I became really quite fond of the idea of having Naruto as a girl. So, I thought, what the heck? I just got this really, really funny idea. I figure, even Sasuke has hormones. He can't keep on being emotionless forever! So stuff reality! We're gonna make you fall in love, Sasuke-teme!

Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto, I would be drowning in money right now. 'nuff said.

Kakashi looked at Tazuna. "Tazuna-san, can we stay at your home for one more day? We need to see to Sasuke and Naruto and make sure they won't die any time soon."

Tazuna nodded. "Now that the bridge is finished, that should be fine."

Kakashi smiled underneath his mask.

Naruto sighed, washing his hair. Or maybe, more appropriately, her hair.

Her hair, having been underneath the Thirds expertise hidden genjutsu, grew regardless of what people saw underneath her transformation. She'd have to wash it, otherwise it would get in the way.

Rinsing it gently, she sighed as the scalding water pattered against her skin, ignoring the pain when it rolled over one of her old scars.

Grabbing a towel, she wrapped it around herself (dismayed that it was quite short and showed her entire legs), Naruto forgot to see if anybody was in the hallway before coming out. And just her luck as well.

There Naruto was, long, blonde hair down to her waist dripping water onto the carpet, wearing a towel that stuck to her body like a second skin. Showing off her hips and only just covering her breasts, it was probably the worst situation to bump into Uchiha Sasuke.

Sasuke was stunned. "...oh."

Naruto looked at Sasuke, blue eyes wide, before realizing her predicament. Sasuke had likely recognized her, and here she was, standing in front of him looking like a prostitute!

Looking at her figure, seeing how downright pretty she was, Sasuke did the only thing he could do.

Sasuke fainted.

"Shit!" Naruto cursed. Bending over him, she placed one of her arms underneath his back and one underneath his knees, lifting him up and arching his back.

Naruto swore that this was not her day, as Sakura came out onto the landing to see what the matter was. "Sasuke-kun?"

"Dammit!" Naruto yelled. Sakura saw Naruto, and her eyebrows knotted together in a scowl.

"Who are you?" Sakura hissed. Naruto quickly pressed her pressure points, placed her back in her bed and picked up Sasuke and went into her own room. Naruto thanked Kami for giving her the mercy of it being 6 and having Kakashi still snoring away. Placing Sasuke on her own bed, Naruto decided that maybe Sasuke – and only Sasuke, at that – could know.

Naruto grabbed some of the girl based clothes that he had brought – thank Kami – and quickly put them on. Picking up Sasuke, he jumped out of the window and ran into the forest that was over the bridge.

Sasuke faintly tried to remember what had happened.

Oh yeah, now he remembered.

He'd seen a half-naked ultra hot girl in the hallway, and realized that it was...


...and fainted.

He looked around, realizing he was in a forest. Sasuke noticed the girl was sitting in a tree, reading a book (to be specific, Icha Icha Paradise Volume 5). The ebony haired prodigy heard mutters of "...Kakashi-sensei really is a pervert..." and "...what the hell? If a guy wrote this book I am going to beat him up..."

Sasuke rubbed his head. "...are you really Naruto?"

The girl noticed Sasuke had woken up. She put away her book, before leaping down from the branches. She smiled sheepishly. "Yeah... I am. I've been under a transformation ever since I was three... after I was in an incident which I would rather not talk about." Naruto looked downwards, somewhat embarrassed. "...you see, my hair grows regardless of the transformation... and so, it still gets in the way. I have to wash it daily, just like you do."

Naruto sighed, looking at her hands and clenching them and unclenching them slowly. "Something happened when you saw me. I didn't transform back... and now I can't transform back ever again. This is really starting to piss me off."

Sasuke looked surprised. And Naruto found it unbelievably funny. "If you'd just smile for once, teme..." she snorted, sitting down next to him. She looked at Sasuke, her sharp blue eyes incredibly serious.

"Don't you dare go die on me again, Sasuke."

Sasuke became even more stunned than he had already been. "Naruto..."

Naruto looked at him angrily. "I'm serious, teme! You scared the crap out of me! Standing there... covered in blood, impaled with several senbon needles in the neck... I thought I would die there and then!" She grabbed the collar of his shirt, glaring at him angrily as she shook him. "...and then you told me not to die! I thought I was a murderer, dammit!"

