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2 months later

It was McGee's first day back at work, and if he had to be honest with himself he had been dreading it. He was still having trouble accepting Abby and Gibbs together because, although he would never admit it to her, he still loved her. He had also thought of another reason why he couldn't accept them. The rules the Gibbs was always going on about had been broken. Gibbs himself had blatantly violated the famous rule 12.

The elevator door opened the office came into view.

"McGee," said a familiar voice.

"Hey DiNozzo," McGee said smiling, "where's Gibbs and Ziva"

"Don't know," Tony replied, "they went to Abby's lab for something, wish I knew what for"

Tony didn't have to wait long to find out. A few minutes later the Elevator beeped and Abby ran out closely followed by Gibbs and Ziva and threw her arms around McGee.

"Oh McGee I'm so happy your back," she exclaimed, "now I can tell all of you my brilliant news"

"What new Abs," Tony asked.

And with the widest smile any of them had ever seen on her she shouted.

"I'm Pregnant."

After he had congratulated Gibbs and Abby McGee turned to his computer and sighed. E had been afraid that was what she was going to say. There was no chance of him getting Abby back now.

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