Waking up to you

Every morning I wake up to his music.

Listening to him play

Then when I wake, I feel nostalgic

In a giddy kind of way

His piano's melody wafts through our house

Filling every room

Until it reaches up to me

And wraps me in its cocoon.

"Oh Rue," I sigh with pure content. "Why do you wake me the way you do?"

'It's because of him.' the music seems to say,

'He's saying through the piano that he loves you.'

I slip on a pink satin nightie silently

And after tiptoeing down the stairs

I saw him dressed in his boxers

With a yellow ribbon tying back his hair

A loose T-shirt hung off one of his shoulders

His eyes were bright, without a care

I snuck up behind him, instant taking over

Ready to pounce for all I know

Until he whirled around suddenly and pinned my arms

Refusing to let go

"Good morning." He says with a peck to my cheek. "Why are you up so early?

"You fell dead asleep last night, so what has gotten into you?"

I shrugged and let him kiss me sweetly, giggling

"Just waking up to you."