Sasuke felt his hands shake as he saw the tears that threatened to spill out of her eyes.

And then the two realized how close their faces were.

Sasuke took this short moment to examine the girl.

Naruto was dressed in a short, sleeveless black dress, that ended mid thigh. Underneath was orange leggings, and she wore black ninja boots. Up until her elbows was fishnet, as she wore a top of it underneath. Her hair was tasselled and framed her face, but it reached her mid back. In total, you could say Naruto looked pretty.

The Uchiha, of course, looked normal – which was, all in all, quite handsome. Black hair framed his face, and his hair spiked out at the back. His top was a dark blue, and his white pants reaching his knees. His ninja boots were black, and common ninja bandages were there as well.

"Am I interrupting something?"

Kakashi was standing on one of the branches. "I'm glad the Third told me. I think I may have died, otherwise." He rubbed his head. "Anyway... Naruto. I want my book back."

Naruto yawned. "You're such a pervert, Kakashi-sensei. Did you get it off your sensei, too?"

Kakashi looked down. "No. And you won't be a pervert either." Underneath his breath, Kakashi whispered, "...it's hereditary..."

Naruto, sadly, had a fox inside of her. And enhanced senses were quite annoying at times. "What do you mean, sensei?" She threw his book at him, and let go of Sasuke's collar – causing Sasuke's head to smack into the tree trunk. "Gomen, Sasuke."

Sasuke glared for a moment.

Kakashi waved one of his hands defensively. "Nothing, nothing."

"That wasn't nothing. Even I know how you inherit traits. Bloodlines are traits. Tell me who your sensei was!"

In a flash, Naruto was standing in front of Kakashi, her eyes piercing him.

Kakashi sighed. She's too much like you, sensei.

"My sensei was Namikaze Minato... also known as Konoha's Yellow Flash, and the Fourth Hokage."

Naruto shook her head violently. "No."


"It's obviously not true!" Naruto cried, her hair flicking past her face with every violent shake of her head. "It simply can't be true! Nobody is cruel enough to do that to their child! No one!"

Kakashi grabbed her by the shoulders. "Naruto. Calm down."

Tears were running down Naruto's cheeks, and she fell to her knees, slipping from Kakashi's grasp. Her chest racked with silent sobs, the tears trickling down her cheeks. "...for the sake of the village..."

Sasuke was extremely shocked. All Kakashi had done was say his sensei... and Naruto had broken down into tears.

"...for the sake of the village..." Naruto sobbed, her tears dripping onto the ground beneath her. "...I'm just a sacrifice!"

"A sacrifice!"

Naruto thumped the ground with her fists angrily, her tears of anger and sadness.

"My own father!"

Once again, the distressed blonde thumped the ground in her spur of the moment confused anger.


Kakashi sighed. He decided to let her cry for a while, to let the anger out.

It began to rain, as if the heavens themselves could hear her sorrowful weeping.

And in the bushes, a snake seemed to lick it's lips.

It was a sight.

A pretty blonde was walking in a village of poverty that was only just beginning to recover. An Uchiha was looking slightly worried, but feeling extremely so and also took on the duty of shooting the Uchiha Death GlareTM at any boy who glanced at her in a suggestive manner. And the Sharingan Kakashi hadn't turned a page in his favourite book for quite some time, but neither of the distressed genins noticed.

Naruto had long ago wiped away her tears and made sure she wouldn't continue to cry, much to the worry of Sasuke. Nobody, not even him, could heal such a severe emotional wound so quickly. She must be hurting inside.

Kakashi decided that walking with a perverted book in hand when he really wasn't reading it would do him no good, and put it away. "So... what do we tell Sakura?"

Naruto was still walking with her head faced towards the floor. Her hair hid her eyes, some of it strewn on her shoulders. "We tell her the truth."

"And what do we do when she reacts like somebody just shot her up the backside?"

Naruto paused in her walk, before continuing. "I run."

"What do you mean 'I'?" Sasuke yelled angrily.

"It is my decision, therefore I alone face the consequences."

