"Sasuke- kun." Sakura's voice was raw with emotion. " You can't do this again. I- I can't take it another time." Sasuke didn't flinch at the sound of her voice. He continued to walk away from her. Sasuke's embalm had certainly lost it's importance. It was smaller than her little finger. Sakura's breaths became more ragged as he continued out of her life. Again. 'See?' asked Inner Sakura. 'He doesn't love you. He's just looking for his one night. You're less important then all the other girls he's surely taken to bed. You're so gullible. . .That bastard left me to pick up your pieces' again.' Sakura stiffened at the words. "Am I such a burden that you're leaving me again Sasuke- kun?" Sasuke turned ever so slightly, looking as he did that night. The unspeakable night. "Leave me alone Sakura. I don't want you. I never have. I never will. I hate you." She cried running after him. "Sasuke, please! Don't leave me again! I love you! Please! I'll do anything for your love! I"ll do anything for you! Any thing to be with you!" And he was gone. "Sasuke!"


Sakura woke to a screaming Ino, violently shaking her . Fan- fricken'-tastic. "Omigod, Sakura!" Ino yelled. " It's seven! Shit we're gonna be late!" Ino yanked her covers away. "Forehead! Wake up! Our shifts' at the hospital start in ten minutes!" Sakura sat up slowly. "If we're gonna be late, we may as well take our time." Ino cocked an eyebrow. "Sakura are you okay? Usually you're the one hounding me in the morning so we don't face Tsunade's wrath. Are you feeling all right?" Sakura snored " Yeah. I'm just a little down. Bad dream." Ino tilted her head. "You going to be OK?" Sakura smiled wryly. "I'm fine."

Ino nodded the walk to the hospital was quiet. This was very particular, usually, Ino would babble and gossip. Sakura's eyes would widen and she'd wonder how Ino knew all this and she remained utterly oblivious. "Something wrong?" Sakura asked "No, just no gossip today..." Ino said quietly. Weird much?

"How is it possibly possible that both of you are nearly every day?" Sakura and Ino both winced. "Sorry Tsunade- Sama." Tsunade took a sip of her sake. "Whatever. Just be on time on Monday. . . I mean if that fits into your busy schedules." She was clearly drunk. "Shizune! Get in here!" Ino and Sakura ran off quickly. "I can't believe she's drunk so early in the day!" Ino laughed. "I can." Sakura giggled at her mentor. "She and Kakashi- Sensei are assinging this years' grads' class to teams and picking team leaders. It's stressful. So she drinks." Ino snorted. "Then she's always stressed!" Sakura laughed. "Yeah must be." Ino giggled one last time before saying: "So see ya at lunch break Forehead." Sakura smiled. "Yeah pig."

The day was busy, and as all ninja hospitals pack so tight, one barely had room to breathe and as every day went, Sakura, nor Ino had time for a lunch break. This person had broken something during training. He's almost dead. . . She's got a rare and nearly incurable poison going though her system. . . same old, same old. At Five o' clock pm. They clocked out, but couldn't leave until eight thirty. Tsunade gave them a twenty minute lecture on attendance, and than gave them the responsibility of assigning teams. But not before telling them to have a wonderful weekend. Oh, joy. Another all-nighter.

Ino and Sakura walked sluggishly home. "You wanna know what I herd?" Ino asked during their short walk to their shared apartment. "What?" asked Sakura playfully. " Herd that Neji finally asked Tenten out!" Sakura laughed. "Really?" Ino looked at her seriously. "Yeah! Tenten wants our help picking out a dress." Sakura looked at her oddly. "How do you know?" Ino smiled. " 'cause she asked me." Sakura cock an eyebrow. "Sounds like fun. But I can't imagine Tenten in a dress she's way to proud."

"So I added the dress part." Ino rolled her eyes and smiled. Sakura sighed. "Pig, ya really are somthin' else."

