AU: I spent about 2 hours writing this. I personally like it. My friend was in a car accident and had to have her arm amputated. It was really sad. It took 8 pages on Word. I will update if I get at least 5 reviews. I might lower it because I feel I really need to write this. So here's Poor Unfortunate Soul! (AKA: PUS)     Thanks for the support guys!

I sat down in my seat for 8 period. 1 more hour! I said to myself. I sighed and looked around the room. Lauren, my best friend, was talking to her boyfriend, Tyler Crowley. Edward Cullen and his (insert cuss words here.) of a girlfriend, Angela Webber were making out in the back corner of the room. I quickly adverted my eyes. Mike Newton entered the classroom and took his seat next to me.

"Hey, Bella."


"So, I was wondering…." He rubbed the back of his head awkwardly, and continued. "Maybe we could go to dinner tonight in Port Angeles."

I sighed again, aggravated.

"Thanks, but I have to catch up on the laundry at home."

"Couldn't you do it another time?"

"Well," I began my monologue. "I have to go to the store and buy some laundry detergent, softener, a bleach stick, and a new basket too. Then I have to fold and put away at least 4 loads. Then, I have to start another load, and put away that load. My dad said I needed to clean my room also. AND, on top of all of that I have to study, make dinner, and do my homework." I smiled to myself. That should stop him.

"Oh. That's a lot of work. Maybe some other time." He muttered. I didn't answer him. The teacher came in and called order to the class.

"Ms. Webber and Mr. Cullen sit down and remove your hands from each other." I snickered quietly.

"Whatever." Angela muttered.

Angela was my best friend when I first moved to Forks. She was nice, sweet, unselfish, and down-to-Earth. Then Jessica got to her. Jessica messed her up. She made her skip lunch, try out for the cheerleading team, and become her clone. She didn't- no- couldn't stop Jessica. I frowned at the memories. But Edward was always a jerk. Actually, he was the biggest jerk of the popular clique. He made fun of people, tripped them, booked them, and called them names. I used to be one of his victims until he started going out with Angela. He started spending all of his time and energy on her. Not that I envied Angela or anything, I just really missed her. I remember the countless nights I cried over her when she made fun of me for the first time. She booked me in the hallway and sneered, "Stay away from Cullen, he's mine now!" My face was filled with pain and surprise. Angela just booked her best friend and walked away. Lauren saw her and rushed over to me. Lauren admitted to me that she hated me when I first moved to Forks. She promised she only hated me because Tyler was hitting on me frequently. Each time I turned him down, she liked me better. She picked up my books for me and handed them to me. The shock must've been evident because she smiled at me. It wasn't one of the snotty, uptight smiles; it was a fully genuine smile. She sat by me at lunch the next day and we became best friends. Mike nudged me and my mind went back to the present.

"The teacher asked you a question. 2 times." Mike whispered.

Mike was a good friend. I didn't want to go out with him because I didn't want hanging out to be awkward.

"Oh, um..Could you repeat the question, Mr. Banner?"

Edward and Angela snickered loudly in the back.

"I asked what the square root of pi is."

"Oh… it 1.77245384?" I stuttered.

"No. Mr. Cullen?"

"The square root of pie is 1.77245385." Edward answered smugly.


Edward looked at me in the eye and laughed again. As my face turned red, I turned around so he wouldn't get the satisfaction of embarrassing me.

Mr. Banner droned on and on about pi for the rest of the hour. On my way out, Edward stuck his foot out and tripped me, my face landing flat on the ground. I got up quickly and ran to my truck. My nose was bleeding and I started to feel dizzy. Few tears slid down my face as I got a napkin to hold my nose. My ankle was throbbing! I examined it and a black blob was beginning to form. I groaned. Another bruise I had to explain to Charlie. I started my truck and maneuvered through the icy roads, trying not to hit any cars, or people. I wouldn't mind hitting Edward though. I laughed at myself. My nose stopped bleeding after a few minutes. I got to the highway and accelerated. It happened so fast. The 18-wheeler was coming to fast the opposite way. I hit the brakes, which caused me to slide uncontrollably and flip several times. I screamed as the 18-wheeler flung my truck into a ditch by the side of the road. Blood was everywhere. I couldn't get up because my right arm was pinned by my truck. Then I blacked out.

Edward POV

When I entered 8th period, I saw my inhumanly beautiful girlfriend, Angela. I ran over to her and she pulled me to the corner where we had our make out session.

