To Never Forget

Chapter 2: Promises


I've only feinted twice in my life. Once when I was in the doctor's office and they gave me too much medicine and another time, the first-and only time-I gave blood.

But I'd never been so drunk I'd passed out. Well, I guess there's a first time for everything.

I was only out long enough for Giles Delvin, with his scary fast loup-garou reflexes, to catch me and lift my head to rest it against his shoulder. He was fanning air in my face when I opened my blurry eyes.

I felt so embarrassed. I mean what a great impression to leave the sexy ancient town leader! I probably seemed like some drunken, can't-handle-her-liquor, idiot who puked all over his feet and then passed out! Yeah, definitely the sort of impression you want to leave someone with.

"Are you alright?" He asked when he saw my eyes open. He had moved us away from my vomit and had knelt on the ground a few meters away. Away from the contents of my stomach, I was able to appreciate how good he smelled.

Very woodsy- well no duh, he's loup-garou Maddy!-but also something more than that, something pleasant and clean that could have been aftershave or men's cologne except I'd never smelled anything like it.

"You smell good." I said automatically, without thinking about it, and then realized it wasn't really the appropriate answer to his question.

A bright smile flashed across his ancient but oh-so-handsome face, and I noticed that his eyes twinkled when he smiled. You always read about eyes doing that in cheesy overdramatic romance novels, and think it's so stupid because in real life eyes don't sparkle like that, but I could have sworn his did.

"Thank you, I'm afraid someone might have put something in one of your drinks. You have an odd scent about you that's not just the alcohol."

Oh so Giles Delvin had sniffed me out and decided I smelled "odd", as in bad, as in not good. Nice.

He seemed to realize how his words could be taken. "I don't mean it offensively-just as an observation. I'm sure it's not how you normally smell. I'm sure you usually smell quite nice."

"No I don't-I mean I do normally smell good. But no, that's not how I usually smell-wait-yeah, that's how I wanted to say it." God! Why did it have to be so hard to form a freaking sentence!

"And just so you know, I don't do this all that often. And I've never puked all over someone, and then feinted on them, right after I met them. I'm so sorry!" I said it all very quickly like the words were burning my tongue and I had to get them out. I'm sure quite a few of them came out slurred.

"What is your name?" He asked suddenly and quite abruptly. The question seemed weird under the circumstances: him holding me after I'd puked on him and all. Yep not exactly a time for introductions.

"Madge," I was startled into admitting. "I mean-Maddy, Maddy Olsen."

"It's nice to meet you Madge," he lowered his head formally. "I'm Giles Delvin."

"Yeah, I know," I sounded stupid again. Luckily I was saved form making an even bigger fool of myself by Isaac pulling up into the clearing as far as he could.

"Madge! Are you alright?" He was out of the car fast, worried about me.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I suddenly realized how this must look; me dirty and delirious crouched on the ground with the god Giles Delvin. I quickly tried to rise and walk to Isaac, but that really wasn't the best idea in my current state and I stumbled. Both of them quickly grabbed for me. Of course Giles was faster but he quickly handed me over to Isaac and stepped away.

"Again, it was nice meeting you Madge Olsen. I hope to see you again. Hopefully sometime when you're steadier on your feet," he smiled and nodded his head before disappearing once again into the woods.

"What was he doing here?" Isaac's tone wasn't accusatory exactly, but there was something in it I'd never heard before.

"He was making sure his people didn't get outta hand." I yawned and hiccupped at the same time and changed the subject. "So what took you so long?"

"I was blocked in by Travis Kumm. I had to wait for him to move around and leave. So you ready?"

"Yeah," I let Isaac half carry, half lead me to the car and open the door for me.

"You sure you're okay?"

"Well besides the pounding headache and double vision, yeah I'm absolutely fine!"

"Smartass," He muttered, laughing, going around to the other side and starting the car.

"Yeah, well you know, that's why you love me."

"Sure is," was Isaac's quiet comeback. "I'm just kidding," he added squeezing my knee.

"I know," I blew him a kiss, but abruptly burped and the gross aftertaste of my puke and stale beer bit at my tongue. I clearly wasn't the only one who disliked it.

"Eww, you smell horrible sweetie. I'm gonna take you to Tiffany's to get you cleaned up before you go home, maybe you can brush your teeth there? If I brought you home like this your parents would kill me."

"How come you take care of me so much?" I asked feeling a little dazed again.