And the silence once again returned.

Sakura, to say the least, was shocked. Obviously, finding out that your friend and team mate is really a girl is quite a shock. But one good thing came out of this.

Sakura smirked, grabbing Naruto's arm. "When we get back... you. Me. Clothes shopping!"

Naruto had never been keen on shopping, and she still wasn't. However, Sakura could have had a worse reaction. So, Naruto shrugged it off and faced her fate with a smile. "Okay, Sakura-chan." Naruto gave a different smile to the one she usually gave; not the fox grin that was so known for. The other smiles were not lies, that was true. But this smile held a true reality.

This smile... was breathtaking.

Behind her, next to Kakashi, a blushing Sasuke stood before realizing that he was actually blushing and shaking his head like a wet dog.

Kakashi was giggling; but seeing as Kakashi did it often while holding out his book, Sasuke didn't notice the gaze Kakashi had out of the corner of his eye.

The jounin turned his gaze to the back of Sakura's head. Go, Sakura. Make her into the sexiest genin in existence. Kakashi swivelled his gaze back to Sasuke. And then maybe we will see our dear Sasuke have a nosebleed.

"I must inform Hokage-sama of this wonderful discovery!" Kakashi cried out, waving his Icha Icha book high and beginning to run back to Konoha across the bridge, the three genin in hot pursuit.

The civilians of Konoha couldn't help but feel that that day was somewhat different.

I mean, the constant chatter and bustle of Konoha's market place was common. But when they saw the clothes shop, skid marks and faint screaming, they all knew what was different.

It was the day that someone had been brought out to buy clothes against their will.

Naruto, held by the neck by a rather cheerful Sakura, was slightly slouched in front of a counter. Sakura smacked her back abruptly, making her fix her posture.

"Ladies don't slouch."

Naruto sighed. "...what if I'm not a lady?"

Sakura smirked, and Naruto easily saw the ulterior motive behind the curve of her lips. "Then you most certainly will be a fine one after this."

The pink haired kunoichi dragged Naruto towards the racks of clothes. Sakura immediately unlocked several outfits, and the blonde faintly wondered how she had managed to look at them so quickly before Sakura pushed her into a dressing room.

After a few minutes, Naruto whispered, "You know what?"

Sakura replied absently, "Hn?"

"I really don't think anything pink works."

She walked out, dressed in black fishnets and a pink low cut top with black 3/4's. Naruto's shoes were black ninja boots, and a vein was twitching on the side of her head as she gazed at herself.

Sakura looked her up and down. "I see. You're more of the seductive type than the innocent. I think I'll dress you in slightly darker colours."

The jinchuuriki momentarily gave a very good impersonation of a tomato at Sakura's theory.

Sakura unhooked several other items of clothing, chucking them at Naruto and waving her hand in a shooing motion. "Show me when you are wearing a full combination of any of them."

After a minute or so, Naruto came out.

The blonde shinobi was wearing bandages on her right thigh, and a pair of black shorts with a red belt. She wore a cut off kimono style top that ended a couple of inches below the orange obi, revealing her navel. The kimono was long sleeved, and was trimmed in black. Naruto wore a pair of black ninja boots.

Sakura whistled. "You'll blow those guys away, Naruto. It's simple but it's sweet."

Naruto blinked in confusion, before blushing profusely once again.

"Now, we're going to get your hair done."

Naruto exhaled. Dear God... do you have no mercy?

High above, a golden entity chuckled.

After being introduced to the art of shopping

She collapsed on the edge of her bed, sighing.

Naruto admitted without hesitation, that this day had not been a bad one. She looked quite pretty in her outfit, and the haircut framed her face beautifully. However, it had been the most peculiar day she'd had in a while. Closing her eyes, she heard a faint dripping.

"It gets quite boring around here... and although I found this day entertaining... there is one thing I must do myself... no vessel of mine will be deprived of this essential!"

Naruto's eyes shot open. Was that who I think it was?!

And, abruptly, she felt really weird. And she meant really weird. She stood up, looking in the mirror and searching for any differences. In fact, there was only one; and it was actually pretty damn noticeable.


Due to the Kyuubi's mischievous tendencies, Naruto now had a D cup sized chest. At the age of twelve.

