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(Demons speak)

Chapter 4 Recap:

But suddenly, a hand grabbed her from behind and pulled her into the alley. Another hand clamped over her mouth, muffling her scream. " Well, hello to you too. Long time no see, Kyoko," chuckled a familiar voice from behind her.

Ch 5: A Man Obsessed

Inside Ren's car…

I wonder why Yashiro-san didn't want me to drop him off at his home, Ren thought absentmindedly. Yashiro had been so secretive when talking on the phone. Not to mention, he had been blushing quite a few times too. Even when he finally got off the phone, he only requested to be dropped off at LME. Suspicious, suspicious.

Ren glanced at the rearview mirror, checking for any cars before switching lanes. Coincidentally, a bright pink purse, no bigger than his palm, caught his eye. It was wedged in the backseat. Ren immediately recognized it as the same pink purse that belonged to Kyoko. It's the purse that had fallen out of Kyoko's- ah- clothes, when they were at the outdoor trailer in Karuizawa.

Pulling over at the side of the road, he grabbed the purse, his fist curling around the soft silk. Ren gently fingered the opening, wondering about the contents. Curiosity piqued, he opened the purse, revealing the all-too-familiar azure stone. Corn? It means this much to her? A hint of a smile played upon his lips, his face slipping again. Had Yashiro-san been here, he probably would be giggling like a fan girl, squealing "Your face, Ren. Your face! " Ren almost snorted in laughter, thinking of Yashiro's face. His handsome features softened as he replayed how he had kissed the stone once before. It was a memory, a mark that he hoped forever remained in Kyoko's memories.

His heart thrummed in pleasure, as he slowly lifted the stone and brushed it his lips. He closed his eyes, and let his mind wander, reminiscing about Kyoko's soft pink lips. As if remembering where exactly he was, Ren snapped the purse back shut, starting his car, intent on heading back to Darumaya to return the purse. After all, it's just one more good reason for me to see her again.

In the alley…

Kyoko stiffened as his hand traced her hipbone, down to her thigh. " Hmmmm, I've missed you a lot, my dear akazukin-chan," Reino whispered, his lips nuzzling in the crook of her neck. He bent closer, inhaling her scent as his fingers slipped perilously close to the hem of her tank top. Struggling, Kyoko tried to wrestle her way out of his grasp but Reino only hugged her closer. He chuckled as Kyoko squirmed in discomfort.

Where the heck are those demons when I need then? Help me! Kyoko's brain was in distress mode, calling out to her little demons with no success. (We're sorry mistress! But something is blocking our way out! We can't come out!) Kyoko's demons cried out despairingly, struggling to break free. Kyoko's amber eyes widened in shock, as all the gears in her mind clicked into place. Craning her head, she turned to face a certain denizen from hell, who was enjoying her obvious discomfort.

Reino smiled smugly as he watched Kyoko's face flicker from confusion to realization. Ahhh. So she finally figured it out after all. When his own violet eyes made contact with hers, he smirked. " Don't bother calling your little minions out, my sweet apple. I've already sealed them all," he clarified. His right hand was still clamped over her mouth, and he felt her lips curl downwards in distaste. Chuckling slightly, he dipped his head to her shoulder.

Continuing from where he had left off, Reino allowed his hand to move freely, inching slowly under her top. And just like the last time, Kyoko was frozen in place, unable to react in any way. Panic and revulsion slowly threatened to overwhelm Kyoko, as she realized that no one was going to save her. Reino closed the distance between their bodies, his voice dropping to a seductive whisper. " That's right. Give yourself up. There's no one to save you this time," Kyoko's demons huddled close to their mistress, hurling curses at the silver-haired wolf that held her captive, to no avail.

Kyoko's mind whirled back to the last time she had been caught in the same situation. Only this time, it was not Sho that she was thinking of. It was he. Why am I hoping that Ren will come and save me? Reino took advantage of Kyoko's sudden hesitation, and drawled on. " This time, I'll finish it. No idiot Fuwa to stop me again," he reminded her. " And best of all, no protective lion to stop me from eating you." At the same time, he shrugged off her jacket with amazing dexterity, letting it fall to the dirty ground. Her honey brown eyes widened in shock, terror evident in them.

"Ne, Kyoko. Did you know your senpai is hiding something from you? " he taunted, as he laid soft fleeting kisses across her throat. Kyoko made a desperate choking sound, frightened and defenseless. Reino trailed his free hand over her waist, dipping it lower dangerously. "Tsuruga Ren is just a stage name. In fact, his entire existence is a lie." Kyoko only felt disgust and contempt while Reino kept on poisoning her mind. His words sent a chill running down her spine. But still, her body would not move, no matter how much her brain protested.

" … wild, dangerous, a murde-" Reino continued, until a painful blow fell onto his face, rendering him speechless. The impact of the blow caused him to release his grip on her. " Shit!" he cried, looking up while clutching at his nose. Kyoko's demons stood proudly by her, her dark aura emanating stronger than ever. Kyoko herself was rubbing the back of her head, while muttering furiously under her breath. She smirked at the sight of his bleeding nose; glad that she had thought to snap her head back and knock the stupid demon senseless.

Her eyes blazing with hatred, she glared at Reino before opening her mouth and uttering three words. " How dare you!" she shrieked, her form dangerous and feline all at once. " How dare you try to defame Ren, you vile, obnoxious demon!" Reino reeled from the impact of her anger, unconsciously taking a couple of steps backwards. Kyoko chuckled darkly, her minions lunging for the silver-haired wolf, his smirk falling away fast.

