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Chapter 25 – An Ending Is Just the Beginning of Something New

Harry cuddled into Jason's side as they watched a movie. First semester of college was done and it was nice to just be relaxing with Jason. He also had an idea he wanted to talk to the werewolf about but he really wasn't sure how to bring it up or even if he should. Was it too soon? Would it hurt Richard? He was so confused but he didn't know who he could talk to. As if sensing his deep thoughts Jason pulled him closer and kissed his throat. Harry sighed and relaxed again, deciding he could think about it later, moving to nuzzle Jason's throat in return. Of course that was when the doorbell rang. Harry groaned in annoyance but got up to answer it, grinning at the woman revealed.

"Hey Anita, Richard's not home right now." Harry told her, letting her in. Nathaniel grinned at him and Harry hugged him.
"Hey Nathaniel. So, social call?" He asked, heading back to the couch and pulling Nathaniel down to sit beside him.

"We haven't seen much of you since your birthday party." Nathaniel told him and Harry flushed in shame, reaching out to pull the wereleopard into another hug, Jason reaching around him to lay a hand on Nathaniel's arm.

"Nathanial." Harry started but his friend cut him off.

"It's fine Harry. Everyone understands you're busy with school and trying to get used to not being at war. Besides, you're on break now so you better start being seen in public." Nathaniel told him and Harry grinned, nodding in agreement.

"Well since we have to be seen and I know Nathaniel at least has to work tonight...how about Guilty Pleasures now that dear Harry is old enough?" Jason asked and Harry elbowed him in the ribs.

"I can't believe you actually want to take me to a strip club. Not afraid of competition?" Harry teased and Jason laughed, his fingers brushing against the healed fang marks in his neck.

"Nope." He answered and Harry smiled at him. Thanks to their bond they both knew the other would never stray, didn't stop them from teasing though.

"I better get Nathaniel to work, we'll see you there later then." Anita said and went to stand.

"Actually...there's something I'd like your opinion on. Jason could you take Nathaniel please?" Harry asked and Jason frowned.

"Is everything okay?" he asked and Harry smiled, leaning in to kiss him.

"Fine, I promise. Just want Anita's opinion without any preternatural hearing eavesdropping." Harry told him and Jason smiled.

"Okay. See you there." He kissed Harry and then left to make sure Nathaniel wasn't late. They waited quietly until Jason's car was well out of hearing range before Anita turned to Harry with a questioning look.

"Is this another situation like Richard wanting to adopt you?" She asked and Harry shot her a sheepish look.

"Maybe? Sort of?" He answered and Anita mentally groaned, why did he always ask her?

"Okay hit me with it."

"I want to get a place, for me and Jason." He stated and Anita stared at him before grinning.

"Really? So what's the problem?" She asked and Harry sighed.

"Is it too soon? Will it hurt Richard if I move out? Will Jason even want a place for just us?" Harry asked quietly and in that instant it was if the last three years hadn't happened, despite everything at his core Harry was a rather insecure young man.

"Jason loves you Harry and I know he doesn't really consider the Circus home. He hasn't served as Jean-Claude's Pomme de Sang since the two of you bonded so there's no problem there. As for hurting Richard, yes it may feel strange for him to be living alone again and he will miss having you around twenty four seven but he also knows you're not a kid anymore. Most people your age are living in dorms half was across the country from their parents, at least you'll still be in town. You are staying in St Louis right?"

"Of course." He answered immediately and she smiled at him.

"Then I don't see any trouble with it. So do you have a place already or will the two of you be house hunting soon?"

"With the opinion in the British Wizarding World towards its American counterpart neither the Blacks or Potters ever bothered with property here so I guess we'll be hunting." He told her and she nodded.

"Get somewhere like here or my place. Lots of privacy and tree cover." She advised and Harry grinned.

"I thought that was obvious. So, want a lift or do you want to drive?" he asked and from the mischievous smile she knew she was going to regret it but...

"A lift?" She offered and then Harry took her arm and the world dissolved until it felt like she was being squeezed through a straw only to suddenly find herself in the alley beside Guilty Pleasures. She leant against the wall and took some deep breaths.
"Unless it's an emergency never do that again." She ordered and Harry laughed but agreed as they headed inside.

They joined Jason at Jean-Claude's personal table and settled in to watch the show. Laughing when poor harry went bright red and stammered even as she shoved money into Nathaniel and then Stephen's g-string's. After that Jason held him close and growled at anyone who tried to dance for the wizard, much to Harry's relief.

"So what's been bugging you?" Richard asked as he worked with his cousin on cleaning the yard up since they were having the group over for dinner later. He watched as Harry stopped raking the leaves and felt a surge of fear. Had something happened? Was Harry going to leave again?

"I um, well...okay just come out and say it." Harry muttered and Richard had to fight down a smile at that.
"I was thinking of asking Jason if he'd like to get a place together, nearby." Harry said and Richard froze.

"You want to move out?" he asked and Harry looked over at him before dropping his rake and walking over to hug his cousin.

