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There was once a child who asked a favor from a demon.

"There's this person I really like," he began, "but I always break the promises I give him. I really like him, but sometimes… I just can't keep them."

"And what would you like to do about that?" the demon asked.

"I don't want to feel guilty for breaking them anymore."

"That's a promise."


'A man's word is his honor.'

You've never heard of that, have you? Nor did you believe a single word of it.

If you did, then I bet it wouldn't be this way.

It wouldn't… No…

I wish it didn't.




"Can you keep a promise?"


"What? Not even a minute to think about it?"

"I said no, idiot. You'd probably end up disappointed. No time to pity you."

"Bastard! And just how sure are you I'd end up 'disappointed', huh?!"

"Because… I would promise you everything there is, stupid."


I hang on to every single word that leaves your lips.

They mean so much to me, since you rarely spoke.

Talking only when necessary, whenever I feel like you're not there anymore.


"Say something duck-butt."


"Oh come on, is that the best you can do?"


"I said something longer! I- I… don't know. Just say something already! ...please?"


"That's it?! I said longer you cheapskate! I sa-"

"I love you. I love you, Naruto. I don't really know why; you're a clumsy moron and a total pain in the ass, really. A complete utter idiot who doesn't know when to stop. But… maybe I am too, because even after knowing all that, I still love you."


"Stop blushing idiot. That was all I could think of."


It was the first, you know.

Do you remember, Sasuke? It was your first promise to me.

I was so happy.



I had something to hold on to; something I could cherish.

Something that could ease this restless spasms in my chest that tell me- one day, maybe one day I'll wake up… and you wouldn't be there beside me.


"You promised, Sasuke! You promised!"

As cold as ice. As emotionless as stone.

He wasn't moved by the tears at all.

"You promised to stay! You said you wouldn't leave me!"

He tilts his head upward, gathering what little dignity- and hope- he had left.

Deep, blank darkness clashes with tear filled blue.

It cracks… slowly, so very slowly…

Expecting, waiting for the blow.

They were a meter away.

And the wind blows.

The water flows.

Atop the valley; he feels something inside him break.

"And you're trying to prove your stupidity by actually believing that?"

And just like that… Sasuke was gone.


Protected, loved; and cherished. The most beautiful words I've ever heard in my whole life.

Saying all those to me with that small smile and those gentle kisses.

Disbelief and doubt was clearly out of question.

And so I trusted.

I trusted, Sasuke…

I trusted you.


A pool of blood painted the ground.

Vibrant crimson, deeply haunting and sad.




A nearly lifeless form unmoving, the other advancing.

"A whim, Naruto. Nothing but a meaningless act with little or no pity at all."

"Tche… Y-you…talk t- urhg… t-too much… te…me…"

The move to speak; it was futile. He coughed out blood within minutes.

And as the river of scarlet increased in depth, he gasped at the dizzying lack of air.

"You're a waste of time now."

"You…ugh… s-said… You'd be-"

It was difficult…But he had to try,


A whisper, a wish.

"…for… me…"

Part hatred. Part pleading.

A simple flare of hope he tried to keep…

And the Uchiha smirked,

"Another promise broken then."

burned down to ashes in a dust of smoke and swirling red.

Naruto wished he had been at least worthy enough to kill.


Whenever I would say I love you; never once did you fail to say it back.

Sasuke… do you remember? You swore it to me…

You swore that you'd say it back forever.

Don't you remember?


"Naruto, please get some rest, okay? The post office is closing; it's already five hours past midnight and-"

"Sorry, Sakura; maybe I…I'll wait a little longer."

Sakura wanted to scream and cry. The pain and pity is trying to swallow her whole. She bit her lips and held back her tears instead.

"Please, Naruto. You know he's never coming back."

He wasn't listening.

Or maybe he was just playing deaf.

It wasn't true.

It shouldn't be.

It can't be.


He was staring…

Staring at the deep blue sky; his eyes bright and expectant, his lips curved upward in a reassured smile.

"I know he'll reply Sakura! I just know he would!"

"Naruto… go home. I don't-"

An exited squeal and most impossibly, sapphire eyes widened further. Naruto pointed up to an endless abyss.

For a moment there, Sakura thought he had gone insane; but as she squinted her eyes in the darkness she spotted a little flying figure from afar. To say she was surprised would be an understatement.

"Look! Look Sakura-chan! It's- It's the bird! It came back! I told you so; see? It came back!"

Trembling; his fingers were trembling. His lungs seemed to trip over themselves, caving in and daring him to even breathe. His heartbeat did a painful crescendo.

The messenger alighted, and Naruto immediately ran to greet it.

"See Sakura! I told you, didn't I? I knew he would…"

The seal of the letter fell and something dropped in his palms.

"Oh… Naruto!"

She ran to him, and he stood there in front of the window.

Rigid, frozen with shock.

And just stared.

He didn't feel the comforting embrace she tried to give him. Nor did he feel the hot droplets of liquid slowly dripping down his own whiskered cheeks.

He felt nothing.



Thump. Thump.

And as the wind scattered the ashes inside the unfastened scroll, littering the floor with barely recognizable bits of a carefully penned message-

"ithday Sas"

"I love y"

-he felt nothing more.



Do you still love me Sasuke?

Because I do.

I really do love you, teme.

I've loved you once.

And I don't really know why I still do.

You promised me a million more.

So much more.

And you broke them all, Sasuke.

You broke them all…

And you broke me too.

Words are never enough, are they?


What we had between us- just the two of us, was that not enough either?

Am I not enough, Sasuke?



"Where is he?"


"I love you Sasuke…"


"Uchiha?! What are you doing here in Konoha?!"


"Hn. Do I have to reply with something cheesy, dobe?"


