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One Step At A Time

Rated: M

Summary: When Tezuka marries to please his family, Fuji decides to repay him by marrying for money. But with Atobe playing matchmaker, things are bound to be anything but ordinary.

Chapter I: Shattered Dreams

Tokyo, Japan

Fuji walked into the fancy café and almost chuckled at the display of Atobe disdainfully discussing the manner of the waitresses in the café with his friend, Oshitari. Sadly, his mood overall wasn't up to doing more than putting on the customary smile as he approached Atobe and Oshitari.

"Ah! There you are Fuji!" Atobe said breaking his discussion with Oshitari to greet the brown-haired man who smiled politely at Oshitari and nodded at Atobe.

"Shall we head to the main point of your request to see ore-sama while you order or shall we exchange pleasantries and pretend till the end?"

"Why don't we just push forward instead of prolonging to inevitable." Fuji suggested. "After all, didn't you offer to tell me the truth?"

"I'm not sure you can handle it…" Atobe said lifting his tea off the table and towards his mouth. "How are you feeling anyways?"

"How do you think?" Fuji asked taking the time to order a cup of tea as well before looking back at Atobe. "The deed was done and yet he hasn't explained himself yet."

It was hard to believe he sat here with his former rival debating the situation of the man they had almost drew blood for. But here he was, sitting across from that very man AFTER sitting through the wedding of the man he loved and whom he thought loved him. The lucky bride was a girl they both knew through college. Yae was a bright girl from a good family, had pretty hazel eyes and stylish hair. She had a positive attitude and was well loved by almost everyone… so why did she do such a thing? Yae knew they were together…yet she turned around and married the man he loved without so much as a thought to Fuji either.

"You know I heard from Tezuka's parents that he accepted Yae as his wife willingly." Atobe purported.

"But I believe it may be due to the fact that his family wants him to reproduce."

"So what does that make me? A side mistress?" Fuji asked looking at the steaming tea the waitress placed in front of him.

Atobe frowned a bit in thought of such a low position. "If that's what you want to be."

Fuji didn't answer; he merely moved his tea away and buried his head into his hands. He was still in disbelief over everything and now he was being placed as a hideaway doll to amuse the man! He couldn't take this anymore… he was going to be buried in pain and in no way did he want the position as a mistress to any man.

"What are you going to do then?" Atobe asked. "Despite you being insidious most of the time, you're really stuck in a mess now with only two ways you can take."

"And my choices are?" Fuji's muffled response came from underneath his arms.

"Well, it's quite easy to see that either you become the lowly mistress or you can walk." Atobe said obviously.

"You have a suggestion of anyone then?" Fuji asked looking up at Atobe now. He was already dead set against position of mistress.

Atobe looked at Fuji almost incredulously at his audacious question. "Well," Atobe started attuning himself back to the situation. "Ore-sama is acquainted with just about anyone worthy of his presence but what are you looking for?"

Fuji sighed heavily and put money down for his drink that he didn't even touch before getting up.

"Fuji?" Atobe asked watching the quiet Tensai turn to leave.

"A commitment," Fuji stated before walking out of the café, he needed time away from everything.


Tezuka's Apartment

"You can sleep in here." Tezuka said opening the room he usually used as a guestroom.

"But wouldn't your parents say something about our separate quarters?" Yae asked

"It's not like we're living with them." Tezuka said abruptly.

"But when they visit-"

'You can sleep in my room." Tezuka said bluntly now.

"Kunimitsu… you're not going to keep seeing Fuji are you?" Yae asked as she carried her stuff into the room he specified.

"I love him," Tezuka stated without thinking twice.

"I don't like it… I don't want you to do that." Yae said with sincerity looking at her husband.

"You should've thought of that before we married then." Tezuka said turning to walk away from her.


Yae's voice died in her throat… she didn't know what to say to that.


Atobe's mansion

"You're sure working hard for someone who used to be your rival." Oshitari teased walking into Atobe's private sitting room.

"You think?" Atobe asked as he continued to flip through his single contacts while trying to remember how committed they can get.

"Why are you even helping him Atobe?" Oshitari asked sitting across from Atobe to looked at the guy Atobe was studying with a frown.

"Because I have Gen now and feel sorry for that commoner." Atobe stated more for his pride than as a fact.

"The why don't you kill two birds with one stone?" Oshitari suggested with a slight smile pointing to a certain contact's picture.

Atobe smiled and leaned back as well staring at the picture. "You're right… he may not be anything else but he'd pretty committed to anything ne?"


Fuji's Apartment

Fuji picked up the phone after it's seventh ring… he figured whoever wanted to reach him was serious.

"Yeah?" Fuji mumbled out.

"Syuusuke… you don't sound too good."

"Nee-san…" Fuji mumbled connected the worried voice to a name and face.

"How are you Syuusuke?"

"How do you think? I just sat through his wedding." Fuji said with a sigh.

"That's not the worst of it…. I saw some rough times ahead of you but it looks potentially good in the long run."

"I hope so…" Fuji mumbled. He himself felt as if his world had broken and something ominous… or at least huge was about to hit him.

"Just be careful and Syuusuke…"


"I love you so take care of yourself okay?"

"Aa…" Fuji said blinking back some tears. Yumiko was right… even if there was no Tezuka over the horizon, his family still stuck to him through anything.

Listening to the faint click of his sister hanging up, Fuji turned off his cell phone and flopped back onto the bed where he has been laying for the last two hours contemplating the future and trying to forget the past.

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