As Gibbs walked into the NCIS lab that morning he could tell that something was wrong. Abby was nowhere in sight, even though he was sure he had seen her walk in.

"Abs" he called, "you in here"

"I'm down here Gibbs" she called from underneath the table. He didn't directly anser this, he wasn't even sure that he wanted to know; instead he just gave her that questioning look that she knew so well.

"I can explain…" she started.

"No need abs" he replied, "I need to talk to you" just as he said that the sound of a gunshot echoed through the lab. Gibbs instinctively grabbed Abby and pushed her to floor, whilst staying protectively over her.

"Not again" moaned Abby.

"Didn't I tell you to get bullet resistant glass in here?"

"Must have slipped my mind" she said with a smile. Gibbs didn't smile back, "just do it abs but for now stay out of here, but stay at NCIS. We going to find out who this son of a bitch is who's taken a shot at my Abby." After he said this there was a silence.

"You're Abby" she repeated quietly, "Gibbs?"

"Never mind" he said "just don't leave NCIS," And left hurriedly.

Gibbs walked back to his office giving himself a severe telling off. That was so stupid he thought, you've managed to keep you feelings for Abby secret for years. Why lose control now.

When he got to his desk he was surprised to see that McGee wasn't there. He was always on time.

"hey" he said allowed, "have either of you seen McGee."

"I have not" said Ziva, "how about you Tony"

"Sorry Boss, I haven't seen McGoo since yesterday. He's not answering his home phone or his cell"

Just as Tony said this Gibb's phone started to ring.

"Gibbs" He said as an answer to the phone call. He listened for a while and then put the phone down. "Abby's got a call from McGee and it looks like he's in trouble" Ziva and Tony looked completely confused.

"Well come one you two" Gibbs said, irritably, "Gear up"

"right boss," Tony stuttered, "Sorry boss"

When they pulled up outside McGee's house they saw a white Mercedes that definitely wasn't McGee's.

"Looks like he's got company" said Ziva, pointing out the obvious.

Gibb's knocked on the door, but there was no reply. He knocked again but there was still no answer. Gibbs gave up and simply kicked in the door after that

The sight that met their eyes was a most unpleasant one. McGee's house was trashed. Paper and furniture had been broken and ripped apart along with what looked like.

"Blood" Said Ziva, flashing Tony a look of concern.

"Yeah and I know what from." Tony replied, the blood draining from his face, "were going to need an ambulance boss" Laying on the floor in front of them was a very bloody McGee

This is bad Gibbs thought first someone tries to shoot Abby and now someone's got McGee pretty bad. Who's next?