I had hurt Edward. I couldn't help my reaction to his absence. The loss of a true love, my only love, my first love. I also knew that he had taken it hard too, and as hard as it is to believe, maybe harder than I did.

All because of one stupid mistake.

He thought I didn't trust him! Of all the ridiculous things! I trusted him with my life, I would gladly give it to him!
He doubted himself, thought he wasn't good enough. That maybe I didn't want him anymore and that I would leave him.

All because of one stupid mistake.

But I knew I could never leave him.

Not voluntarily anyway. Unless, of course, he didn't want me anymore, that would be understandable. It was always a huge possibility. I knew that my reasons were, in fact, plausible. He had left me before.

But I also knew that he loved me.

This was obvious in every single one of his actions.

When he held me tight in his arms.

When he opened doors for me and carried my books.

When he looked at me, not saying anything; just memorizing my face again, drinking it in like he couldn't get enough.

Even when he just talked to me.

The underlying passion in his voice for me was plain for anyone to see or hear, including Charlie. I suspected that was also part of the reason he even allowed him back into this house.

All because of one stupid mistake.

And I was trying.

It was hard to open up again after being so closed in all those months. But he was patient, though I can't deny the hurt I saw in his eyes whenever I pulled myself away. But I also couldn't deny the hole that ghosted my heart anytime he had to leave. And the fact that I would always memorize his face as if it would be the last time that I saw him.

All because of one stupid mistake.

He would always be the only person for me. No matter what he did, no matter how he acted.

I loved him with my whole heart, nothing would ever change that.

Not even one stupid mistake.