squeeze on the shoulder and stirred him to the door.



I was just offered to join the curse breakers in a digging in Pompeii! I'm scheduled to leave this Saturday.

Roxanne will be ecstatic being you're maid of honor...

Please try and understand me. I'm so sorry.

I'll see you on Christmas,



The music began to play and Scorpius watched as one by one all the bride's mates walked down the aisle. His heart began to pound so strongly he thought he might faint from anxiety.

And she appeared. She was as beautiful as he knew she would be. Nothing less than stunning. She smiled at him nervously as she reached him taking his hand in hers.

He realized that this was it. No way back from here.

"Dearly beloved," the pastor began to say. "We are gathered here to bring this man-" he pointed to Scorpius, "and this woman-" he gestured at Rose. "In holy matrimony."

"Can talk to you for a moment?" Rose suddenly asked and without waiting for an answer. "You can come too, Al."

She shut the door behind them as they entered the room. She moved her veil back took a deep breath. "Do you love me?"

"Of course I do." He said quickly. "Can we go back now?" he turned to the door.

"Are you in love with me as much as you're in love with Lily?" his body froze as he turned back to face Rose. "Rose-"

"I've heard your talk with Al during the engagement party," she smiled sadly at him. "Look Scorp, I can't say it didn't hurt me to hear you say you love Lily as much as you do-"


"Let her talk, Scorpius." Albus said, shaking his head.

"Look," Rose proceeded to say. "If there was one thing I knew about you and me, Scorpius, is that no matter what I will never be her. No you listen to me now. I love you, I really do. You've been my best friend and my lover almost my everything but Scorpius, would you really want to merry a witch you didn't even propose to?"

"You proposed to him?" Albus asked amused.

"No one proposed to anyone. We just said it would be the wise thing to do." Scorpius said. "So what are we to do Rose? Just call the whole thing off?"

"Well that's one thing to do." She said and then walked over to his and gave him a chaste kiss. "But first, were going to get the girl." She smiled and went to the door. "Coming boys?"

"Where are we off to?" Scorpius asked and took off his tie as they rushed out of the room.

"Lily's taking a train to Paris from King's Cross and we have about-" Rose looked at her watch. "45 minutes for us the catch her."

It was a strange sight to see the bride running up the aisle the groom and best man not far behind her all three waving off their families' questions.

"Let just say-" Albus said from the church doors'. "They'll stay friends." And with that he was gone as he jumped into his Uncle Ron's car which Rose drove off with a screech.

It was then that Ron Weasley approached Draco Malfoy and did the last this he thought he'll do since they met. He grabbed Draco by the shoulder and kissed him square on lips.

"Thank God she inherited her mother's brains!" he cried in joy and hugged the blond man warmly.


With her trunk loaded on the trolley, Lily rolled all of her entire belonging to the smoky platform. This was it, the rest of her life ahead of her.

The pain was almost gone. Almost.

She checked her watch.


They are officially Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy by now. Her stomach ached at the thought.

"Excuse me, can you point to the canteen?" an elder lady stopped and asked Lily.

"Over there ma'am." She pointed to a spot not far behind them. The old woman thank her and bid Lily farewell.

Looking around the platform's Lily spotted the one she stepped off only two months ago. She wondered what will she find If she walked through the barrier now will the scarlet train be there or will it be empty and only tomorrow when parents and friends be there see their young ones off it'll be as crowded as she knew it to be?

Will Scorpius and Rose be there to see the rest of the Weasleys off to Hogwarts or will they be half way to their Honeymoon and their new life?

A pain ensued in her chest.

She reached her train. It was smoky as trains mostly do but unlike the Hogwarts Express this one looked so new and shiny. She smiled at the sight of it and removed her trunk from the trolley and lauded it on.

She found her seat rather easy than she expected herself too, never having to use the muggle transportations unless you count her Dad or Uncle Ron driving them to the train station. Even her motorbike, the one she and her dad and sometimes her grandfather, worked on was more magical then a normal muggle motorbike.

Her mind drifted off to the motorbike and then she started thinking about how she loves working on it and how she was so close to finish refining him the last time she worked on it, only to be interrupted by Scorpius.

Stupid Scorpius and his Stupid idea of taking her on a test ride only to end up crashing to the ground and almost dying in the process.

She chuckled at the thought of how it came to a halt. Kissing against the tree in her garden only to end up fighting and then kissing him again for the rest of the afternoon in her bedroom. She remembered the look on his face when she kissed a soft small on his neck and how it drove him crazy.

How it drove her crazy.


It was a good thing Rose was there. Odd but in a good way. He needed her to say that she and Al go and park while he go and get Lily.

His Lily.

But standing in the middle of the biggest train station he ever knew looking for a redhead girl, whom he loved none the less, but still didn't know where she was. Was a bit hard to take on. He'll just have to trust the kindness of strangers.

