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Len's –lovely- POV

Ryoutaro Tsuchiura was an idiot. He told me –I quote- "I like Hino," and for what? It's not as if I like the redheaded violinist, right?

Exactly my point.

And now, what? He's trying to make me figure out the reason why I don't want to tell Hino about my going abroad? Don't get me wrong here, I can tell her about it- it's just that she has absolutely nothing to do with it. Absolutely nothing. And if I told her, I know what her reaction would be. She would cry, rant and say, "You can't leave me, Tsukimori-kun!" and then cry some more. And being the gentleman I was raised to be, I don't want to see her –or any other lady- cry.

And you know what's worse? I have a feeling that Amou-san heard my little "chat" with Tsuchiura a while ago. No, I don't think she knows; I know that she knows. What else could have been her reason for giving me this little list?

This little, pointless and nonsensical list.

Thirteen signs of falling in love, huh?

13. You can't stay mad at her for a minute or two; you actually have to try hard to stay mad.

Nonsense. I do not have a hard time trying to stay mad at her. In fact, I can stay mad at her for as long as I live. I only continue being nice to her because the other concour participants would probably kill me or something like that if they found out that I "hurt" Hino in any way. My mother would also most probably scold me if she found out that I didn't treat a girl nicely… especially if that girl is Hino, her favorite participant from the concours.

Yes, that's it.

12. You read her text messages over and over again.

I reread it over and over again because I cannot understand a single thing she's trying to say. I mean, who would understand a text from her when she writes "lyk dis"?


11. You walk really, really slow when you're with her.

No one can walk at a fast rate when they're with her. You know why? Because she is so slow. When she shouts, "Chotto, Tsukimori-kun!" I would rather ignore her and then walk away. But as I said earlier, I was raised to be a gentleman.

And because of that, I now see why she's always late in the mornings.

10. You feel shy whenever you're with her.

I do not feel shy when I'm with her, I feel insecu- no, I feel uncertain or unsure. You don't know how hard the other concour participants' glares are when you're the only guy Hino is with at the moment. Shy is different from uncertain or unsure; get your words right when you give me a list next time, Amou-san.

9. While thinking about her, your heart beats faster and faster.

It doesn't. It just doesn't. Damn it, Amou-san, I thought you were far more clever in thinking up of situations for me.

8. You smile when you hear her voice.

I, Len Tsukimori, do not smile. Seriously, Amou-san. I really thought that you would think up of more "coincidental" situations.

7. When you look at her, you can't see other people around; she's the only one you see.

If only Hino wasn't that clumsy and reckless. I don't think I have enough time to look at other people when sooner or later; she gets herself in more awkward situations with people even she doesn't know. I even wonder why I have to "babysit" her sometimes. She's old enough to handle herself, right?

I'd gladly put all the blame on Kanazawa-sensei for this.

6. You'll start listening to slow songs; and then you think about her.

I already do listen to slow songs. Aren't most of the classical pieces that I play slow? Exactly. The only piece that reminds me of her is Ave Maria… and Canon… and Mélodie… and Salut d'Amour…

Fine, a lot of pieces remind me of her. Happy?

5. She becomes all you think about.

Who said anything about that? I'm not egoistic, but I can say that it's the opposite, she thinks of me. She fusses over little things like during that time when I got a fever… yet she forgets to take care of herself. Is that stupid or is that stupid? Always asking, "Is Tsukimori-kun doing fine?" Bla, bla, bla. I don't see a reason why Hino should be concerned about me when she lacks attention from herself…

Amou-san and her other friends should seriously take her out some more.

4. You get high just from her scent.

I do not get high from her scent, it intoxicates me- wait, what am I saying? No, it's because Hihara-senpai always shares how girls are… and then he compares them to Hino. Honestly, he sounds desperate, always muttering, "Kaho-chan's hair smells like strawberries… I wonder what her shampoo is," or "Kaho-chan smells different today; did she change her perfume?"

Thank Kami-sama for Hihara-senpai, her number one fan.

3. You'll realize that you're always smiling to yourself whenever you think about her.

Let me repeat, Amou-san. I do not smile. I smiled at her once. Once. Well maybe not just in one occasion but in any case, stop all these rubbish about me smiling when I see her or when I think about her. I do not smile. Get it?

2. You would do anything for her.

Ah, let me clarify that. I wouldn't do anything for her; I'd do something that she couldn't do for her. What she does isn't my business, after all. And if I don't help her with something, she'd complain about how mean I am. I heard her the last time and she got really annoying. Anyways, she'd also go to the other participants like Tsuchiura if I didn't agree to help her. And as much as I don't want to help her, I hate Tsuchiura even more.

And besides, I am a gentleman.

1. While reading this, there was one person in your mind the whole time.

Life is not damn fair... and so are you, Amou-san.

I sighed.

I can't stay angry with her because I'm afraid that she'll never talk to me again. I keep reading her text messages just so I can know that she's still safe, wherever she is at the moment. I walk slowly with her because I'm afraid that the moment with her won't be long enough. I feel shy when I'm with her because she's the only one I can actually be myself with. My heart beats faster when I think about her because it's some sort of irrevocable state that even I can't explain which happened after she entered my life. I smile when I hear her voice because it starts my day; yes, it never really starts and ends without me hearing her beautiful, childish, and innocent voice. She's the only one I see because I'm afraid that I might lose her from my sight if I stopped looking at her. I keep on listening to those slow songs because everything I hear and play reminds me of her and her music. My heart and my mind won't allow me to do something without thinking of her and what she did for me first, which is an extremely weird thing for me to do. I can't help it if she smells so good that I can't bring myself to go anymore further away from her. I can't help myself if she'd be the one I would unconsciously think about all day long. I can't help myself if I have a sudden urge to help her, touch her hand even just slightly, and to hold her, safely in my arms. I can't help it if I've fallen for Kahoko Hino…


No, no, no, no.

Not when I'm about to leave Japan.

Damn you, Amou-san.

Now I have to tell her, Hino-san, tomorrow.

No, not about my feelings, about my going abroad.

Because if I confessed to her, that would be way too overrated already.



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