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Summary: Ren and Kyoko have to act in the same music video. Only problem? The music video was going to have some intimate scenes. How will the two of them act in the video? Read, and find out

Title: Operation Love-trap.

( )Demon-speak

Chapter 1: Matchmakers from hell.

Ren's P.O.V

" Ano, Ren? " Yashiro asked, as he sorted through all the acting offers I had. " Hmmm? " I replied, glancing over towards him in the car. " How do you feel about doing a music video? For the band Black Rose? " Yashiro asked again. I looked over, and saw him peering at me through his glasses. " A music video eh? Well, I think it would be a good experience, so, yeah, sure. " I answered. The car was almost at LME, and I grinned inwardly at the thought of seeing Mogami-san for the day.

Unfortunately, I was too busy thinking of her, and didn't notice Yashiro's smirk at my answer. Little did I know, that my ever-persistent manager and President had a new match-making plan up their sleeves again. One that was sure to turn my love-life around.

Normal P.O.V

At LME, Ren parked his car, and strolled into the lobby with his bespectacled manager, who was still grinning evilly at his genius. Suddenly, a pink-clad human banged into Ren. Stacks of papers when scattering everywhere, as its' carrier fell backwards. Ren instinctively grabbed the waist of Kyoko, to prevent her from falling.

Kyoko's P.O.V

"Mogami-san? Are you okay? " Tsuruga-san asked worryingly. His face was just above mine, his eyes searching mine. I blushed when I realized the position we were in. My hands were gripping the lapels of his jacket, while his were holding onto my waist. If anyone were to walk by, they would've thought that we were dancing. As if realizing my thoughts, Tsuruga-san straightened and set me upright, releasing his hold on me. I brushed my uniform embarrassingly, before bowing in front of him. " Tsuruga-san, gomen. I didn't see where I was going… and knocked into you…" I apologized.

When I looked up, Tsuruga-san was smiling his divine smile again. (Ugh. The light! It burns!) I cringed inwardly, and took a step backwards. Averting my eyes, I looked around for the papers, and saw Yashiro-san holding them up towards me. " I picked them up when you and Ren were, uhm, otherwise engaged, " he said, smiling at me. " Mogami-san, you should be more careful next time alright? I might not be around to catch you again, " Tsuruga-san teased, half-serious. " Hai, " I chirped brightly.

" Anyway, Kyoko-chan? You look really happy. Did something good happen? "asked Yashiro-san, as we walked together towards the elevator. Tsuruga-san fell into step on my right, and looked at me questioningly. " Hai! I got a job offer. A request to act in a Black Rose's music video, Love-trap," I answered happily. Black Rose was a new all-girls band, and was rising quickly in the charts. " And they are on the verge of beating that IDIOT SHOTARO too," I thought darkly. Beside me, Yashiro-san was smiling, while Tsuruga-san stiffened.

Yashiro's P.O.V

" Yes!!! I am a total genius!" I cheered mentally. Peering sideways to look at Kyoko, I saw her emitting a dark aura. The taller form on her right stiffened when she said the words. " Hehehe," I snickered when Ren gave me his famous gentleman's smile. I knew that right after Kyoko left, he was going to grill me. " Bring it on. I have the ultimate backer. Hehehe," I thought to myself.

Ren's P.O.V

" Damn that Yashiro," I muttered to myself. " Oh, that's wonderful news Mogami-san," I told her. My annoyance must have been apparent on my face, because she flinched when she saw it. Composing myself quickly, I gave her a genuine smile as she left for Sawara-san's office. When we arrived at President Lory's office, I confronted Yashiro. " You! What are you trying to do! I refuse to accept that role!" I exclaimed. " Ah. Ren. Would you rather let her appear in it with another man?" countered a voice from behind me. I whirled around, only to see President Lory walking towards us. " Did I mention that this music video's theme is love?" he challenged again.

" I…I…Alright. Fine. I'll do it." I sputtered. " I would rather die than let her act in an MV with another man," a part of my mind screamed. Yashiro and President Lory exchanged knowing smirks when I accepted it. " But the two of you better not stick your noses in my love-life ever again," I sighed, knowing fully well that they would never stop until I confessed to Mogami-san.

Normal P.O.V

Ren and Kyoko had finally made their way into the matchmakers' trap. The stage was finally set, and their plan was finally in motion. All that was left, was to sit back, relax, and watch their plan unfold.

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Okay, this is my first fanfic ever, so I'm not sure if it's good enough. Feel free to review, and give me all the criticisms and advice , that you think I need. Just so you know, you can call me melina:)

Ren: What do you mean, a trap? *Glaring at me

Me: Aww, zip it Ren. You'll find out soon enough. Hehe.

Ren: If you make me do anything stupid, I'll make sure you pay. *still glaring

Me: Kyoko!!! Ren's bullying me!! *Shedding crocodile tears.

Ren: !!!

Me: Hahaha! You fell for it! *makes a mad dash for the stairs

Ren: …