"I said where is he, you damn Hokage?! Where's Naruto?!"


"Just answer you teme!"


"Sakura, call the Kakashi and the others! Sasuke might endanger other patie-"


"Yeah, yeah. Kidding. I love you too."


"I. Said. Where. The. Fucking. Hell. Is NARUTO?!"


"Sasuke? You wont' leave me right? You'll always be with me, won't you? You're the only one I have left."


The sudden blast of Chakra caught Tsunade off-guard, a few glass windows broke apart and the wall beside them split open.


"That's a really pointless question. Of course I will. You're the only one I have left too."


"You brat!"


"Sasuke… I don't want to go… The villagers… they hate me."


Instantaneously, Sasuke's sharinggan began to fade away as he caught sight of a certain blonde boy lying down a hospital bed in the next room.



"Then you shouldn't care about them dobe. You mind those stupid people too much. You're going with me right? Me. Not them."


"I said get the fuck out of here you-"


"Teme, this is really awesome!"


Before she could finish, Sasuke was already in the other room, staring at the sleeping teen.

That look on his face…

And the hokage just didn't have the heart to speak.


"Tsk. Such a simple thing and you're so happy? Hn… It's yours… if you want…"


"Dobe… w-what… what the fuck did you… do to yourself…?"

His voice trembled; his face was contorted in shock


"I have a feeling Sasuke… That you'll leave me one day."


There lay Naruto; his body covered in bandages stained with blood, with only his face and hair exposed. A file of x-ray's stood in plain sight; showing every bone in his body as a broken mess.


"Leave you?"


But that's not what made his heart skip a beat; the pounding ramming straight to his throat. For once, Sasuke was the one who gaped.


"Don't sound so casual, you stuck up bastard."


Naruto's stomach…The seal was nowhere to be found…


"Tsk, then don't sound so serious, you idiot."


And… neither was the part it had been written on.


"You'll leave me someday then, huh?"


Hollow. Horrifyingly hollow.


"And where do you get those ideas?"


And Sasuke couldn't help but cry.


"Will you?"




"Will I?"


Naruto's voice. Naruto… Naruto's awake.


"You jerk! Answer it seriously! I'm not joking here!"


"Naruto! What the fuck did you… do to yourself?!"


"Tche. Idiot, and pray tell; why do you 'feel' that I'll leave you someday?"


"You came… you came teme."


"Because… because…"


"Shit dobe, what the fuck is wrong with you?!"


His blue, sapphire eyes were confused, searching for a witty comeback.


"Are you crying, Sasuke?"


He found none.


"Hell yeah, you dipshit!"


"I… don't know…"


And the blond boy chuckled.

He coughed out blood within seconds.


A sigh, and a roll of the eyes from the Uchiha.


"Come closer, Sasuke…"


"You're so naïve sometimes, it amazes me."




"Oh, come on, Sasuke… I can't help it. It's in my gut… I can feel it, I swear!"


"Just… come closer. Don't ask stupid questions teme."

Why does that supposed insult comfort him so?


"Okay, okay… So, it's 'in your gut'? Then what do I have to do to prove your gut's wrong?"


Without hesitation, the raven leaned in; and at that same instant, Naruto captured his lips in a weak, chaste kiss.


"Then, well, promise me! Promise me teme, that… you'll never break any promise you've made!"


When Sasuke opened his eyes, infinite ocean blue stared back.


"I promise Naruto. Happy now?"


He simply couldn't look away.






"Then that's unfair. Promise me something too."


"I'm sorry… Sasuke…"




"Because… I think this time…"




Shock crept up the Uchiha's face, his blood running cold.


"I said 'what?', teme…"


He looked at the machine reading the kyuubi vessel's heartbeats in a sudden wave of panic.


"Shut up, I'm thinking… Okay got it. "


"No, no… no, Naruto! No!"




But Naruto only smiled.




The Uchiha's eyes widened-


"… to never die before I do."


For a moment time stopped… and…


"Wah…? That's pretty fucked up."


he lifted up a hand to cup a pale, tear drenched face.


"You're only allowed to die when I can't save you, stupid! Just promise it."


Sasuke held on to it tightly, almost crazily; disillusion marked his features, hoping that holding on to his hand tight enough would be enough to… to…

"That doesn't make sense, Sas-"

Hi lips trembled, his tears dropped on a now unnaturally pale face.

A smile. A kiss. And a silent exchange of vows.

He turned around, preparing to scream out for help-

"Hmp! Fine-"

But it was too late.


"Sorry… Sasuke…"

"…promise, I won't die."

"Guess I'll… have to break one promise, huh?"

Sasuke leaned in, and their lips were joined once again.

"But you never did… keep one of yours…did you…?"

"Well, another promise for you then, wannabe-hokage."

They stared at each other for a minute longer.

"Close your eyes, Naru…"

Until the other closed his eyes.

"Better be interesting, Sasu!"

And Sasuke did the same.

"Dobe, don't call me that!" he silently chuckled.

Why can't he hear his heartbeat anymore?

"I promise to love you… until we die."

"T-that… was…

"Gosh, morbid much?" -a laugh that could light up any dreary day- "Yeah, until we die."

A single tear now fell on the lifeless body of what was once his lover.

He opened his eyes.

"…the only promise I… kept, Naruto."

"That's a promise."

And for what seemed like an eternity, a strangled sob was the only thing heard within the room.

"That's very easy," answered the demon, "But what will you give me in return?"

"Anything, anything at all!"

"Good. It's simple. You should just let him break a promise of his own."

"But… I can't do that. He only has one promise."

"Then that promise would be the payment."

"What? No!"

But before the child could protest, the demon had vanished.

And the child didn't feel guilt anymore.

He felt nothing.

Because the promise of having a friend was gone.


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