Fakir was annoyed. Again.

He had caught her sneaking around in odd corners of the dorm, attempting to find Mytho and 'free' him from Fakir's 'control.' Or at least that was how she explained it to him, once he had her pinned to the wall by her overlong braid.

"…And really, it's not fair!" she finished. "I mean, Mytho should be able to get his heart back if that's what he wants, right?"

Fakir scowled. "Why does he need a heart? Give me one good reason why he does."

"Because, because… ah…" Inspiration dawned in the girl's eyes. Suddenly, without warning- "You've gotta have heaaaart!" Ahiru sang. "All you really need is heaaaart! When the odds are saying you'll never win, that's when the grin should staaaart! Because you gotta have heaaaaaaaaaart!"

Fakir looked at her for several seconds, his right eye twitching slightly. Finally he said, "No, Ahiru, just…no."