He could feel it the sensation that a vampire was near the young werewolf was a great tracker and he had this one for sure.

Sonic was a 13-year-old werewolf and he was in the 6th grade, he run as fast as the wind to a location where he spotted a female hedgehog with pearl hair feeding on a deer.

She turned her had long enough for sonic to see who it was "Amy…" he whimpered but all that the vampire heard was a whimper.

She hissed at him blood dripping from her mouth she heard his thoughts "sonikku?" she whispered looking at the shaggy blue dog.

The beast nodded its head, "SONIKKU!" Amy shouted running up to the beast and nestling into his shaggy fur "oh Sonikku' she whispered, Sonic let a purr rumble in his throat.

Amy smiled brightly "I remember you, your in all of my classes follow me" She giggled as she looked at him as if for asking him a question.

Sonic nodded his shaggy blue head and Amy hoped on his shoulder blades of course his was a giant blue wolf.

They ran all the way to Amy's apartment where Amy let sonic sleep on her floor, Sonic fell instantly asleep, Amy watched over him and listened to the soft sound of his breathing and his heart beating something she hadn't heard in a long time "Sonikku this is so wrong in so many ways but I could never stop loving you' she said curling up into his side and falling asleep.

Amy woke up to see none other than Sonic the hedgehog curled up against her his arms around her chest he was letting out a little snore.

Amy let out a small warning snarl but then took a better look at him she kissed his cheek the coldness woke him from his sleep.

He saw Amy and he smiled awkwardly so it wasn't all a dream" he exclaimed.

Amy kissed his lips burning lips meeting with stone cold ones "apparently not" Amy gasped pulling away from Sonic's burning hot body.

Sonic grinned at her "another day in paradise, "you got that right" Amy giggled hugging him tightly never wanting to let go or lose him.