Chapter 1

Allia looked in the mirror thinking that she could not or ever be a relative of Sebastian Wren, the crazy old man who died years ago. She flipped her auburn hair behind her shoulders carefully, so that she didn't look as shaken up as she actually felt and walked out the door. She looked up to see the grey clouds stretched across sky revealing that it was going to be a nasty rainstorm. She hurried into the large building shutting the door noisily behind her. Inside she looked around to see a long hall with at least 20 doors. She looked carefully at every sign on the doors until she found one that she was probably supposed to enter; it said "Relative loss". Allia thought she was a pretty smart girl for not being allowed to go to school, but what was "Relative loss" Allia didn't lose anyone. She entered the room to see a pretty lady wearing a black suit and glasses sitting at the desk, "Are you Allia Wren?" she spoke in a harsh tone that made Allia flinch, "Well ma'am, um, not Allia Wren, it's Allia Estelle" she mumbled to the lady "Yeah. Whatever sit down darling" she said sarcastically which made Allia flinch again. "So, you must be that relative I'm going to take away from her parents and ship to like the island Lume, right?" the lady raised her brows at Allia on the word right "Excuse me? I am not going to be shipped away to some odd island without my parents! Have you gone mad?!" shrieked Allia "No excuse me! I do not like that attitude of yours you somehow managed to get, Sebastian always was charming. That attitude will get you nowhere." Replied the lady sternly, oh god what was Allia to do? She was not allowed to leave the house, especially not to find out that she had to say good-bye to her parents for perhaps, forever.