Chapter Four

Amy stood there sobbing into her palms as cold as stone and then she looked up at Silver a hugged him, Silver hugged her back he loved her but she needed a friend right now.

"Thanks Silver" Amy replied smiling weakly, Silver grinned at her "Don't mention it," he said putting his arm over her shoulder.

Amy let a blush tint her muzzle as she looked into silvers eyes "Really thank you Master Silver" she said blushing.

Silver put a finger to Amy's lips "Amelia its fine really I don't mind any way you want to um…" Amy looked up at him "yes".

"Do you want to go and hunt with me later" Silver said smiling, Amy grinned happily "Of course".

Silver and Amy departed from the other soon after Silver smiled seductively at Amy before he vanished and re appeared behind her he kissed her neck making her moan.

"Silver are you trying to seduce me?" she asked Silver grinned "Is it working?" he asked.

Amy groaned "Why are all boys after the sex god I am really sick of guys they are really starting to piss me off" she snarled.

Amy let her instincts take over her fur changed from pearl to garnet and bat like wings spouted from her back and her fangs grew down her chin.

She smiled evilly "Do you really want me now?" she chuckled long claws ready to attack.

"Is that an offer?" Silver asked his fur changing from white to black and his fangs grew and bat wing sprouted from his back.

Amy flew at him with great force nocking him from the sky, Silver bounced off the ground and punched her in the gut Amy let out a howl of pain.

Some where not too far away Sonic was walking through the forest "Oh man what have I done" he snarled to himself then he heard Amy's cries of pain "Amy!" He shouted running off into the deep forest to find the vampire girl.

Amy took a moment to catch her breathe before she came back at Silver and bit down on his leg Silver let out a moan but it was not of pain it was of pleasure Amy snarled at him.

"Give up?" Silver taunted, "Never!" Amy hissed.

Silver flew at her only to be caught of guard as a blue and silver beast dragged him to the ground "Sonic" Amy gasped.

Sonic ripped off Silver's arms in his mouth and chucked them aside, Silver screamed in pain Sonic bit down on his neck until the head rolled onto the ground blood pouring out of the lifeless body.

"Sonikku!" Amy cried running into his arms 'Oh Sonikku I'm so so sorry" She sobbed into his shaggy blue fur.

Sonic grinned a goofy dog grin as his tongue lolled out of his mouth Amy smiled as she hugged him around his neck.

Sonic licked her face with his long tongue "Sonic" Amy complained wiping her face with her sleeve.

Sonic barked in hoarse laughter as Amy laughed with him they lay next to each other on the grass Amy nuzzled into Sonic's soft fur it was hard to imagine that they had been fighting.

Amy looked into Sonic's green puppy dog eyes "I love you Sonic" she whispered.

Sonic let out a purr as if to agree with her Amy kissed him her tongue danced with his as they pulled apart Amy felt something she hadn't felt for a long time that she belonged.