I hated what I had don't to her.
Not only had I broken her heart and messed with her mental health, but that, in turn, had messed with her physical health as well.
She was thinner, now even more fragile as before. Her emotions no longer visible on her face, she was more closed off than before.
And I had done this.
All because of one stupid mistake.
And she had taken me back without a second thought. I knew I didn't deserve her unconditional love and forgiveness.
She said she trusted me, but would her subconscious ever?
I could see the changes in her, whenever I told her that I had to leave to hunt. She became slightly cooler, more reserved. Had I been human, I might not have noticed the difference. But I was anything but human.

Indeed a monster. Would any person but a monster hurt the only person in the world that the truly love?

I didn't think so.

But I understood her reason for being so guarded. It was her body's natural reaction, too keep from going through that –pain, again.

All because of one stupid mistake.

And though I wasn't there to see it firsthand, I could see through everyone else's memories.

The way she wrapped her arms around herself.

The tears of pain that sparkled in her eyes because of my name.

My name that had once brought her joy.

All because of one stupid mistake.

Maybe this was the reason why she wouldn't marry me. Did she really think that I would be stupid enough to leave her again?

Yes, yes she did.

And it broke my heart that she did so. But I deserved every ounce of her mistrust. She had every reason in the world to do so; I didn't blame her for it. And how could I? It was my fault.

But I vowed to myself that I would gladly make it up to her every day for the rest of eternity.

All because of one stupid mistake.