Author Notes: For week 41 over at LJ's naruto_contest. Haven't participated in a while, and this little ficlet struck me when I looked at the prompt. This begs the question, 'Will I ever be able to write an entry without KakaSaku in it?' XD

Pairings or Characters: Kakashi/Sakura
Word Count:
Do you know what they say about 'idle hands', Sakura?

Devil's Playground

Sakura started at the feel of his gloved hand on hers, and asked him hastily what he thought he was doing, though she didn't turn around or take her hand away. He brought it up to his masked lips and planted a soft kiss on her fingers, sending a shiver through her.

"Do you know what they say about 'idle hands', Sakura?" Kakashi asked absently, taking her other and spinning her around to face him. She was too absorbed in watching him pull it up to his lips as he'd done before to answer.

"How's about we put these hands to use, and keep that nasty devil at bay?" he smirked, hooking one of her limp fingers in his mask beneath his own and tugging it down.

Sakura blinked to attention and slowly took her hands from him.

"I'd say he's already here," she said quietly, but a smile was spreading across her face despite herself.

"Entirely possible," he nodded, "But why take chances?"

No longer finding a reason to protest, she put her hands to good use burying in his hair and stripping him of his clothes as he kissed her senseless.