"What do you mean?"

What did I mean? "I mean," I started as I tried to put on my seatbelt. "I mean, like at the party you could have let loose a little too…" It took eight tries to focus enough on the buckle to get it on right, by then Isaac was already driving back down the gravel road.

"No, I was driving. Besides, it doesn't matter, they'll be other parties."

"I guess…" I gave up on whatever serious thing I had meant to say to him and yawned again and rested my seat back.

"You want me to call your parents and tell them you're spending the night at Tiff's?" He asked.

"I really don't want to sneak into her house any more than I want to sneak into mine."

"So don't sneak. I'll make an excuse to our parents and we'll just go to Old Reilly's loft and you won't have to sneak anywhere."

"Except Old Reilly's loft," I pointed out.

"If Old Reilly doesn't know how many teenagers sneak into his loft then he really is blind like he always complains about."

"I guess it's a plan then," I smiled over at him.

While he made the calls to our parents, telling them all the right things and all the right excuses, I let my mind wander. I never liked sobering up at Tiffany's. She was my only real girlfriend, my only truly real friend period outside of Isaac really. But I never liked sobering up there and then strolling into my own home like everything was fine, like I hadn't just been partying my guts out-literally. Besides, she couldn't be in any better state than I was. The last time I'd seen her she was macking with Trey Akin.

"Always taking care of me," I smiled again at Isaac when he got off the phone with my parents.

"Of course, if it wasn't for me you wouldn't know what to do with yourself."

I just shook my head and reached over to kiss him as he parked the car.

He pulled his head back, "No offense sweetie but your breath is really gross right now."

"But when we get to the loft you'll still lay with me right?" I asked as we got out of the car, me stumbling over the simplest steps.

Isaac took my hand to steady me and we walked around a small curve of woods from where he'd hid the car and across the huge lawn of Old Reilly's Inn.

I squeezed his hand as I thought about what I would do when he was away at college. What would I do? I mean of course I had other friends…shallow ones that I hung out with at school and around town when whole groups were hanging out together…but those weren't real friends…just the ones you went to parties with and talked to at school…they didn't really mean anything to me. And Tiffany was going all the way to Florida to go to college….and Isaac was going to Princeton…

I would miss him so much! I mean I would be busy with college too…but on a much smaller scale…And like always when I thought of Isaac going away there were the selfish thoughts-like what if some sexy college girl from Princeton took an interest in him? What if outside Green Mountain Valley more people took notice of him and realized what a smart, sweet, caring, awesome person my best friend was and took him away from me?

These were just some of my fears about Isaac going away -stupid fears- but they still plagued my head. Like what if he forgot me when he was away in a new exciting place? What if after he was away he realized he didn't really love me?

As we stopped at the door to the barn Isaac stopped me from entering and laid a finger on my face, in between my eyes where a furrow of worry had formed.

"What's the matter?" He asked in the soft and gentle voice that was all his.

"I was just thinking…"

"Uh oh," Isaac quietly said cheekily.

"Shut up!" I mock slugged him, or meant to, but my distance was a little off and I ended up slugging the air next to his upper arm.

"I'm sorry, go on," Isaac laughed softly leading me, with an arm around me to keep me from falling, into the barn.

"I was just thinking they'll be a lot of pretty girls at Princeton…it's a lot bigger than the valley…"

"But even a big college-town has no one like you."

He was so sweet. "Just promise me something."

"Do I really have to promise? You know anything you want is yours."

"I know, but I still want you to promise."

"Okay, I promise."

"You don't even know what you're promising!"

"Okay, tell me then." He helped me up the ladder to the loft.

"Promise that even when you go away, you won't forget about me." I turned to look into his eyes when we were both up in the loft, I didn't have to duck in the low height but tall gangly Isaac did and it made us on eye level for once.

"That's an easy one. I could never forget you, I promise." Isaac looked so earnest with the moonlight shining into his glassy blue eyes I couldn't help myself; I kissed him-even with my horrid breath-and he let me.

"Hey, don't worry about a couple months from now. Just focus on today-right now. Besides, you know I'll love you no matter where I am," he kissed me back.

"Promise?" I asked, wrapping my arms around him.




I kissed him-my sweet, adorable, amazing boyfriend. My thoughts quickly became very disjointed and unfocussed after that, but one thought stood out among the others; I hope Old Reilly doesn't catch us.