Chapter 2

That was it for Allia "What are you talking about? My parents will not allow some, some disgusting lady come in on my life and tell me what to do and where to go! I demand an explanation! Now!" cried Allia, the lady sighed as if this had happened to her very often and said "You are somehow a blood-relative of Sebastian Wren, I think you were adopted or something. Your father demands that he see you and you know about you being a relative of Sebastian Wren. I have spoken to your adoptive parents and they say that you should get to meet your father. He wants you there now. Not tomorrow, today" "What about my mother?" Allia almost sobbed "She's dead. That's why you were adopted. Your poor father couldn't care for even one child by himself and he was so heart-broken about your mother's death he didn't realize what he was doing. He only found out where you were about three days ago." The lady said showing a bit more to her of emotion for Allia. Allia quickly hid her tear streaked face by looking down at the shiny glass desk; Allia had just realized that her green eyes and auburn hair did not go with her parent's (adoptive) look. So she thought I'm going to Lume to meet my dad. Um, think of it as just a really big trip like the time we went to Maui she tried to comfort herself. She looked up and asked the lady when her flight was and she said in an hour so she would have to go now. She ran all the way home until she reached her long black driveway. She slowly walked to the car to see her mother and father sitting with their tear streaked faces in the car. She hopped in to the comfortable back seat and instantly fell asleep. When Allia awoke she was at the airport. She had to quickly run to the plane to make it in time. She hugged her parents good-bye and ran into the plane.