Wild Ones

School was so hectic and I'm happy its over for now. Rakuto still calls himself my guardian and my grandpa keeps checking on my school grades. The gang well, there still here and they act crazy as usual.

"Princess!" Rakuto ran to me, "I was so worried about you." He took my hand and drew me to him.

"I'm fine." I felt my chest pounding, so close to him. Why did he have to be so close! "You didn't need to worry." I lightly brushed my bangs from my face trying to distract him from being so close to me.

He smiled warmly, " But, its my duty to protect the princess. Shall we go?" I followed him, he seemed to be in a good mood today. Yesterday he was a little moody so I bought him a candy, it cheered him up a whole lot. But, right after I did that, he bought me one too, so he wouldn't feel bad for not giving me anything.

I sighed, making him turn to me automatically looking worried, "Are you tired Sachie my princess? Do you need some rest?"

I smiled, he always was a worry wart. "No, its not that. I was just thinking, of what to do during the summer." I lied, well maybe it was a half lie, because I actually didn't know how to spend my summer. Should I get a job?

When I cleared my mind, Rakuto was staring at me. I gulped, "What? Did I say something out loud or something?"

He stared intently at me, piercing me with his eyes. Then he laughed, "You are very expressive Sachii."

I glared daggers at him, "What do you mean expressive?!" I walked a little faster, not noticing the road was very bumpy. I slid on a rock and yelped. Rakuto caught me in his arms and with a serious expression asked, "Are you okay?"

I simply nodded 'yes', when he looked at me that way it was hard for me to speak. Why did I fell that way? Its not like I like him a whole lot or something! He sighed, "Its my fault, I made you upset, caused you to trip. I'm sorry princess."

"Don't apologize." I sternly announced, "I shouldn't have gotten angry." I did have a tendency to get angry over something little.

He was about to say something more but I cut him off, "So, what are you doing this summer?" He looked shocked at my question, then he softly said to me in a whisper, "I'm spending my summer with you."

My mind went into complete shock, I could hardly breath. Of all the things to say! But its not like he was lying to me. I maintained composure then said, "You don't have to, besides I plan to get a job."

His paused then said in complete seriousness, "I plan to be there everyday, rain or shine. As your caretaker, It is my duty to protect you. I want to take care of you. I wont ever leave your side."

At first I couldn't even think, all I could hear were his words ringing in my head. Slowly I took in his meaning, and smiled. He was an okay caretaker, but sometimes he took his job way too seriously.

"Thank you." I held his hand all the way home even though both our palms were sweaty. I wanted so badly to pry my hand away but he had a firm hold. I gave up and went inside the house. The gang were there waiting for me.

"PRINCESS!" "Is there anything you need?!" "We are here to help!" "PRINCESS!" "Welcome BACK!"

I waved to them all, and quickly went into my room. Rakuto was by me for one second then he disappeared somewhere in the house. I sighed, "Finally, some peace and quiet." I got out my backpack and planned on chunking it in the trash. School was over for now, so I didn't need it anymore. I changed back into normal clothes. I hated the school uniforms, they were so constrictive and so uncomfortable. I slid on a short skirt and matching shirt. It was way more comfortable then skirt I was required to wear at school. I lazily stretched, and walked into the hall. The gang were waiting for me, "Sachie, what do you want to eat for dinner?" "Where are you going?" "Do you need something?"

I answered, "I don't think I need anything. You can make whatever you like for supper."

I saw the newspaper, sitting across the room. I looked around to see if the coast was clear of the gang. If they saw me choose a place to work at, then they would surely give that place a visit. Maybe they would even threaten the manager. That would totally ruin my summer plans! I seized the newspaper and hid it in my arms. I held it tightly and stealthily made my way out of the living room. I spotted Rakuto around the other side of the house. I navigated around where I saw him and snuck behind a little corner of the house. I glanced around for anyone, finding no one I opened it to the add section. I skimmed down the list.

A waitress job! I would so go for that. But how would I call the number with so many people around. I know! I'll go to the store for girls stuff! The gang would back off, because it's a girl thing they can't interfere with. I'll tell Rakuto that I don't want him there it would make me uncomfortable. Yeah! "Its full proof!"

I walked over to the gang, "I need to go to the store to buy girl stuff. It would make me uncomfortable if you guys were present."

The gang looked distraught, "Are you sure?"

I covered my face, "Yes, I'm sure."

They backed off really fast, then Rakuto came in with grandpa. I told them what I was doing, they said they would refrain from following. I was so relieved. I practically had to stop myself from running to the restaurant. I peered inside, it seemed really fancy. Why didn't I call the number first? Now, I seem to anxious! Finally, I walked in. I asked for an application and I filled it out. They said they would call me after they looked over the other applicants. That probably meant that I wouldn't get the job. I sighed in frustration. Well, I guess I had to buy something at the store. I walked inside, got girly socks and a spaghetti strap shirt. When I got home, everybody was waiting for me.

"Princess! Your back!"

"Yeah." I smiled brightly. I held the bags tightly to me, all the way to my room. That's finally over! I let out a big sigh of relief. I set down the bags, and plopped on my bed. How was I to get to work? I needed to create a system according to the shifts I was give. That's if I get the job.