Flashing Green

A Private Practice fic by Gigi.

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Chapter 2: After-effects

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So far, the day had gone off pretty normally. Nobody but Naomi knew anything at all had happened between Addison and Pete, and she was gone for a house call. It was only when Addison went into Pete's office to talk that things started to get awkward.

"Oh, sorry," she apologized once she saw Pete in the middle of taking off his shirt. "I'll just come back later."

"Wait!" Pete stopped her. "I kind of need your help."

"With what?" Pete turned around so she could see his back. Addison gasped at the now red and irritated furrows in his back. "Oh, God, Pete, I'm so sorry about that."

Pete smirked over his shoulder. "I really didn't mind when you were making them, but now they're kind of bothering me. I was wondering if you could rub some of this lotion on it?" He held out a bottle of lotion he obviously mixed himself.

Hesitantly, Addison took the bottle from his hands and motioned for him to sit on the table. She sat behind him and started to work the lotion into the cuts. She noticed one had scabbed over. "I broke your skin," she commented, rubbing her finger delicately over the scab.

"Yeah, you did," Pete acknowledged. "It's okay, though. It was fun." Addison slapped his back lightly at his comment. "What? Are you saying it wasn't?"

"No, I'm not saying that. I'm just saying it isn't okay that I made you bleed," Addison pointed out. "I have never made a guy bleed during sex before."

"This may sound weird, but that makes me feel oddly proud," he declared. He felt Addison's hands freeze on his back just for a moment when she heard what he said. She quickly recovered and resumed rubbing the lotion on his back, thanking God Pete couldn't see her bright red face at the moment.

Although she refused to tell Pete, Addison was mesmerized by his back. She always had a thing for guys with really strong backs, and Pete had a really strong back. She watched as his muscles responded to her touch, sending the slightest of shivers up her arm every time they did so.

After about ten minutes, Addison pulled her eyes away from Pete's back and took away her hands. "There, all done."

Pete swung around to face Addison, his eyes carrying a fierce intensity. "Thank you," he said huskily.

Disconcerted by his gaze, Addison whispered a barely audible "You're welcome," before their lips met again in a searing kiss. Addison's hands slid up Pete's toned, muscular chest before tangling themselves in his hair, pulling Pete's head closer to her.


Addison sat on the acupuncture table, retying her dress in disbelief. "We did not just have sex in your office during the workday."

Pete chuckled. "Hate to tell you this, but I'm pretty sure we did," he teased, grabbing his shirt, which Addison was partially sitting on.

"So now what?" the redhead asked once they were both fully dressed.

Pete smoothed down Addison's hair, which seemed determined to announce to the world she'd just had sex, and smiled sweetly at her. "I say, we do it again," he suggested, but upon seeing her distressed expression, quickly added, "in the future. Not right now, because right now we have to work."

Addison quirked an eyebrow at the man. "Again? Like a date? With dinner and talking?" Pete nodded. "What happened to just having fun?"

"Well, with Violet maybe carrying my baby, I figured it's time to stop dicking around," he said matter-of-factly.

"That's not how you felt last night," Addison observed. "Last night, I had to restrain you with my pathetic love life to get you to stop hitting on yet another girl."

"But then this annoying voice in my head that had been nice and quiet for over a year told me that if I want to make us work, I have to be willing to have more than just fun." Pete looked Addison in the eye, letting her know who he was talking about.

"Although I disagree about my voice being annoying," Addison began, "I'm flattered that you remembered what I said a year ago." She smiled and touched his cheek. "So you want to make us work?" He nodded slowly. "I'd like that."

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