Naruto fell back asleep, praying it was some sort of horrible nightmare.

Leaning against the edge of the bridge, Sasuke sighed. Kakashi was late; that had never been surprising after the first few times he had been late. But was surprising was that Naruto and Sakura were late as well. Sasuke sighed. He was definitely not early, he was definitely not mistaken on the date, but where the hell were his team-mates?!

"C'mon, Naruto! Stop being stupid!"

"I'm not being stupid! I have dignity, you know!"

"You lost that yesterday, when I took you in that store! You were kicking and screaming so hard that you left skid marks on the ground. It's strange... I'm sure I would've noticed that yesterday..."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. It was behind the trees next to the river that ran beneath the bridge.

"...do I really have to go out like this?"

"Yes! You do! Don't worry, Naruto. You'll knock 'em out."

"I don't want to!"

"Argh! Don't be difficult!" And, with one swift motion, Sakura sent Naruto tumbling out of the trees and onto the land next to the bridge.

Sasuke was pretty sure his jaw dropped, but he really didn't notice that as he looked at her.

Naruto was standing there, hands on hips, her face in an annoyed expression. The cut kimono she wore showed some of her cleavage, and her flat stomach. Her shorts revealed a good deal of her legs, and her hair was layered in a style that the hair by her face was short before lowering itself down to her shoulders as the hair went past her ears.

"SA-KU-RA-CHAN!!" Naruto shrieked. "I can't believe you! This is so mean!" Faintly noticing the small amount of drool forming at the edge of Sasuke's mouth, she blushed.

Sakura laughed, coming out from behind the tree. "You'll thank me for it later!" When she'd lost Ino as a friend, she'd become quite lonely. Sakura had been hoping to do this for quite a while.

"I'm pretty damn sure I wont!" Naruto harrumphed, folding her arms in annoyance. "This is so embarrassing!"

Sasuke, meanwhile, was in the middle of some rather unSasuke-like fantasies.

Kakashi bounced onto the edge of the bridge, waving his hand. "Sorry I'm late, I had to help an old lady get away from some academy students..." And was he surprised when nobody answered him!

He looked to Sasuke, who had a glazed look in his eyes and blood dripping out his nose. Naruto, who was blushing madly. And then to Sakura, who hadn't noticed Sasuke's day dreaming and was grinning like the Cheshire cat at her make over.

"Ah... did I miss something?"

Kakashi did a double take when he saw Naruto's chest. Bouncing over to her, he pinched her breast in confusion.

Naruto yelped. "You pervert! That hurt!"

"Oh, so you aren't wearing anything fake..."

Sakura and Naruto both approached him with an evil glint in their eyes. Naruto smashed her fist down into his hair, and Sakura kicked him in the side.

Kakashi retreated to his depression corner. "...I was just checking." He gave a fake sniff. "My team is so cold."

Naruto glared. Sakura followed suit. Sasuke showed a hint of jealousy.

A week later...

Naruto leaned against the edge of the bridge, the same bridge she had been on a week ago. "Jeez. This gets really tiring... has Kakashi-sensei always been this late?"

Sasuke snorted. "It's always been this way, so don't get your hopes up. I don't think it's going to change."

Sakura hooked her arm around Sasuke's neck. "Sasuke-kun, I hope we get a better mission today! Then when we finish, we can finally go on a date!"

"I decline." The boy, with a gesture that lacked grace, unhooked her arm from around his neck.

Sakura sighed for a moment, before perking up again and vowing to win Sasuke's heart.

Naruto groaned inwardly. If there had been an Inner Naruto, she was pretty sure that she would have been shrieking obscenities about Sakura's unauthorized contact with Sasuke. Naruto smiled, desperately glad that she had learned to keep the more minor blushes away. But the bigger ones, Naruto had yet to learn to suppress.

When Kakashi arrived, and opened his mouth to make up some sort of ridiculous excuse, Naruto growled. "Kakashi-sensei, why were we called out? We had a C-rank yesterday. Surely we wouldn't have any bigger missions today?"