"Ms. Webber and Mr. Cullen sit down and remove your hands from each other."

Angela blushed and mumbled "Whatever."

I couldn't pay attention to Mr. Banner as he started his monologue about pi.

"Ms. Swan, do you know what the square root of pi is?"

No answer.

"Ms. Swan?"

No answer again.

That wannabe jock nudged her.

"Oh, um..Could you repeat the question, Mr. Banner?" that nerd answered.

Angela and I snickered.

"I asked what the square root of pi is." He stated.

"Oh… it 1.77245384?" she stuttered.

"No. Mr. Cullen?"

I stared at her smugly.

"The square root of pie is 1.77245385." I emphasized on the 5.


I sneered at her. She blushed and turned around. Angela laughed quietly.

"Trip her." She ordered.

"What?" I asked.

"I said, trip her on her way out."

"Okay." I smiled at her,

Mr. Banner droned on and on about pi until the final bell. I got up quickly and stood by the door. Bella walked by and I stuck my foot out and she fell to the ground. Success! Angela came over to me and giggled. Bella stood up quickly, forgetting her book. I suddenly regretted what I had just done to that poor little nerd, but Angela kissed me before I could think again. She braided her hands in my hair and I slid my hands down her back and pushed her closer to me. The teacher cleared his throat, and reminded us we were still in the classroom. I pulled her to my car. She pushed me to where my back was against the side of my Volvo. Her hands went under my shirt, squeezing my stomach. I pulled away.

"What?" she asked me. I struggled for an excuse. I looked around and found my siblings coming towards us.

"They're coming." I answered.


"Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, and Jasper."

"Oh." She looked down. I pulled her chin up and kissed her one last time. I went the back way to our house and dropped off everybody there, including Angela.

"I'm going to pick up a pizza." I called to them.

"Hurry and come back to me, Eddie!" I secretly hated my nickname "Eddie" but I ignored her. I drove down the road to the highway. I suddenly froze as I saw scene play in front of me. That Bella girl, in her old truck, swerved an 18-wheeler and flipped over and landed in a ditch. I ran over to her truck and saw the poor girl sprawled out on the rocks, pinned by her truck.

"Oh my God! Are you okay?"

What a stupid question to ask. Of course she wasn't okay. She whimpered quietly. I called the police, and my dad.

"Carlisle! Come quick! There's been an accident on the highway; Bella Swan is pinned under her car! Hurry! There's blood everywhere!"

"Son, I'm coming. Hold on."

Memories went through my head.

"Class, we have a new student. Her name is Isabella Swan." Mrs. Hunt announced.

The new girl blushed and quietly said, "I go by Bella."

"Okay, Bella. You can take a seat next to…Angela over there.'

"Okay." She whispered and blushed again.

I ran to the sandbox and found Bella playing. "Hey!" I yelled. She looked up. "Get out of the sandbox." I yelled again. "It's not your sandbox. I can play in it." I hissed. "NOW! GET OUT NOW!" I screamed in her face. I took some sand in my fists and threw it at her. She ran off crying to the teacher.

I pushed Bella in the cafeteria. "Give me your lunch money." I said as I grabbed her shirt and shoved her to the wall. "I don't have any!" she whimpered. I punched her in the eye.

"Bella will never get a fella! Bella will never get a fella!" I taunted her. She let out a cry. I started laughing hysterically. "Nobody will EVER love you, Bella. Go find a box to hide in."

Was I really that mean to her? What did she ever do to me?

"Please don't die, Bella. Please don't die." I whimpered. Carlisle came shortly after and pulled out a stretcher. He sprinted over to poor Bella, and attempted to push the car out of the way.

"Edward, please come and help me." Carlisle asked, strained.

I ran over to the car and helped him push the car out of the way. Carlisle got her and put her on the stretcher. I realized tears were streaming down my face. Carlisle and the other doctors put Bella into the ambulance. I quickly hopped into the back and held Bella's hand. "It's okay, Bella. It's okay." I new she couldn't hear me but I whispered to her anyway. When we got to the hospital she was wheeled to the ER. Carlisle moved her to the bed.

"Her arm…" Carlisle started.

"No!" I whispered.

"We have to…" Carlisle gulped. "Amputate her arm."

"NO!" I whispered again with even more agony. Why her? Why Bella? She didn't harm anybody, but I harmed her. Physically and emotionally. The nurse kicked me out.