When they finally reached their little apartment Sakura was ready to collapse. It was an extremely small apartment, but neither of them could afford an apartment on their own, they weren't getting rich off their ninja missions- there are so few to go around- or the hospital, they could hardly afford a two bedroom together, let alone one room on their own, and that was why they shared and apartment. Split the rent and they even had money for food! A lot of ninja were getting room mates lately. Naruto was one of the few who could afford -and god knows how because he's only a genin!- to live on his own. Sakura and Ino even had to ask him to help with shopping. Naruto wasn't the brightest Crayola in the box but he knew how to stretch a budget- come to think of it a lot of people went to him for help. . . Hey! Wait a second!- he wouldn't be charging people--

"Sakura!" Ino yelled. "Hm?" Sakura asked. "Gawd! Do you know how long I've been calling for you?" Sakura shook her head. Ino sighed. "What do you wan to eat tonight? I'm starved" Sakura shrugged, recalling neither had had time to eat. "I don't really care- wait as long as it's not ramen." Ino nodded. "We'll go get some take out!" Ino jumped over to Sakura, who hesitated, bitting her lip. She wasn't in the mood for another walk " Do you no want to come with?" Ino asked. Sakura shook her head. "Sorry, why don't you and Shikamaru go? You two haven't been on a date in so long." Ino smiled "What do you want?" Sakura yawned. "You know my tastes like I do, just get whatever." Ino smiled and nodded and left. Sakura flipped on the the TV looking for something good to watch.

She jumped at a loud THUD noise. When she turned to see what it was she could swear she saw eyes looking at her. Sakura was over come with dread, wishing she had gone with Ino to her late dinner. 'It's just your wild imagination. Calm down.' Sakura giggle nervously and glanced at the clock. It was nine. 'Time for bed.' Sakura was tempted to take a shower. So tempted, she did. When she got out the mirror was fogged up, but she didn't wipe to see herself, she figured it was far to cliché after 'seeing' an alleged murderer outside her window. She slipped on her striped pajama and fell to sleep.

She was however awaken by someone tapping her arm, or perhaps one could call it caressing her arm. She opened her eyes slowly, and her eyes were met by dark red ones. Filled with blood lust. The form kneeling beside her was inconceivably beautiful. She didn't even bother to stop herself from touching the smooth pale face, nor did it try to stop her. She sat up, trying to look at the form better. She wanted to laugh, she wanted to cry, and scream, and yell. She leaned towards it grabbed her wrists pushing her back but not moving from it's place. "Sasuke- kun." she breathed the name like oxygen. "Sasuke- kun!" she embrace him. He leaned in very close to her – That was of course ware she was awoken with a swift slap to the face. Ino hovered over her. "How DARE you fall asleep when I have date details to talk about!" Just a dream... Damn!

Ino couldn't have known she had interrupted her dream and her reunion with Sasuke. Sakura was still pissed. But not a Ino, at herself. She was supposed to be over Sasuke! He was gone, never comin' back. Sakura had come to terms with that – right ? Couldn't he just leave her and her dreams alone? For one night?

"FOREHEAD!" Ino yelled, "Are you even listening to me?" Sakura sighed. Why hide it? Ino would catch the lie. "Nope." SMACK!

Ino was not a strong as Sakura. She was not because she lacked the perfect chakra control that Sakura had. Girl still has a strong pimp hand. Sakura's face hurt... like hell. "I just told you possibly the best news of my life and you, you have the nerve not to listen?!" Sakura tilted her head to the side. "Sorry." Her eyes watered slightly as she rubbed her hurt cheek. "What were you saying?" Ino's face lit up. "Shikamaru... Proposed!" Ino gushed holding out her hand. Sakura saw her ring. I was huge. But not so big that it was totally obnoxious. A large diamond sat in the middle with stones as bright blue as Ino's eyes siting on either side. Ino took it off. "Look inside." In read: 'I will never love another.' Sakura was astonished. "I didn't think Shikamaru was capable of that kind of... non-laziness..." Ino sighed and put it on her finger, "Neither did I. I'm so happy." Ino whispered, her eyes watered. "You really love him" Sakura stated. Ino nodded. "Do you remember when we were young, and we both only imagined weddings with Sasuke? I- don't- know- how-" her words were broken up by hiccups. "I don't know how, I ever imagined life with out him!" Sakura hid her hurt, she couldn't let on that she still wanted to be Sasuke's bride, how she couldn't see herself with anyone else?

"I'm so happy for you." Sakura whispered

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