"I'm sorry," Scorpius said and stopped an old lady as she walked from the canteen. "You haven't seen by any chance a redhead girl close by have you?"

The old lady's eyes' lighten up. "Oh but I have! A very pretty girl with red hair. She was so nice and polite, showed me the way to the canteen when I asked her."

Scorpius beamed at her. "Can you tell me where she headed to?"

"But of course! She went over there to platform 12- Oh dear!" Scorpius kissed her on the cheek and ran off.

Soon enough he found the platform and train in question and now he only needed to find the witch.

He ran along the train windows, trying to spot a glimpse of red in the midst of it all. He was about to reach the end of it when he saw her. Leaning against the window. He stopped his track and faced her.

It took Lily a split of a second to recover from the sight of Scorpius' face starring at her, as soon as she did her eyes widened in horror.

Scorpius started pounding on her window. He pounded so hard that she had to back away from it.

"Lily!" she heard his muffled cry. "Get off the train!"

"What?!" he saw her call back.


"No!" Lily cried back and noticed that other people began paying attention the scene taking place. "I'm sorry." She said meekly.

"What?" Scorpius asked and pounded on the window and then he began to move. No, the train began to move slowly.

Her hand against the window, Lily saw him back off and stare at her for a swift second before starting to follow the train as it gained speed.

"GET OFF THE TRAIN!" Scorpius cried loudly and shifted and ran between departing people on the platform knocking some off his way. "GET OFF THE TRAIN! GET OFF THE TRAIN!" he jumped over a suitcase and shoved off a busy looking muggle. "GET OFF THE TRAIN!"

"Watch it you psycho!" the muggle called after him.

Ignoring him, Scorpius kept on running and calling after her. "GET OFF THE TRA-" and then he tripped and fell over a trolley straight to the ground. He was on all four and as he got up to his knees he watched the train head out the station. He buried his head in his hands and howled in pain.

"I got off the train." He looked up and there she was. Smiling at him and touching his face.

There was a small hitched cry coming from her as he got on his feet and kissed her. She flung her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss as Scorpius, so enthusiastic that this was really happening, lifted her off the ground and kissed her even harder.

They broke the kiss and as Lily cupped his face Scorpius rested his forehead against hers, feeling so giddy and so wonderfully…well…wonderful.

"Rose! He got her!" the couple heard the loud and familiar voice of Albus Potter. Looking past Scorpius' shoulder Lily saw the strangest sight she'd ever seen. Albus was running towards them with Rose, fully dressed in her wedding gown, beside him.

She pushed Scorpius off of her. "YOU LEFT HER AT THE ALTAR?"

"Don't be silly." Rose answered as Albus and she reached them. "I drove us here." She moved a wisp of hair from her face and beamed at Lily. "You know I'm a diehard romantic."

"But the wedding-"

"They called it off you dimwit." Albus said impatiently and rolled his eyes. "Turned out the stupid prat loves you!"

"And funny thing is," Rose nodded. "You love him back."

Lily sniggered. "When did you get so smart?"

"She was always smarter than us." Scorpius said and wrapped his arm around her waist, leading them all from the platform and back to the car.

"That is why I'm godmother for your children." Rose said lightly and winked at Lily who froze on the spot.

"Whoever said they'll be any children?" Lily asked.

It was Albus who arched his eyebrow at her. "Don't make me hit you." he stormed ahead with Rose behind him.


(Three months later)

Once again Scorpius was on the floor throbbing in pain. His entire body covered in sweat and his ears ringing.

"Had enough?"

"Not for the very least." In a swift move Scorpius was back on feet facing his opponent. "You're tough I admit that but you're a mere beginner."

"Are you taking a piss? I just beat you up!" Lily thrust Scorpius wand back in his hand. "You weren't even prepared for that last hex!"

"Your wand work needs improvment!"

"Your mind needs improvement!"

"Don't talk to me like that I'm in charge here!" Scorpius fumed.

Lily snorted. "Do they know they let a baboon to be in charge?"

"That's it!" Scorpius threw his hands in the air. "You're insane you know that? A complete loon!"

"Oi! Don't call me loon!"

"Don't call me a baboon!"

"I'll call you whatever I want you stupid prat!" Lily yelled at him.



Both had their wands ready to work as the inched closer, each looking more agitated then the other.


"Ferret cub!"

There wasn't any space left between them as they stared at each other both panting heavily. Scorpius smirked and Lily crashed her lips on his in fast move.

"Finnegan is going to kill me." He said against her lips.

"Not if I get there first." She grinned and jumped to wrap her legs around his waist as he pushed her against the wall.

It was funny, Lily thought to herself. How one should know the difference between right and wrong and between good and bad. Somehow when it came to her and Scorpius things didn't go that way.

And she'll always love him for it.


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