"Rich...let's face it, we've been getting under each other's feet a bit lately, what with your bodyguards and my boyfriend. Not to mention that despite all the charms on my room I know it still makes you a bit uncomfortable and I don't like staying overnight at the Circus. We wouldn't be leaving the city or anything and I'd still be over here all the time to see you. Is...is that okay?" Harry asked and Richard stayed quiet to think. While part of him never wanted Harry to leave he knew he couldn't smother him. Harry had been constrained by others for a lot of his life, he needed to know Richard would let him live his life.

"You better be over at least twice a week for dinner kiddo." He whispered as he hugged harry, feeling it when his cousin relaxed.

"We will. Now I just have to actually ask Jason." Harry muttered and Richard laughed.

"That'll be easy Harry." Richard told him, knowing Jason would say yes instantly. He knew the wolf had only stayed at the Circus so long because it was convenient not because he loved living there.
"Come on, let's finish up since I know for a fact Jason will be here first so you can sneak away and ask him."

"You make it sound like I'm proposing." Harry grumbled and Richard grinned at him.

"Let's see...you're magically bound together, sleeping together every night possible and now going to ask him to get a place with you...I think you skipped that and went straight to married life." For that Richard got a levitated pile of dead leaves dumped on him.

Harry put the final dish away and then turned in a circle to study the house. He smiled as he felt familiar arms wrap around his waist, leaning back into Jason's arms.

"All done?" Jason asked and Harry nodded.

"We're all unpacked, the house is warded and everyone will be here in three hours for the house warming party. Whatever shall we do till then?" he asked, turning around to grin at the werewolf who shrugged and then simply lifted him up and ran to their bedroom, Harry laughing in his arms the whole way. It was a very good thing Nathaniel turned up half an hour before the party was scheduled to begin or else neither male would have been very presentable when Jean-Clause and Asher arrived. That would have been highly embarrassing. But thanks to Nathaniel's timely arrival and handy use of a bucket of ice cold water everything was ready. Plus both Nathaniel and Jason were ready to implement Harry's plan to get Richard together with the other two thirds of the triumvirate, with Asher waiting to back them up if needed since he was getting impatient in waiting for Nathaniel to be free. Harry had already threatened the blonde vampire should he ever hurt the wereleopard and Asher had sworn to never intentionally do so.

In the end it took Harry magically locking the three in a cupboard for them to work out their problems and Harry had been delighted, if not a little grossed out, when he opened the door to find his cousin being kissed by Jean-Claude while Anita pretty much groped him. So while they still had their problems the three were definitely getting on a lot better. It wasn't long before Nathaniel moved into Asher's rooms at the Circus. Richard had been alarmed when Requiem gained a room in Harry and Jason's basement until he realised the vampire saw Harry and Jason as much younger brothers, not potential lovers, though Richard nearly killed Jean-Claude when the vampire began wondering if the three could become a triumvirate as well. Harry had simply threatened the vampire with a life time of his blood always tasting like dirt and he had backed off instantly. No one knew if Harry could do it and frankly they didn't want to find out!

It took nearly a decade for all of the Outcasts to stop wondering if Britain would come after them but after Dumbledore died they all relaxed, he'd been the main threat since the Ministry was still having enough troubles without trying to cause an international incident. With all threats gone Draco moved himself, Hana and their son Sirius to St Louis to be closer to Harry and the others. Remus inevitably followed them, along with his wife Ally and he was accepted fairly easily into the pack, after all his godson was the Vargamor for the Thronnos Rokke Clan. Though he did twitch and jump like he had a bad case of fleas the first full moon with so many other shifters around. Richard himself took the time to teach Remus everything he needed to know about being part of a pack since Remus had never had one before, something that the rest of the pack had been horrified by so they all gave him time to adapt. Draco and Asher got on surprisingly well but then again Draco had been raised as one of the elite in a nearly medieval society so maybe it wasn't surprising. Meeting Hana had been nice, she'd kissed Harry in thanks for keeping her husband alive though the war, much to Jason's amusement and Harry's embarrassment. Little Sirius appeared to be a lot like his namesake already and had everyone wrapped around his little finger within moments of meeting him. Two years later he was joined by Michael Lupin, named for Ally's father. The two little boys became inseparable as they grew up and Harry just laughed at the chaos the new generation of Marauders caused.

Harry progressed through college at the normal rate and after graduating decided not to work outside helping the Pack, not like he needed the money. Although he could occasionally be talked into doing the odd job for the American Unspeakables or even taking Amanda's place if she was sick and unable to teach. But Harry's favourite times were the full moons spent in the woods, Jason in wolf form curled around his own cheetah, hunting together or just relaxing and watching other pack members hunt and roughhouse. Harry named Sirius heir to the House of Black, much to Draco's delight while Remus' second born son, James, he named heir to the House of Potter. That way both families could continue since it wasn't possible for Harry to have his own heirs. Not that it really mattered when both Jason and Harry realised they were no longer aging, something that took a few years since Wizards aged slower than muggles anyway due to their longer life spans. It was sad that they were going to outlive most of their friends and family but they would still have the vampires plus Richard and Anita, since after getting together fully they had taken the Fourth Mark. Harry of course decided to keep an eye on the other Outcasts children and future descendants for as long as he lived which amused Jean-Claude and the other vampires since they had a better idea of how complicated that could become depending on just how long Harry and Jason lived. Harry didn't mind and anything that made him happy was fine with Jason.

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