"Carlisle! No! I have to stay!" I pleaded.

"Authorized people only." The nurse answered unemotionally.

"I'm his son! I have to stay!" Tears were running down my face. Carlisle looked up.

"I'm sorry Edward, you need to leave."

I looked at him, shocked. Taking that opportunity, the nurse shoved my outside and into the waiting room. I took a seat in the hard, uncomfortable plastic seat. My head rested on my hands. There were only a few people in the small, cramped room. I studied the room, since I had nothing else to do. The bland bluish color of the walls, the ugly paintings of flowers, the tile floor, the table for the little kids to play, the TV. The paintings were those ugly flowers in a vase with a pinkish-whitish colored background. I made patterns on the wall and studied them. A while later I fell asleep.

When I woke up, the room was full! People I recognized too. The police chief, classmates, my siblings. It seemed EVERYBODY in Forks was there! Literally! Carlisle came in and told Chief Swan how Bella was. I over heard them.

"Bella is recovering from the amputation. She has a bruise on her ankle, "

I froze. Did I give Bella that bruise? I suddenly became very sick.

"5 broken ribs, broken nose, broken hand…" Carlisle continued.

I didn't want to listen anymore. Alice came over to me.

"Hi Edward. Are you okay? I mean, you didn't like Bella or anything, I mean, you were like really mean to her. Remember that time when you threw sand at her? Or that time you shoved her head in the dirt? When you punched her because she didn't have any lunch money?"

"Shut-up, Alice."

Alice gasped.


"You care about her?"

"So what? The whole town is here."

"Except Angela."

"She's not here?"


"Good, I don't want to see her. I'm going to break up with her soon."

"Good! She was a (insert cuss word here.)!

"Not helping."

"Oh. Sorry."


"So, you really like her then?"

"Who?" I knew whom she was talking about, I needed to stall. Even for a second or something.

"Bella Swan. The girl with the amputated arm."

I growled at her.

"Oh .My .God! You like her! Like, like-like her!"

I growled again.

She laughed. "Okay, I'll shut up. But I really am worried about you."

"Don't be." I said coarsely.

"Oh Edward!" She threw her arms around me. "It'll be okay." She soothed me.

"I don't think so, Alice."

"You can see Bella now. Everybody went to see her, she's not awake yet though."

"I'll go when I'm ready."

"You don't like-like her, you LOVE her!" Alice chirped.

"Keep it down!" I hissed.

"Whatever Edward! I'm going to tell-" I put my hand over her mouth.

"You're not going to tell anybody." I commanded her through clenched teeth.

"Okay." She gulped.

"Excuse me." I stood up to go talk to Chief Swan.

"Chief Swan?" I asked him.

"What?" he said crossly. Apparently he's grumpy.

"Uh, I just wanted to say that I'm really sorry about what happened to your daughter."

"Were you the person who crashed into her?" His face started turning red, then purple, then back to red.

"No, no, no! I was the person who found her and called my father."

"Oh." He said gruffly. He stood up and ran a hand through his hair.

"I'm really sorry though."



Suddenly he pulled me into a big hug.

"My baby! Oh my baby is hurt!" he cried. I hesitantly patted his back.

"She's going to be okay."

"How do you know?" he blubbered.

"I have a feeling in my gut."

"Me too." He let go of me.

"Excuse me, Chief Swan, I need to talk to my dad."

"Okay." He mumbled.

I almost ran down the hall to Carlisle.

"Carlisle! How is she? Is she okay?"

"Edward, she'll be just fine."


"Yes, you can go see her if you want."

"Yes, oh yes please!" I'm starting to scare myself a little.

"Follow me."

I followed him, as told, down the long hallway. 5 minutes later he stopped at a door and opened it.

"Bella?" he asked.

No answer. Her silence reminded me of earlier during school.

He walked in. He also checked tubes and her heart monitor.

"Okay, I'll leave you alone. If she wakes up, call a nurse."

"Okay, Carlisle."

He left and left me alone with a broken, sleeping girl. I studied her. She was beautiful, even in the casts and bruises. I can't believe I was mean to her. I can't believe I hurt her over and over. I sat down in yet another uncomfortable chair. I rested my head on my hands, face down. I sighed. How am I supposed to live with myself? I heard a soft yawn. I looked up. Bella was awake! I stared at her. She hadn't noticed me yet. Minutes later she gasped. She saw me.

