Author's Notes – It's been awhile — understatement of the year(s) — but I kinda only update these if I have useable ideas so… here it is. I kinda made Rinoa a little sassy here for the lulz. Hope you still enjoy.

(Also, if you follow any of my other works, I'm not dead and they're not on hiatus, I've just been busily scribbling out notes for a metric ton of future chapters…rather compulsively.)


(Prompt: Unrequited Feelings)

Squall Leonhart is a jerk. Bastard. Ass. Jerk-ass. Bastard-jerk. All of the above, really. Yeah.

…And I was hopelessly attracted to him still. Pretty much like a tin can lid was hopelessly attracted to the magnetized can opener even though…well you see where I'm going with this. Not pretty.

—See how bad I have it?

I'm making hilariously-bad analogies. Painful, too.

Rinoa Heartilly is an infatuated idiot. Mess. Klutz. Idiot klutz. Messy idiot. All of the above, really. Double yeah.

Over the past few weeks, I've been trying to subtly ask the group what his deal was to make sure I wasn't barking up the wrong tree. Again, bad analogy but you get what I mean. Well, I hope you do. Anyway, my only proof was basically that I had caught him looking at my chest a couple of times when we'd danced that waltz at the ball when we'd first met. …Or maybe it was because I'm half a head shorter than him and he wanted to make sure I wasn't going to hack off his arms. Either were plausible scenarios, I figured…making it not-proof.

So, yeah…about that 'subtly asking' thing, I pretty much got nothing from anyone and what little I did get in replies were in the form of jokes. Really bad ones at that. And I'd giggled at them, I'll admit it.

Figuring that sneakily attempting to gather info/jokes and calling him out on his shit was getting me nowhere, I figured that maybe I needed something in common to break the ice so then I thought that maybe it'd be neat to have the same cool ring he had. That…didn't go so well either. I forgot that temporary thievery and being painfully-transparent usually isn't the way to impress someone.

Ugh. …Why do I do this to myself? This isn't ever gonna happen. Besides, I should know better. I hear that relationships that start under intense circumstances never last anyway.

And I really shouldn't be thinking this as we're just about to defeat Edea but…the mind is funny like that when you need to concentrate the most—

—Suddenly, I'm drifting in space, and I see and hear Squall trying to reach me. As he finally catches me and we somehow make it to this errant spaceship before our air runs out, I can't help but suspect that my unrequited feelings had turned very requited while I was unconscious.

I mean, nobody jumps out in space for a girl they find annoying as hell. That'd be crazier than the idea of jumping out in space already is.

Now I just need a hug to make sure this isn't another comatose dream and to see if I was right about the requited thing.

…And he decides to lecture me about how we're not out of the woods (space?) yet and doesn't throw me a bone.

But you know what? That's ok. I probably would have felt cheated if I'd conveniently skipped past all that usual awkward stuff anyway.