No Knife, No Problem

Jeff had never liked school when he had been in elementary school, and he liked it even less now that he was in junior high. Everybody thought he was weird and freaky. They all talked about him when they thought he wasn't listening. But what he didn't know was that he was ALWAYS listening. He knew everything they said about him and each other. Everyone was so fucking two faced that it was disgusting. Wait…two faced…Two Face! Two Face was a villain in the Batman comic books. He started to giggle madly, which made everyone turn around and stare at him like he was insane.

"I will eat your heart," he informed everyone looking at him, which made them turn back around in a hurry. He laughed even more. Two Face was cool and all that, but the Joker was his favorite Batman character. The Joker fucking kicked ass. Jeff wanted to be like the Joker, only he would do what the Joker had never managed to do: kill the Batman.

Jeff looked around the classroom and saw something that made him grin. Drew Roberts, the boy he really couldn't stand at all, was wearing a Batman t-shirt. It made sense for Drew to like Batman. He was the epitome of everything good and virtuous, and it made Jeff want to throw up. Only Jeff did not throw up today because not only did pizza not taste as good on the way back up, but because he suddenly had a much better idea. Now he just had to wait for the right opportunity.

The teacher went on and on about the subject she was supposed to be teaching. Jeff didn't even know what class he was in at the moment or who this boring bitch even was. He felt like killing her after he was done with Drew until she dropped her piece of chalk. That's when she bent down, and her blouse opened up just enough for him to get a peek at her breasts. He licked his lips and stared along with the other boys in his class. Okay, big boobie lady gets to live, he decided. For now anyway.

Eventually the teacher passed out a worksheet and told them that they would have the rest of the class to do it. Jeff only took a glance at it. It appeared to be about history. Or maybe science. He didn't know because all the subjects tended to run together in his brain. But what he did know was that he needed to improvise in killing Drew since he didn't have his knife with him. Matt didn't let him take it to school because there was too much of a chance he would kill someone with it. But Jeff would show him he didn't need no sticking knife to kill someone. He would just use the tools that he already had at hand.

He got up and sharpened his pencil until it was as sharp as it could get. Nobody was really paying attention to him, Drew especially. The little goody two shoes was already halfway done with his assignment. Fucking moron. Couldn't he see that homework didn't matter anymore? Didn't he realize how close he was to meeting the Grim Reaper? Jeff started laughing as he slowly walked over to where Drew was sitting. I need to get a robe and a scythe. That would be so awesome to have.

Drew looked up as Jeff stopped right in front of his desk. "What do you want Hardy?" he asked.

Jeff leaned over and grinned. "I…want you to…DIE! DIE! DIE!" He started stabbing Drew in the neck with the first "die" and he just kept doing it over and over again. People were screaming and the teacher was trying to pull him away, but he resisted quite well. He had to make sure the dumb bastard was really dead. Not only had Drew been a little fucking goody two shoes, but he actually had the nerve to look down at Jeff like he was some kind of common crazy person. That offended Jeff, and the bastard had to pay for it big time.

Of course, if Jeff knew the very public slaying of Drew Roberts was the thing that landed him in the loony bin in the first place before hand, he would have done things a bit differently. He would have killed a few more people and sent them straight to hell with Drew, because it would be several years before he ever got to initiate a really good killing spree again (the few doctors he took out in the asylum didn't really count for him because he didn't get much of a chance to enjoy himself).