NOTE from the PHOENIX: Okay, Daniel is finally going to find use for all those languages he knows. However I'm too lazy to put all the foreign talk (cause there will be a lot of it) in italic. So, instead I'm going to use 'one quote' when people are speaking the foreign language and "double quotes" for English. Make sense? Good! Enjoy!

SUMMARY: On a seemingly peaceful planet Daniel and Janet find themselves mixed up in a war. When Daniel is mistaken for a medical doctor by the 'enemy' he finds that if he doesn't learn to play the part they aren't going to live long enough for rescue or escape.

PAIRING: This is a Daniel/Janet shipping story.

WARNINGS: I do not write sex scenes, but there will be sexual scenes (if that makes any sense). There will also be a good deal of gore and possiable foul language.

Flesh and Bone

Chapter One

Daniel sat at a marble desk pouring over a book so old that it was threatening to come apart in his hands. With his own journal at his side he scribbled a few notes into it. Going back to the text he turned the brittle page with the care of a mother picking up her child. He was so engrossed in the ancient text that he didn't even realize he had company until they made a quite coughing sound to make themselves known.

Looking up Daniel smiled at the new comer. Dressed in fine silk the older man smiled back at the archaeologist. He stepped over and glanced down at the book that Daniel was reading and nodded in approval. Looking around at the other books that lined the walls he smiled warmly, as if the leather bound book brought back fond memories.

'Good morning, Barin.' Daniel greeted.

'It is evening again my young friend.' Barin chuckled.

'What?' Daniel looked down at his watch and swore under his breath.

'I am pleased that our texts can hold you so engrossed, so few of my fellow men even know how read anymore.'

'It's an amazing look into your culture. We once had a similar culture on my planet, a people known as the Gaels.'

'Perhaps we are distance brothers.'

'I believe that you are.' Daniel smiled.

'Dr. Jackson...' Barin hesitated 'you've learned so much about my world, I was wondering if I could ask you about yours.'

'Of course. What would you like to know?'

'I can see from your use of the Stargate and the technology around your wrist that your kind have made amazing advances.'

'Not as amazing as some, but we get by.'

'And you are a doctor?'

'Of sorts, I don't know the word for "archeology" in your tongue.'

'I do not understand that word.'

'I study cultures, mostly dead one.'

'Ah, I understand now, a doctor for the dead.'

'In a way.'

'Are any of your friends doctors for the living?'

'Yes, I know one of the best "medical" doctors.'

'Medical.' Barin repeated the unfamiliar term.

'Yes, I'm sorry, your blend of Gaelic and Latin makes some of my translation sketchy.' Daniel admitted. 'Barin, what is going on? Do you need a doctor?'

'Not for myself, but for a great man. He is in dire need of a doctor. I fear he will die by dawn if he is not attended to. Our own have tried to heal him, but it is beyond our skills.'

'What is wrong with him?'

'He has been gravely injured. Please, he is a leader among my people, we need him.'

'I'll see what I can do.'

'Thank you friend. Please hurry.'

Daniel nodded and carefully closed the tomb he had been working with. He had arrived on P8X-675 just over a week ago and had barely left the small city's library since. He was visiting with SG-4. Teal'c was off on another peace talk mission for the Jaffa Nation and Sam was locked in her lab with a new force field generator. At one point Sam had been physically locked in the lab due to the poorly understood device, but now she was just having fun tinkering with it and try to find a practical purpose for it.

With the rest of his team busy it had been easier for Daniel to talk Jack into letting him spend some time researching the planet's culture. SG-4 was there doing soil samples since there seemed to be a high trace of Naquadah in the dirt surrounding the Gate. The world here was a peaceful one with a culture rich in history. Although they had not progressed much beyond the Iron Age they had a established a democratic system of government after their defeat of the Goa'uld over lords several hundred years ago.

Daniel made his way towards the Gate with Barin on his heels. SG-4 was grouped together a few hundred feet from the Gate having dinner. The team leader looked over at Daniel and asked if everything was alright. Daniel just nodded and dialed the Gate. The vortex splashed out and Daniel pulled out his radio.

'Jack, I need to talk to Jan...'

"English, Daniel, English." The General growled back.

"Oh, right, sorry, it's been a while." Daniel corrected. "I need to ask Janet a favor."

"Alright, hang on, I'll go get her."

Daniel waited for a few minutes before Janet's voice came through the radio. Barin was fascinated by the bodiless voice coming through the device in Daniel's hand.

"Daniel, are you alright?" Janet asked.

"I'm fine. However, my friend here says that one of his people is in need of medical attention. A wound of some sort. I was wondering if you could make a house call?"

"I would have to ask the General."

"Fine by me." Jack replied. "SG-4 seems to think the inhabitants are harmless enough."

"They are, I wouldn't be asking Janet to come through if I thought there was any risk."

"I'll gather up some supplies and be there soon."

"Thank you, Janet."


"Hey, Daniel," Jack said "you find anything usefully during your studies?"

"Define 'useful'."

"You know my definition of useful."

"In that case 'no'."


"Good bye, Jack."

It didn't take more than ten minutes for the Gate to spring to life once again. Dressed in her field uniform Janet stepped out of the glittering horizon. She had a large tackle box with her that Daniel stepped up to take from her. She accepted his offer to carry the heavy box of medical supply and brought her over to Barin.

'Barin, this is Dr. Frasier.' Daniel introduced in the man's native tongue. "Janet, this is is Barin, he's the city's librarian and historian."

"I'm sure you two get along well." Janet smiled.

"That we do."

"It is nice to meet you, Barin." Janet offered her hand for him to shake.

Barin looked at Janet's offer and then turned to Daniel with a confused look on his face.