"Edward." She frowned. Oh how it hurt me to see her frown when she saw me! "What are you doing here?" she asked disgusted.

"I-I-I" I couldn't answer her.

"Why the freak are you here?" she asked again, crossly.

"I was worried." It sounded like a question.

She sneered. "Yeah right. You trip me, you call me names, you…hate me…."

"No, I don't!"

"Yeah right." She said again and narrowed her eyes. "Leave. I don't want you here. I hate you. Leave!" she whispered the last word. I didn't budge. "Leave" she whispered again.

"Bella, I-" I started.

"No, Edward Cullen. I WILL not put up with this crap! Just freakin' leave! I freakin' hate you!" She screamed.

"Bella, please…"

"No! I will not let you hurt me anymore! Emotionally and physically! I HATE YOU! JUST LEAVE ALREADY!" She screamed again.

Carlisle ran in.

"Bella." He said. "You're awake!"

"Yeah. I have been." She said darkly without taking her eyes off of mine.

"Edward, why didn't you call me?" Carlisle asked me.

"I forgot." I mumbled. Then he ignored me completely,

"How are you feeling?" he asked Bella.

"Aggravated." She said darkly, again. She must really hate me. As much as it hurts my heart, she hates me. Really hates me.

Carlisle sighed and looked at me. "Edward, I think you need to leave."

"Me too." Bella mumbled.

I turned to look at him.

"I can't." I whispered.

"I freakin' don't want you here, Edward! LEAVE!" Bella screamed.

Carlisle looked at her in shock. "I asked him nicely, and he didn't." she defended herself. "Edward, you really need to leave. It's not healthy for her to be angry right now."

"Fine." I walked out of her room slowly. "I love you, Bella." I whispered, but my voice was drowned out by a scream.

Bella POV

The water was pushing down on me. I couldn't breathe right. Soon. The water was lifted. My eyes fluttered open. I looked around my room confused. There was an annoying beeping sound coming from beside me. I looked at the monitor. I hope it said I was alive. I turned my head around to meet a bronze haired god's stare. I gasped. I slowly realized it was him.

"Edward." I frowned. Ouch that hurt. Note to self, don't make any facial movement.

"What are you doing here?" I asked disgusted with him. I hated him. That stupid (insert cussword here) of a jock was in my hospital room. I wanted him out!

"I-I-I" he stuttered.

"Why the freak are you here?" I commanded him.

"I was worried." It sounded like a question.

"Yeah right. You trip me, you call me names, you…hate me…."

"No, I don't!"

"Yeah right." I said again and I narrowed my eyes. "Leave. I don't want you here. I hate you. Leave!" I whispered the last word. He didn't budge. "Leave" I whispered again.

"Bella, I-" he started.

"No, Edward Cullen. I WILL not put up with this crap! Just freakin' leave! I freakin' hate you!" I screamed.

"Bella, please…"

"No! I will not let you hurt me anymore! Emotionally and physically! I HATE YOU! JUST LEAVE ALREADY!" I screamed again.

Carlisle ran in.

"Bella." He said. "You're awake!"

"Yeah. I have been." I said darkly without taking my eyes off of him.

"Edward, why didn't you call me?" Dr. Cullen asked him.

"I forgot." He mumbled.

"How are you feeling?" he asked me.

"Aggravated." I said crossly.

Carlisle sighed and looked at Edward. "Edward, I think you need to leave."

"Me too." I mumbled.

"I can't." he whispered. I wasn't even sure if I heard him say it.

"I freakin' don't want you here, Edward! LEAVE!" I screamed.

Carlisle looked at me in shock. "I asked him nicely, and he didn't." I defended myself. "Edward, you really need to leave. It's not healthy for her to be angry right now."

"Fine." Edward walked out of my room slowly. I looked down at my body. I screamed. I was missing an arm!

"My arm! MY ARM! MY FRIGGIN' ARM! WHERE IS IT!?!?!?" I screamed on the top of my lungs.

"Shh Bella. It's okay." Dr. Cullen tried to soothe me.


"Your arm was too badly injured to be fixed."

"No! Where is my arm!" I sobbed.

Then Charlie ran in.

"My baby!"

"Dad! My arm!" I sobbed even more.

"I know, baby."

"It's gone. Gone forever," I couldn't even talk right.

Charlie held my hand while I cried myself to sleep.