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Chapter 2

Gabrielle and her mother came into her room to tell her the ceremony would begin soon. They all hugged each other; Fleur had the biggest smile on her face. Of course, she was a little scared.

How long will this happiness last? Fleur though gloomily to herself.

Ah! Why am I filling my head with such thoughts?! Calm down, think of Bill. Imagine saying "I do", dancing to our first song as husband and wife, or living together at our little cottage by the sea…

She was just calming herself down and entering her happy place as her mother and sister led her out the door. That's when she felt a presence. Her eyelids fluttered open and her eyes frantically searched for—

For what, exactly?

All Fleur saw was the marquee, where her family, friends, and, most importantly, her Bill, were gathered.

Waiting for her.

This is silly! What was I expecting anyway? One of the gnomes to start running amok? A stupid and hungry troll to run out of the trees and start swinging his club, breaking everything—and everyone—in sight? A bloodthirsty vampire to rampage the wedding and kill everyone in sight? It must be the nerves! Fleur thought as she shook her head at every crazy idea that just popped into her apparently very active imagination.

As they reached the marquee, her mother kissed her on both cheeks, gave her one last look before going to take her seat. Her father and sister beamed at her. "You look so beautiful," her father whispered with tears in his eyes. She looked over at Ginny, who gave her surprising and encouraging smile.

See? Even Ginny is being supportive.

Fleur knew that Ginny never especially liked her, but since the engagement, have been getting along better.

With this happy thought in mind, Fleur smiled, and quite literally began to glow (being part Veela and all). Her glow touched everyone around her, in turn making them glow; they could almost feel her happiness. She turned to see everyone's smiling faces looking up at her. She beamed back.

As she watched Ginny and Gabrielle walk down the aisle, Fleur thought to herself,

See? I was getting worked up over nothing. Everything is perfect.

She looked up to see her husband-to-be, but out of the corner of her eye, she saw something else.

Something she hadn't expected at all.

Someone she hadn't seen in two years.

Someone she knew has been dead for two years.

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