Annotations of Year 8

Firstly, I'd like to thank all of you who have read this story, and even more thanks to all of those who have reviewed. You all get chocolate frogs.

Now to address some comments I have received.

House Elves and the use of I: This was a silly mistake that was never noticed until pointed out by a reviewer. I considered changing it, but deemed it slightly time consuming, and decided against it, since it was a minor thing.

Newly married and rather celibate: The answer to this one is rather simple. This is a T rated story and nothing more. I have no plans or desire to file it under M. These scenes are written and I chose not to post them. And no, to answer the inevitable questions, I will not be posting them.

The Victorie/Isabelle Debate: To me I had considered this to never have been a problem, and it still isn't. I ask all those who believe I am in the wrong to take a look at the epilogue, a good look. The epilogue takes place 19 years in the future. No student going to Hogwarts is going to be above the age of 17. And in the epilogue it is stated that Teddy is snogging Victoire. Teddy is born during Deathly Hallows and therefore his age stands. They were on the train when it happened so therefore, in my world of logic, on of them had to be a student, and it couldn't be Teddy. So Victorie gets an older sister.

Again, I thank each and every single person who has reviewed this story, and each and every single lurker who's out there just reading, for taking the time and reading this story.