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Three days passed with no change. Dani appointed herself caregiver of the infant, feeding her goat's milk imported from the village in the valley and rocking her to sleep every night with lullabies.

"I think we should name her," Dani told Ian on the third day.

Ian looked up at her with red eyes. "In case we lose Alex?"

Dani had been eluding that particular part. "She needs a name regardless."

"Fine. Alexandra," Ian said.

Dani laughed. "You can't name a kid after her mother. If someone calls out 'hey Alex!' they'll both show up."

"Then it can be her middle name."

"Okay, okay. But she needs a first name."

Ian got up off the couch. Dani noticed that he was much thinner than usual. "You pick one out then." He said before leaving the room.

Dani picked up the child and went to Alex's room. She sat down by the head of the bed and put the small bundle on Alex's chest.

"Come on, Alex. I need you to wake up. Your daughter needs you. Ian needs you, your family needs you. I need you. Please...just wake up." Dani buried her face in her arms.

"What's her name?"

Dani barely heard the question because of how faint it was. She looked up in surprise to find that Alex eyes were just barely open.

"She has a middle name, but not a first name yet."

"Daniela. Her name is...Daniela." It had been an effort to get the words out, and Alex went under soon after.

Dani smiled. "Daniela Alexandra it is."

"What exactly are we supposed to tell my parents?" Justin asked Dani. Daniela was sleeping, with Max watching over her.

"Nothing. Daniela's too young. If Arthur finds out about her and whisks her away, she might not survive."

"Dani, Max and I left home a week ago. My mom and dad are bound to be worried about us. And they really should know about their grandchild," Justin said.

"If they do know, they're going to want to come here. And unless they come through the mail like you guys, which you know you just lucked out with that, they won't be able to. Besides, what would you do if you learned that your daughter's unconscious, recovering from the birth of her premature child at the age of seventeen?"

"You may have a point there. But we still need to tell them, and soon. I was mad when I found out that you all were hiding this, because I'm her older brother. It's been my job since Alex was born to protect her, and for the longest time I couldn't."

"Well you're doing a pretty good job holding up."

"No thanks to the Pendragons. With a little help from the Romanos."

"Oh yeah, you've really got to watch out for us Romanos."

"Why, because you're part of the mafia?"

"Hey! No stealing my jokes."

"Sorry. Just thought it was obvious."

Dani punched him, and he swatted her back.

"Didn't your mama every teach you not to hit girls?" Dani laughed.

"Oh sorry, didn't notice."

"Are you sure?"

"Okay, maybe I did."

It was then that both Justin and Dani realized they were standing only a foot apart, although neither of them moved away. Their smiles faded, and Justin leaned in and kissed her.

"What in the world are you two doing?" Max was standing in the doorway, holding an awake Daniela as far away from his body as possible. Justin and Dani leapt away from each other, embarrassed.

"Nothing. Why are you holding Daniela like that?" Dani asked, changing the subject.

"She's got a dirty diaper," Max whispered, wrinkling his nose. The baby just stared at him with her wide brown eyes.

"What, you can't change a simple diaper?"


Dani sighed. "Fine." She took Daniela from Max, winking back at Justin before leaving the room.

"Whoa," Justin said softly.

"Teenagers are so weird," Max decided.

It was decided that the Russos would be informed about the situation a few days later. Dani sent the message personally. It was very brief, saying merely that they had a new granddaughter and Alex was still ill from it. The following afternoon, both Jerry and Theresa banged on the front door, having hiked up the entire mountain without the aid of magic.

"When exactly did you plan on telling us that you got our daughter pregnant?" Theresa asked Ian in an accusatory tone.

"And you three. Dani, Justin, Max, I assume you've known about this for a while," Jerry said, crossing his arms. The guilty parties looked down at their shoes.

"Ian, what were you thinking? Alex is barely more than a child herself! I thought you might be different from your father, especially after what happened to your mother..."

"What happened to his mother?" Dani whispered to Justin curiously.

"Died in childbirth when she was only nineteen," Justin informed her.

"Died?" Dani shivered. She didn't know as much of the Pendragon history as the Russos did.

"Mom, listen. Ian's been getting enough flack about this from all of us, but truth is he's been taking very good care of Alex this whole time. The pregnancy thing just...happened."

Jerry sighed. "Just show us where our daughter and granddaughter are," he said.

Ian led his mother- and father-in-law to the room where Alex lay immobile. Dani went to get the baby.

"How long has she been like this?" Theresa asked, her voice breaking.

"Nearly a week now," Ian said.

"Is she in a coma?" Jerry questioned, placing a hand on his daughter's forehead.

"I don't think so. She woke up for a few seconds to name the baby. I just think the exertion overtaxed her body and it's trying to repair itself with sleep. But it's been a while," Ian told him.

"Alex, honey, it's your mother," Theresa said softly, shaking her shoulder gently. There was no response.

Right then, Dani walked in with the infant in her arms, who had just awoken from a nap. "Her name's Daniela. Alex named her after me," she said with a smile.

Theresa took Daniela from her and smiled, a maternal look on her face. Even Jerry couldn't help but be transfixed. While they were preoccupied, Ian went over to the bed and stared at his wife, a look of concentration on his face. A second later his eyes closed, and he toppled to the ground.

"Ian!" Dani exclaimed, kneeling next to him and feeling his pulse.

"What happened?" Justin asked in alarm.

"I'm not sure. I guess the idiot's been so busy worrying about Alexis he hasn't been eating or sleeping normally. His pulse is faint," Dani said. She slapped his cheek, not bothering to be gentle. "Wake up, Ian!"

No one noticed Alex's eyes open suddenly. She blinked a few times and, with some difficulty, propped herself on her elbow so she could look down at Ian.

"Ian, what in the world did you do that for?!" She said, her voice cracking from disuse.

The whole room suddenly fell silent in shock. Max was the first one to understand. This was rather unusual, since he was usually the last to get things. "Energy transfer," he said.

"Man he is an idiot," Dani repeated. An energy transfer was where one wizard transferred their own energy to another, so that they could heal faster. It was a risky spell even for the best of wizards and had been known to kill a good number of those who conjured it.

"Alex, you're awake!" Theresa cried happily.

"Yeah but Ian isn't. Dani, how's his pulse now?" Alex asked.

"Worse," Dani replied gravely.

Alex reached down and took Ian's hand. "Listen, Ian. if you die, I die. I can't live without you. Please, don't leave me."

They stayed like that for some time, hands clasped together. At long last Ian's eyes opened slightly, and he said, "I wasn't planning to."


Well, needless to say Arthur Pendragon found out about Daniela, from one of the birds he sent to spy on his son and daughter-in-law. He came by one evening under the pretense of congratulating the couple, but everyone saw right through him and, after Ian figured out how to lift the magic barrier on the castle, sent him packing in a hurry.

To no one's surprise, Justin and Dani started going out. They visited Ian and Alex often, as did Jerry, Theresa and Max, which was easier now that no one had to mail themselves.

I would end this story with a happily every after, but that's a bit cliché, don't you think? From the way things turned out, however, I expect you can draw your own conclusions.