Sasuke Uchiha Must Die

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Quick Note: This is all from Hinata's point of view so don't get confused about anything. Also I got this idea from a video on youtube I saw and asked to write a story bout it. The video was Sasuke Uchiha Must Die by Sailortiten90luv. Enjoy!

Chapter One:

New Town

A girl with bluish black hair with white-light purple eyes stood for a school photo.

'In my 7th year of school, I realized…that I was invisible. But not really invisible, just you know…'

"Anonymous. A-n-o-n-i-m-o-u-s. Anonymous."

"I'm sorry but that's wrong. W-r-o-n-g"

'It not like I didn't try or anything. I'm just kinda a—'

"Loser. L-o-s-e-r. Loser" a girl with brown hair said.

In the 10th year of school, the bluish-black haired girl takes a note from a boy behind her with dirty blonde hair.

'Of course when it came to love…'

"Pass it on" The boy said.

'Yeah, that sucked too'

She passes it onto a bright blonde haired girl in front of her.

The girl picks up a box and puts onto the counter. 'Although another thing was bothering me'

Knock, knock, knock.

"Hey" said a dark-haired boy that looked like a skater at the open door.

"Hi" she said.

"I'm Jasper and I live just next door. My mom sent me with these brownies or something" he said.

"Oh, hi. I'm Hinata. We just moved here, well yeah with all the boxes" she said.

"Holy jama lama" Jasper said. Hinata turned around.

'Oh yeah, that other thing…my mom'

"Hey there, I'm Kuranai" said a lady with black hair and red eyes.

Jasper takes the brownies forcefully from Hinata and walks up to Kuranai. "Hi, I made these for you" he said handing the brownies to Kuranai, "Careful, you're hot. I mean, they're hot…so hot"

Kuranai smiled at him.

'She's never had trouble landing guys, only trouble with keeping them'

A guy in a cowboy hat comes out of a car with Kuranai. He goes to slap her butt while she blocks laughing.

'I used to keep track but I found it tiring. I forget how many she's gone through, over 30 maybe. Anyway, I just call them all…'

"Hey Hinata, I'm going to be your new father" Many guys say at different points in life.

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves, Skip"

"Ah ha ha, the name's Mike. Why do you keep calling me Skip?" a dark haired man with blue eyes said.

'Cause sooner or later, that's what they all do'

The man sneaks out of the house and runs away in Army uniform.

'My mom has developed a very mature way to get over it. Chocolate…chocolate…and more chocolate. After that, we pack up and move to a new city. I guess there's one good thing of being invisible, I never have to do the whole sad good-byes'

'So here I am, in a new town called Konohagakure (Konoha)'

Hinata sits on the bleachers during a basketball game.

'It wasn't really easy, but in a few short mouths…I went from "sort of unknown" to'

"Are you a nark?" a girl with dark hair and wearing a tie-dye shirt on said.

Hinata looked at her questionly.

'But that's enough about me, it's not even about me. It's about him'

A black haired guy with onyx eyes shots for a hop and scores.

'Sasuke. Uchiha.'

The crowd cheers while Sasuke and his team yell.

'Let's face it. He is the man. Captain of the basketball team, his family's loaded…'

Sasuke grabs the ball from the opposing team and heads for the hoop.

'And he looks somewhere between an Abercrombie model and a Greek god'

A girl with long pale blonde hair tied back into a long ponytail yells, "Let's go Sasuke! Kill the Bobcats!" She sits down and whispers to another girl "Not the real bobcats. I mean, they're endangered"

Sasuke shots for a basket and the buzzer goes. The ball goes in without a problem. The crowd cheers yet again while the band starts playing. The cheerleaders get up and head out onto the court while the head CL who has brown hair that is in two buns, bumps into a girl with pink hair holding a mike. The girl with pink hair walks away and girl head CL scoffs.

The pink haired girl stands in front of a camera and says into the mike, "Sakura Haruno here"

Sasuke looks over at her and starts walking over.

"Its no question who's taking the Anbus to State this year" she continued.

Sasuke takes the mike away from her and puts his arm around her shoulder saying, "Sasuke Uchiha here, also known as "S-man", "U-dog" ----"

"U-dog!" said a guy behind them with brown hair tied back into a spiking ponytail wearing a ninja outfit.

"Some people called "U-money" but I'm best known as "El Capitan"." Sasuke finished and walked away.

Pop music starts playing as the cheerleaders so some moves. Three guys throw the head CL into the air, catching her and putting her onto her feet. She and the girls start doing a routine.

"Short skirts equal talent. Yay" the pink haired girl said to the guy holding the camera who had black bushy eyebrows.

"Ten Ten's hot!" said the spiking ponytail guy in the ninja outfit.

The girl in the stands with the pale blonde hair scoffed in disgusted.

The music stopped with the girl cheerleaders pointing at the head CL.

"Go Anbus!" she yelled with one hand on her hip and the other in the air.

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