Chapter 10: Nerds

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Jimmy didn't know what would happen once he went after the nerds. He thought it would be a stroll in the park, like before. He went to the library to locate Earnest. He was sitting at a table with Fatty and Algernon. The library doors were guarded by Melvin and Bucky.

Jimmy knew he would get in easily, but once he got in, that was a different story.

"Sup, fellas.", Jimmy tried to sound casual.

"Go away, Jimmy, we know what you're here for.", Bucky stepped forward.

Jimmy quickly grabbed his arm and twisted it behind, then he shoved him into Melvin, who then toppled over onto the ground. He punched Melvin in the stomach then in the ribs, and punched Bucky twice in the face and kicked him square in his family jewels.

Once inside, Fatty and Algernon stood up holding their favorite weapons of choice: The Spud Cannon, and the thing that launches bottle rockets. (Can't think of the name.)

Jimmy ran behind the front desk before they had a chance to fire, and he threw a dictionary at them to cause a distraction. The two jumped away to dodge the book, and Fatty was tripped by him, and as soon as he landed on the ground, Jimmy took the Spud Cannon.

Jimmy now had the upper hand. He dove behind the desk again just in time to avoid an incoming bottle rocket. He positioned himself on the counter and fire three potatoes at Algernon, the first hitting him in the stomach, the second hit him in the back of his knee. The other missed totally.

He stepped out from behind the desk and did a roundhouse kick to the back of Algernon's head. He was instantly laid out and Jimmy proceeded to take Earnest hostage using the Spud Cannon.

"Come on, Jimmy. Be a man, fight with your hands!"

Jimmy knew he would win regardless, so he tossed the gun to the side and put his fists up. Earnest had gotten into some weird karate pose by now. Jimmy swung with a haymaker, but Earnest grabbed his arm and spun him around.

He was a little dizzy, but could still fight. Earnest came back with three weak jabs to his abdomen and a kick to the side of his knee. Jimmy didn't even cringe at the hits, and punched Earnest in his face, breaking his glasses in half. He now had the upper hand, because Earnest couldn't see well without his glasses.

Earnest came up with a sweep kick, which managed to get Jimmy off balance, and he unleashed a combo of five weak jabs and a uppercut. Jimmy fell to the ground and laid there for a second, allowing Earnest to get three kicks in. He then sprung to his feet and axe kicked Earnest, landing a heavy powerful blow to his head. Earnest was clearly shaken up by the kick, and stumbled into a chair.

Jimmy then came with a powerful haymaker, which toppled Earnest backward onto the floor. Earnest was still somehow standing, though. He landed three punches and another sweep kick, but Jimmy avoided the kick this time. He swung back around with an elbow to the gut and a backhand to the side of his face. Earnest was now in pain and ready to quit. He stood dazed for a moment and Jimmy took advantage of this.

He came with four, that's right, four heavy haymakers and a uppercut. Earnest was finally laid out on the ground. Jimmy couldn't believe what a fight Earnest put up. He had been the hardest to defeat, out of all of them!

Jimmy stood in place for a moment, hands on his hips, to regain his breath. He then proceeded to the bench and sat waiting.

A man with a black, low rimmed hat and a black suit came and sat beside him, a townie. He gave Jimmy a phone then exited through the main gate. Jimmy took a phone call that followed shortly after.

"I see you've done the deed, Jimmy. Good work.", Pete was on the other end.

"Look, where the Hell are you?"

"I' town. I'll meet you in the dorm tonight. See ya.", there was a click, then silence.

Jimmy was frustrated and ready to get this whole ordeal over with. He went to his room, and laid down for about an hour and a half. When he later awoke, it was 8:15.

Pete was sitting in the chair at his desk, staring at Jimmy. He was very uncomfortable and shifty uneasily in his bed. Then Pete got up and came over to the side of the bed.

"Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy...", Pete repeated.

"What the Hell do you wa--"

Pete had suddenly started to smother Jimmy. Then everything went white

Jimmy suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, drowning in cold sweat. Not literally, of course. He looked around and was surprised he had slept so long.

"God, that was a strange nightmare..", Jimmy mumbled to himself.

Just then, Pete came in through the door.

"Where the Hell have you been?", Jimmy asked.

"I've been waiting in the common room..."

Jimmy felt stupid for having fallen asleep so long. He sat up and Pete leaned against the door frame.

"I'm glad you did that for me, Jimmy. Real glad.", Pete seemed to be in a strange mood.

"Yeah, whatever. I expect to be treated with some respect tomorrow or I'm coming after you, Petey. You've put me through Hell and back. I'm tired of it."

Pete laughed, then stopped promptly.

"God damn Jimmy, you sound like a fucking woman. Maybe you should be the one called 'Femme-boy'.", Pete remarked.

Jimmy gripped the edge of his cover tightly, holding himself back.

"What do I do now? Just go outside tomorrow and everything is back to normal?"

Pete shrugged then walked out the door. Jimmy got up and ran after him, but once again he had vanished. Jimmy sighed deeply and went back inside his room. He laid on his bed and played the recent events back in his head. Shortly after, he was fast asleep.

The next day, Jimmy woke up, got ready, and went to the school building. Even though it was Sunday, the doors were open. They were open every day of the week, actually. He was treated with respect, more than the days before, anyway. Hell, he was treated with so much respect, everyone avoided him. They would all whisper when they walked passed him, some with frightened looks on their faces.

He didn't know what to make of it, but he just ignored it. Decided not to worry himself with it. He did hear something strange, though. Something to do with "Gary" and "Jimmy". Then, that's when he heard the broadcast.

"Channel 6 news, reporting live from Happy Volts Asylum for the mentally ill. A teenage boy has been found dead this morning in his cell. His identity is believe to be 'Gary Smith', authorities haven't gotten a time of death yet. Some speculate that Jimmy Hopkins, a local student of Bullworth Academy had murdered the boy. Some details remain undisclosed. I'm Gregory Mendez, reporting live, channel 6 news."

Jimmy felt a spine tickling sensation in his head. Gary Smith was found murdered. He was shaken by this news...the conversations he heard must've been about Gary's death and Jimmy being accused of doing it. Jimmy turned around and ran out the doors. He saw a student coming up the steps, he thought it to be Pete Kowalski. But instead..

It was Gary Smith.

END. For real this time...