Ren caught sight of a familiar form running away from the dark alley, as he parked his car in front of Darumaya. His entire body shook when he realized that it was the same person he had found atop Kyoko while at Karuizawa. His mind was having a conniption, overcome by two emotions. Fear: if Kyoko was harmed. Anger: if that man had hurt her in any way. A stinging pain stabbed his heart, and he almost snapped. He briefly considered hunting him down, however his instincts advised him to ascertain if Kyoko had been harmed in any way.

Ren walked towards the alley with purposeful strides, but if anyone had looked closer, they would have seen him trembling, his fists clenched so tightly that you could see his knuckles turn white. But more importantly, they would have seen his face. It was one filled with so much emotion; it barely resembled the mask of Tsuruga Ren.

As Reino fled, he knew he bore a shocked face. What was that? There was so much aura coming from her. It was stronger too. He had been entranced by the power and intensity it carried, even more so when she set her demons upon him. Despite reeling from the impact of her emotions, Reino was actually… intrigued. But when a quick flash of familiar energy passed through him, he knew he had to make his escape. Or he might not have survived at all.

Stupid lion. You just had to turn back around, didn't you? Reino had stood rooted to the spot when he sensed the aura of Tsuruga Ren just outside the alley. He was torn between finishing what he had come for and running away to save himself. But the reminder of Tsuruga Ren's past quickly forced him into choosing the latter.

Reino's quick jog slowed into a brisk walk as he entered another street. " Tsk, annoying bastard. Just had to spoil my fun," he hissed in trepidation, although his face was still a mask of calm. Making his way back to the hotel that the band was putting up in, he thought about how fast Kyoko's demeanor had changed when he had been bad-mouthing Japan's No.1 best male actor.

Reino shook his head, sniggering. Too bad he did not get to finish off what he started. But! At least I found something interesting. Reino sneered in victory. When he touched Kyoko, her most recent memories had flowed into him. And one of them had been very, very interesting indeed. Reino's figure quickly disappeared into the darkness, a chuckle escaping his lips.

Kyoko dropped to her knees, her person quaking in a mix of fear and anger. Her body slumped in exhaustion from sending her minions after him. She was confused and enraged all at once. Why had that stupid beagle fled so quickly? Why was I so affected by him defaming Ren? Why, why, why!? Kyoko's mind flooded her with relentless questions. Her entire core shook with revulsion at the realization that she had almost been violated by that demon. Shaking her head, she struggled to keep the tears at bay, and began picking up her belongings that were strewn apart. Or at least she would have, if not for a pair of feet that had stopped directly in front of her.

A longhaired brunette leaned against the pillar. Her ears perked up at the first sound of someone walking into the room. "Kanae? Moko-san? Are you there?" a curious and hesitant voice floated into the room. Pushing off the pillars, she made her way to the bespectacled man who stood anxiously. "That's Kotonami-san to you, Yukihito-san." "Now, now, there's no need for any hostility, Kanae-san, Yashiro-san," chuckled a deep voice in humor. Yashiro bit back his retort, turning to face the bearded man sitting on the recliner.

"Well then, I demand an explanation. The two of you are obviously manipulating Kyoko and Tsuruga Ren in your little trap, am I right?" Kanae asked scathingly. President Lory nodded in reply and Kanae launched another question. "Can you confirm his feelings are true? Because if he hurts her, I swear I will hurt him, never mind if he's your no 1 actor," she asked again, glaring pointedly at the two men in front of her. Yashiro stepped forward, fixing Kanae with his most determined gaze. "Ren loves her. He really does. Haven't you seen him when he's around Kyoko?" Yashiro countered steadily. President's voice also resonated within his office. " That boy, throughout all the years I've known him, he has never looked that happy before. And he would never hurt the one he loves," Kanae pondered over what the two men had said. She had noticed that around her best friend, Tsuruga Ren -the actor- disappeared, and Tsuruga Ren -the ordinary man- would surface. Kanae remembered how his eyes would soften when Kyoko was in the room, and how his smile was different around her. He really does love her. Kanae decided, her reluctance to hand her best friend over, -not that she would ever admit it out loud- dissolving.

Yashiro stared as Kanae's features softened into one of understanding and happiness. His eyes widened in disbelief as she lifted her head and uttered, "I'm in." Yashiro recovered his composure, before stating confidently, "You're going to help us." He felt himself smirking at Kanae. President Lory clapped his hands happily. "So now, tell us. Do you know of anything about Kyoko's feelings for Ren?" he asked enthusiastically, sitting upright. Kanae smirked, her smirk matching Yashiro's You-Know-I'm-Right- smirk. Well, if you had seen her face when she talked about her respected senpai… "Let's just say, her mind hasn't really caught up with her heart yet. And we're here to help her."

It took Ren all of his will not to turn around and chase after the culprit who tried to attack Kyoko. But when he saw her gathering up her fallen items, his emotions ran astray, and his anger and fear intensified. He stopped right in front of Kyoko, and watched as she looked up. Her face flickered with emotions; shock, relief, happiness, fear, before her head lowered, shielding her face from him. "Kyoko, what happened?" Ren questioned, his voice cracking with emotion. He kneeled down, and gently lifted her chin up, forcing her to look into his eyes.

Kyoko wanted to look away, but she could not. She felt ashamed, and afraid. She was so shocked, so relieved to see Ren standing in front of her that she almost succumbed to her tears. Now, looking into his concerned eyes, Kyoko felt her brave façade falling away. "Ren…" she whispered, her tears finally spilling. Ren tugged her petite form towards him, hugging her close and whispering words of comfort to her. She leaned into his warmth, her voice sputtering as she recounted everything that had happened.

Had anyone walked into the alley at that moment, they would have seen two figures embracing in the moonlight. One feminine and one masculine form. Each soothing the other's trembling body. Neither would they miss the unspoken words that hung in the air. Or the pink purse that was clenched in the man's fist. After all, it was a night of many surprises.

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