Summery: This story follows the lives of two minor characters in my BoC stories. It starts at the point that Madge, mother of Charlotte, meets Giles Delvin for the first time and when her boyfriend Isaac Grant goes off for college and follows their love affair and the result of it and ends just as the epilogue of A Little Too Excited will end for Giles, Madge, and Isaac.

Timeline: Madge meets Giles when she is 18, she does not have Charlotte until she is 20.

To Never Forget…

Chapter 1: Ridiculous Ideas


"Oh God mom! He's Isaac for crying out loud! Do you really think the most responsible guy known to planet earth would be having sex?" I easily maneuvered away from my mother's nosy questions about Isaac and our relationship. I loved him of course, he was genuinely the sweetest boy in the entire valley and he was my best friend. And yeah we were sleeping together but did my mom really have to know that?

"Alright sweetie but when you guys decide to-"

"Have sex?" I supplied.

"Yes, make sure you're safe and you know…"

"Use protection?" I offered. "Take the pill, use condoms, yeah I know the drill. Four years of sex education, plus a million talks with you has prepared me for this."

"Alright then well-"

"Be good, drive save and I'll be back by one." I kissed her on the cheek. My mother was nothing if not predictable.

"Oh and Madge sweetie-"She stopped me at the door.

"I've told you a million times its Maddy, Mom! Seriously, Madge sounds like an old lady's name!" Of course it did, she named me after her grandmother.

"Alright, Maddy, your father wanted to talk to Isaac the other day and he disappeared-I hope he's not avoiding him."

"No mom, he's not avoiding him. Isaac's just busy-he's going off to college in a few months you know."

"Yes, his parents are so proud. You know your father and I wished you had applied somewhere decent."

"Mom we've been over this! I'm not smart enough to get into a good college-besides, the community college in Charlottesville is just as capable of teaching me whatever high school left out as any other college."

"Yes but-"

"Mom I really have to go, Isaac's waiting in the car."

"Why doesn't he come in and get you anymore? I thought-"

"See ya Mom! Love you!" I called over my shoulder and rushed out the door before she could say anything else.

Of all the ridiculous mothers! I hope I won't be that way to my kids when I'm older.

"Hey Maddy," Isaac's warm smile lit up the car as I got in. I leaned across the seat and kissed him. I could feel him blush.

"Seriously Isaac, how long have we been dating now? A year? You seriously gotta stop acting all innocent-it's gonna make me look like a slut." I buckled my seatbelt out of habit, it was an unsaid rule of Isaac's car; you must wear a seatbelt.

"You can do that on your own." Isaac quipped, quietly-as he always did whenever he said something remotely sarcastic, witty, or funny-almost as if he expected to be reprimanded.

I knew he was only kidding-in his shy, awkward, Isaac way-so I mock swatted at him. "Ugh!" I pretended to be offended.

"You know my parents think you're avoiding them because we're having sex." I said once we were down the road a ways.

"They what!" Isaac gulped, childish blond cowlick sticking up, blue eyes terrified over the steering wheel.

"Relax. I managed to dispel all those ridiculous ideas from my mother's head."

"Oh yes, such ridiculous ideas," Isaac was muttering again. I laughed.

"Well you found them ridiculous yourself not too many months ago…" I let my voice trail off and just for fun I trailed my fingers up his arm as well.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? Trying to get us killed?" He asked, swerving.

"Pull over," I said, "I suddenly have a very ridiculous idea."

When my ridiculous idea had been satisfied, and we finally arrived at the party in the woods fashionably late, it was in full swing. The whole senior class was partying just one last time together before everyone went off to college -loups-garoux and all which meant of course that the party was in the woods during a full moon so that everyone was able to let loose.

I strutted into the clearing where someone had stretched an extension cord, probably from one of the nearby camp sites to here, for a stereo to be plugged into. Loud rhythmic music pumped through the forest, the type you could lose yourself in. I grabbed a tall plastic cup of punch-probably spiked-from a picnic table and danced with Isaac to the center of the clearing.

I felt assured and confident. I was beautiful, and young, and now that I was here and the party had started the guys would have something to look at, and all the girls would envy the curvy, vivacious human who had snagged the best looking, most sensitive, caring guy in the valley, who also happened to be the very best friend a girl could ever ask for. I was blessed and I knew it and absolutely nothing would change that.

After the party I was wrecked. I had drunk way too many spiked punches and the world was spinning. I was pretty sure it was past my curfew and Isaac was making his way back to the car to pull up closer to the clearing so I wouldn't have to walk.

So thoughtful of him…I thought briefly. My mind couldn't hold a thought long.

I puked on my shoes. Oh great my mom was gonna-

"Do you need a ride home?" The voice was strong and assertive and calm and deep. It was my first impression of Giles Delvin-even if I was drunk.

I looked up at him, shocked. I had never been this close to the loup-garou leader of my town before. It was kinda surreal.

Word was he'd been a recluse for a long time after his wife died like 80 some years ago. Sure he was out and about every once in a while-he ran the town after all-but I'd never been less than like a block away from him before.

It had always boggled my mind that some loup-garou of the valley could suspend their aging and some couldn't and in my drunken state I was even more amazed by it. I had never seen such a dramatic difference between the age the loup-garou looked and the age they actually were. One lifetime is all any of them preferred to live and I'd never been close enough to see just how young Giles Delvin actually looked.

He looked like a much younger man than he had any right to, maybe 30 years old, young and fit and healthy and strong and surprisingly gorgeous. There was a certain wisdom in his gaze that intensified his beauty, or maybe that was just the alcohol. But I doubted it; Giles had a presence that cleared the mind.

Yet…"Eh-what?" was my stunning reply.

"Would you like a ride home?" He asked again more slowly this time. Great, now the gorgeous leader of the town thinks I'm stupid.

"Uh-no…my uh…Isaac will be-is just pulling up the car up closer so I…is pulling the car up closer so I don't have to walk." I sputtered and repeated my sentences, too thick to know if I was affectively getting my point across.

"How very noble of him."

I didn't reply at first because my mind didn't compute how to respond to something like the word noble in casual conversation. Finally I just settled with, "What are you doing here?" Because it was the only thought that had crossed my mind besides 'God he's hot!' Then too late I though; It's his town dumbass, he can be wherever he wants to be!

"Some of my own are here. It is the full moon, and a special occasion commemorates this party. I came to make sure they didn't make any mistakes they may regret later."

"Like…?" I asked.

"Like attacking an inebriated human for instance. One of them was already eyeing you when your Isaac walked off. I didn't know if he was coming back, so I felt the need to intervene."

I looked up again at the body of a young man with a soul so wise. He was tall. A lot taller than me: 'Madge the midget.' His sky blue eyes had the effect of calming my nerves and clearing my mind. His vivid red hair was longish, and his bangs fell into his eyes, making him look younger than he already looked. A red shadow darkened the line of his jaw and I realized again how late it was.

The attractive young ancient was saying something again to me now, but of course I picked that moment of all times to get dizzy, puke, faint, and fall into the arms of the leader of the loup-garou, Giles Delvin.