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He kissed her with all the gentleness he could have mustered, yet failing to hide the desire to hold her tightly in the strength of his arms. She was responding to him eagerly though, as she shifted closer to mold herself into his body, her arms running up behind his neck. She moved her head to the side for better access in his trembling lips, her breathing deep between every longing seize of his lower lip.

He knew they wouldn't hold out much longer. With every kiss and every heated touch she trailed on his skin had left him wanting for more. With every move, she risked pulling both of them in the edge of his control. He forced himself to pull away, dropping his arms at her sides to take a deep breath, willing them not to find their way around her waist again. He hated the way she made him conscious of every little thing. If she were the same as the other women he was with before, if only his feelings for her were similar, he would've taken her long before. And yet, he would always find himself battling whether or not he would permit it, or still go on protecting her from the disgrace she might face if ever he stopped caring. He never cared for anything. But her.

"I have to go," he said, his voice coming out coldly in that trademark tone of his. His heavenly white clothes rustled as they were rubbed against the roughness of the stone they were sitting on, falling neatly behind him as he stood up. He found himself needing to turn away to avoid the hurt look in her eyes.

"You're leaving again?" she asked, her voice trembling as she looked up at him. The rage of the fierce winds had taken their toll from her, her sky-blue hair glistening in their smoothness as they rode the wind. The long sleeves of her pink kimono followed thus, making her twice as beautiful as she was. He couldn't take his eyes off her.

He held one more second to look at her before he struggled to turn away. He grabbed the sack that lay on the grass beside him, swinging it behind his shoulder as he walked away. "My men are waiting for me. You better go," he told her, never even thinking of looking back. He found it easier to walk away if he didn't have to look at her. And yet behind his closed eyes, he could see the tears that might have fallen from her with those words. He refused to look at her, afraid that he might be tempted to keep his men waiting just to be with her. Hell, had he changed.

She watched him walk away behind her hot tears, her hands clenched on her sides. She sat down on the hard rock they've been in just a few moments ago. One hand trembled its way to her lips, her eyes drifting closed at the memory of his kisses. She remembered the wa his hands tremble whenever they touch, remember how tightly he held himself before he would touch her any further. They've been meeting like this as long as their time permits it, and yet he never let go of the ice that he had placed around himself. In only his touch could she truly feel him, and yet he would sometimes hide that to her as well. And it always ended the same, like he would remember something just to get away from her. Sometimes she even wondered why she kept coming back. She had only known him for a few days, she didn't even know his name.

She wiped her tears away and stood up, producing her oar in her right hand. Why does he keep distancing away from her?


"Watch out!" Li's hardened whisper came crashing through his consciousness as he felt himself being grabbed by the wrist, pulling him away behind a wall. Li was one of his comrades in the horde that he leads. The man was a few inches shorter than he was, belonging to the same race of kitsune from which he came from. They almost looked the same, with only the eyes and hair failing the similarity. Li had pitch-black hair and gray eyes, while his were silvery blue hair with eyes of gold.

The sound of footsteps came sickly nearer and nearer. The two waited, hearing the door creak open as a fierce looking man popped his head in. "Anyone here?" the harsh voice rang the whole room, the deep tone almost burying the air. His eyes trailed the room critically, every second ticking like it was a deadly countdown. The two youkai held their breath, eyes narrowed as they watched the man take a hold of the door knob. He looked around some more, heaved out a sickening grunt and walked away.

Silence covered them both as a sigh of relief came from Li's mouth, glaring at his companion. "Are you trying to get us both killed!?" he asked furiously, pointing an accusing finger at him.

He merely shrugged his reply as he walked out of the room. "Tell the others to hurry it up, I want to get out of here," he said sternly, his voice calm and cold as it came out. He looked around and walked to where they had entered. Li followed.

There was an explanation for his absent-mindedness that day. He couldn't stop thinking about her, the young deity whom he had met a few days ago. Ever since they have met, he couldn't take the thought of her away, couldn't take the smiles she had given him, couldn't take away the pained expression her youthful face held whenever he'd say he would leave. He never wanted to leave, never. But he was afraid that he might hurt her. He didn't trust himself to take care of her, didn't trust his body not to take advantage of her. A thief that had been going against the rules of her world isn't exactly a perfect pair for such a naïve girl as she was. He didn't want to stain her. He didn't deserve her.

"Oi, do you even know where you're going? Are you thinking of getting us both lost!?" Li's voice sounded again, finding the man's hand knocking on his forehead several times to wake him up.

He blinked a few times to wake himself from his stupor, only to glare at Li through his golden eyes. "We're not going to get lost," he stated firmly, resulting in his desired effect as Li backed away from him in a hidden terror, following behind him like an obedient puppy. Really, he liked the way he could make anybody follow him like that.

Amidst his steps, all that he could think about was her again, whether or not he should come back to meet her. But given the choice, all he ever wanted was to be with her, to hold her purity in his sinful arms. But she was not like the previous female youkai he had been with before. The others were just as sinful as he was, finding it in himself to leave all of them as soon as he had taken what he wanted. Usually it was power that he sought from them, their treasures and secrets. And soon after he'd let his group cast their shadows upon those treasuries, leaving all those women in a state of shock and rage. And every time he never saw any of them again.

But she was different. He never wanted anything from her, that is if wanting one's presence is considered stealing.

"Yo, I think that fat guy saw us," Li said from behind him, tapping him lightly on the shoulder. He shrugged the man off as he continued walking.

He didn't want to hurt her. Nor did he want to hurt himself. He had to leave her, for the sake of them both. He'll leave her, but not before he'd tell her how he truly feels. That loss would pain her for sure, but he didn't mind anymore. He was distinctly selfish, and even for one last time, he'd share her his pain.

The sound of gunfire woke him up from his daze, his head quickly turning back to see the source. "Damn!" he cursed as he pulled Li's wrist, the two running away from the hunter they had earlier met.

"I told you he saw us!" Li shouted as gunfire rained upon them. He could hear the distant yells of the hunter, the rage of footsteps trailing behind them.

I must live…

"Go there!" Li shouted as they reached a fork. They decided to split up, him taking the right as Li took the left. The hunter stopped abruptly in mid step, only to decide that he shall follow the silver haired one.

I must live for you…

The chase went on, with Li trailing behind the hunter. He must've sensed the hunter following his ally, for he had turned back to at least give the hunter a hard time. Gunfire still coursed through the surroundings, poisoning his mind in a frantic attempt to get away.

I need to see you…

There was a turn in the path that he had to take unless he wanted to crash. It was a risk he needed to take, willing only himself to get away…that had been his mistake.

I need to hold you again…

The sound of a last gunfire rang through his head as darkness enveloped him. The only thing he could hear was Li's voice calling out for him, "Kurama!!!"

To be with you one last time…

End of Prologue