The Simpsons in Space: Episode 0: Part 1

Darth Sith'ari: Hello dear reader of , my name is Darth Sith'ari, author of the well-received story The Cracking Dawn.

Darth Sith'ari: Anyway, on a more important note I would like to tell you a story, it's basically the same one I posted a while ago but for me that one didn't really go anywhere.

Homer Simpson: I'll say, my little girl adopting a freak show parody of Ahsoka Tano, how does that even make sense, and I thought you were drsdino?

Darth Sith'ari: Homer we talked about interrupting me, and besides I think Snips is cute, she makes me laugh and I wish I could marry her, In fact I think I'll wright something like that sometime.

Homer Simpson: Well that makes (gets out a pen and paper.) let's see, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0... wait what were we talking about?

Darth Sith'ari: Would like to be The Prophet of Truth? Because that's what you'll be if you don't SHUT UP! Anyway you drove me way off topic with your interruption.

Homer Simpson: (Whimpering) O-okay, (begins to blubber) you, you don't have to yell at me (brakes out crying).

Darth Sith'ari: Oh stop whining you ninny, anyway, tonight I shall write a revised version

of The Simpsons in Space, one takes place in the year 5009 and about five years into the Simpsons lives.

Lisa Simpson: Wait, why not just keep us at our regular ages?

Darth Sith'ari: Because I say so, and besides why would I let you have a kid almost immediately after collage? That makes no sense what so ever, anyway now sit back and enjoy this fanfic.