"Uh, they don't shake hands around here, Janet."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Janet put her hand down.

"Don't worry about it, I've made the same mistake a few times."

'It is an honor to have you here, Doctor, I do hope you can aid us.'

"Daniel?" Janet asked.

"He's glad you're here, and hopes you can help."

"Well let's go, I assume time is an issue."

Daniel nodded and told Barin that they were ready to go. Barin graced Janet with a shallow bow and lead the way. They were brought to the heart of the marble city. The streets around the capital building were full of people, all of whom were on their knees in an eerie silence. Many held candles while others burned incense.

"Daniel, just who is this patient of mine?"

"All Barin told me was that he is a leader of their's."

"He appears to be well loved."

"From what I've been reading these are very compassionate people."

Inside the building were more people, also in a respectful silence. Barin stepped up to one of the men and began to explain who Janet and Daniel were. The man looked skeptical at first, but eventually he nodded and lead the group into the next room.

Laying on a plush bed in the middle of a large room was a powerful man. Even from a distance Daniel could see that he was struggling for breath. As they approached he could see the sweat beading off the man's skin. Janet instantly stepped forward and pressed her fingers against his throat.

"His pulse is weak. What happened?"

Daniel translated Janet's question to Barin. Looking to the older man who had led them into the room he asked for permission to show Janet the trouble. The man gave Janet one last look before sighing in defeat and agreeing. There was an attendant to the ailing man and he was instructed to pull back the covers.

Daniel looked away at the sight that was revealed. Under the thick fur blanket the silk sheets were soaked in blood. After pulling a pair of latex gloves out of her pocket and putting them on Janet stepped closer for a better look. Kneeling on the bed she sought out the source of the blood and then stood back up.

"Daniel, can I talk to you for a second."

"Can you help him?"

"I think so...but..."

"But what?"

"He has a deep stab wound, like from a sword. He also has a large amount of scars. Is there a war going on?"

"A war? I don't think so."

"I think you should ask. You know that we really are not supposed to get involved in other planet's wars like this."

"I know." Daniel nodded and turned to Barin. 'Barin, how was this man injured?'

'We are at war with a large clan of wild men. He was ambushed while traveling toward a peace talk and run through.' Barin said instantly. 'This man is General Ilis, our greatest hero and perhaps the only man who stands between our nation and this race of violent men. You are in no danger the front lines are far from here.'

' is not our place to get involved in your war.'

'I understand, Dr. Jackson, however, please help this one man. He means so much to me and my people. I did not wish to come to you with our problems, but I saw no other hope for him."

Daniel sighed heavily.

'You do not have to help him.' The older man in the room said. 'We understand that our affairs are not your concern. You and your people will still be welcome here.'

Daniel looked over at the dying General and sighed.

"Daniel?" Janet asked. "What's going on?"

"You were right, Janet. He's a General, injured in a war. We really need to ask Jack before we do anything don't we?"

"He won't live that long. Daniel, I don't want to just stand here and watch him die..."

"Help him, I'll deal with Jack."

Janet didn't hesitate and went to work doing what she could for the stricken war hero. The natives in the room stayed completely silent. Locked in a fever induced coma the General simply laid still under Janet's knife and needles. It was two hours before Janet sat back and critically inspected the final stitches. She had brought along a bag of saline and had dripped it into his thin blood. After injecting a few antibiotics she looked up at Daniel.

"I won't really know if he's going to recover until tomorrow. However I think he has a good shot, most of the damage was to the small intestines which are somewhat easily repaired."

"Jack's going to kill me for putting you in this position."

"Well, it's not the first time we've stepped into a planet's natural course of history and changed things."

"No, I suppose not."

'Dr. Jackson,' Barin asked 'Is General Ilis going to live?'

'I don't know yet, but the chances look good that he will.'

'We can not thank you enough for this. He is a great man, you will not regret this.'

'I'm sure we won't.' Daniel smiled. "Janet?"


"Do you want me to take you back to the Gate?"

"I should probably stick around until morning to see how he is doing."

Daniel nodded and asked Barin to set up another bed in the library where he had been sleeping. Barin instantly agreed. The elder in the room insisted that Daniel and Janet join them for dinner in thanks for their efforts. Janet looked to Daniel and he informed her that it would be rude to decline.

"In that case I'll go...but I'd like to wash up a bit first."

"Good idea."

As Daniel turned to Barin to accept the invitation a man who had been standing in the corner suddenly pushed himself away from the wall. He walked out of the room, unnoticed by anyone as being out of the ordinary. Traveling to the edge of the city he met with a man who was standing near a gray horse.

'Is General Ilis dead?' The man with the horse asked.

'No, he lives.'

The man with the horse looked shocked and demanded the whole story. After listening to the messenger's words he gave him a handful of gold coins. Mounting the storm cloud coloured horse he spurred the animal on. They traveled swiftly into the forest, coming to a small cave. Inside the cave four men sat around a small fire talking and joking with one another. A man with blood red hair looked up and smiled brightly.

'Yoran, I trust you bring us news of the General's death?'

'No, Lord Gaius. He lives.'

'What?!' Gaius jumped to his feet and drew his sword. 'How can he live?! I thrust this through his stomach myself!'

'The Aludians brought a doctor of great skill from beyond the ring.'

'He was healed from such a grievous wound by the hand of man?'


'What a powerful weapon against death he would make.' Gaius mused. 'We must have this doctor for ourselves. Where is this doctor? What does he look like?'

'I did not seem them myself, however my source says that they are sleeping in the city's main library, they are easy to spot from their odd clothing.'


'Apparently there are two foreigners here that go by the title of Doctor.'

'Then we will take them both.'