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Chapter 1

After many days of preparation, and many more days of suffering and sadness, the joyous celebration had finally arrived. Although is had given her friends and future in-laws--as well as herself--much hard and tasking work, Fleur could see that everyone was looking forward to the wedding. It was a perfect excuse to forget all the sadness and despair and to get together with loved ones and to be happy, if only for a day.

Well, I think I can be happy for a little bit longer than that, thought Fleur happily.

I'm finally going to marry Bill!

She thought this day would never come, between Mrs. Weasley's disapproving glances and comments to earlier this summer, when she had almost lost Bill forever to the horrid Fenrir Greyback.

If I had lost Bill, I don't know what I would have done.

Sure, Fleur had been a Triwizard Champion. But with Cedric's murder, she, Victor, and even Harry, had been overlooked, overshadowed. Not that she was complaining. She felt horrible for both the sweet boy that had been Cedric Diggory, and even more so for his parents. It had woken her up to the horrible reality that was facing the wizarding world to which she had been so oblivious. But it also brought her new friends. It brought her to Bill.

But what about before that? She had been a self-absorbed, careless girl.

All I thought about were my looks, Fleur thought to herself sadly.

Being part Veela, I knew I was beautiful. I flaunted it wherever I went, especially Hogwarts. I think people still only see me as that silly, pretty girl I one was. But I've grown! And mostly thanks to Bill. He saw me as a person, and loves me for who I am.

And as she stared at herself in the mirror, all Fleur could think of was her husband-to-be, and how happy she was.

Nothing can ruin this day for me!

Or, could it?

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