Thoughts on the Butterfly

A onesided LouiexMila ONESHOT

I always thought you would stay here with us at the know, since you were orphaned and had no where else to go. Rosa told you that you had a place here and she would take care of you.

I would have taken care of you too, you know. Not in the way Rosa or Hyde or old man Dunning, why does everyone have to suspect me of the worst? It ain't fair...Hyde, okay, I can understand him. But man...

I sure will never forget when I first saw you. My heart felt like it was gonna jump outta my chest, man! You never even turned to me or noticed, I wasn't even sure what I was seeing, an angel or a ghost. You were so beautiful to be one and so white to be the other.

Rosa didn't believe me when I said I fell for you. By the looks Hyde gave me, he must have thought I was an idiot. It's not fair...Rosa mentioned a few times she had a husband who was the love of her life (or so she says). Why can she fall in love and not me? And, I just dunno. He never seems interested in the ladies, so what does HE know?

But they're both wrong. Always have, always will be.

I wish you never left with Hyde. You had a place here, you know? And what could Hyde do for you that I couldn't, anyway?

Man, Mila, I didn't just flash the DeNonno charm at you because I thought you were a fox. You had such a heart breaking smile and a sad look in your eyes that just made me wanna...

...grab hold of you, tell you everything was gonna be alright and never let you go.

I know...on the inside, you're still a kid. You have the mind of a nine year old. It would have been so strange for you.

But Mila, I still cared for you.


Mila...I hope you do come back someday...

When you do, I know what I'm going to do. I'll do exactly what I should have done; hold you and never let you go.

You're still a fragile butterfly, Mila. I want to keep you safe. I'm not completely good for nothing.


Louie's an interesting character. He looks all lazy and acts like it too, but deep down he has a real caring side. And he definitely had an attraction to Mila, even though it was one sided. I doubt those two could really be together, since Mila's a nine year old in a nineteen year old body. Still, I just couldn't ignore how Louie must have felt when Mila obviously preferred to go with Kyle instead of stay at the Dusk. He's my favourite character, after all. ;D

I tried to stay as in character as possible. That goes for the use of some slang words or "not proper english".

Review and tell me how I did. Tips and advice are welcome, flames are frowned upon and snapped at.

-Moonlit Assassin