Kakashi scratched the back of his head. "Well, I recommended you for the Chuunin Exams. Just because I did that doesn't mean you have to participate." He gave them forms, then added, "Turn up at the place written on the sheet with your forms signed if you wish to enter."

Naruto smirked. Yeah! Something interesting is finally happening!

Sasuke lips curled at the edge, something that could pass for a grin. Looks like this is gonna be good.

Sakura, however, was not as confident. Sasuke was a prodigy, in truth. And although she considered Naruto to be lower than her, she knew that she was definitely going to enter. Yet, herself, she couldn't bring herself to do enter.

Naruto, seeing Sakura's uncomfortable expression, put a hand on her shoulder. "Sakura-chan, cheer up. You are a fine kunoichi. Don't doubt yourself."

Sakura nodded, a now comfident smile on her lips. "Thanks, Naruto."

The blonde smiled back.

Arriving at the first exam hall, with their sheets signed, the three walked up the stairs. Noticing the sign, Sasuke and Sakura began to walk forward, but Naruto grabbed their hands quickly. "This is only the second door that we went past. We're on the third floor, right?"

Sakura quickly studied the sign, and noticing some minor flaws, she nodded. "It's a genjutsu."

Naruto put her mouth to Sasuke's ear. "D'you reckon we tell them?"

Sasuke snorted. "Nah. If they're not smart enough to notice, they're not smart enough to enter the exams."

Naruto laughed, before hooking her arms in Sasuke's and Sakura's and proceeding up the stairs happily. Sasuke rolled his eyes, but a ghost of a smile played on his lips and Sakura chuckled and walked with her.

When they reached the next floor, they proceeded into the hall. Sasuke was pounced on by Ino, who was chattering on about her distance from the ebony haired prodigy, while Naruto and Sakura fumed (only Naruto tried to be discreet about it). However, Naruto caught the looks of a good deal of boys in the room; and Sasuke was clearly displaying some anger.

Kiba was muttering to Shikamaru, "Do you know that girl? What happened to Naruto?"

Naruto, sadly, still had her enhanced senses. It really wasn't like she had any control over it though. "I am Naruto, you moron!"

Everyone in the Rookie 9 except Sakura and Sasuke found themselves gaping at her.

Kiba was the first to react. "You look hell a lot better as a girl." Akamaru gave his trademark 'yap' in agreement. Sasuke, once again, resorted to his Uchiha Death GlareTM; and Kiba said nothing more.

Shino didn't say anything. Nobody really noticed; as nobody often heard Shino talk. He wasn't a Sasuke-like person, but he tended to keep to himself.

"...troublesome..." Shikamaru sighed, resorting to leaning against the wall and closing his eyes. He may have been asleep, however nobody checked.

Ino stared.

And she stared.

And she stared.

And then she thought, 'What the hell? I'll stare some more.'

Until Naruto found herself twitching, and muttering in annoyance, "What? I'm not that bad looking..."

Sakura noticed something. "Hey, what happened to our sheets?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Ah. I got a Kage Bunshin to hand them in. I couldn't be bothered." Yawning, Naruto folded her arms. "This is so tiresome."

The position of her arms emphasized her chest, making even more of it show in her kimono and making the male population gape at her sheer size and beauty.

"What?" Naruto asked. "Seriously... everyone's acting strange..."

"Okay! Be quiet, impudent brats!"

A man in a long trench coat came into the room. "I'm Morino Ibiki, your first examiner!"

"You will have an hour for this test. Within the last ten minutes, I will give you the tenth question. Anybody found cheating will be disqualified. You are all shinobi, so act like it!" Ibiki stated. "If anybody on your team receives a zero, your team will be disqualified. The teams total score is what decides what you come."

Naruto looked at Ibiki. She could see an evil glint in his eye; why did he say anybody found cheating? It's almost like he was condoning it...

Her eyes widened.

We've got to get the answers... damn... I don't have any techniques for information gathering... Naruto realized something painstakingly obvious. Surely Kyuubi knows something?

She closed her eyes.

"What do you want, gaki?"

Naruto smirked. "I'm going to ask for some help on this test. Put it this way; I pass the test, pass the others, end up Chuunin, get more money and get a better life. Therefore, I'll live longer."

The nine tailed fox chuckled. "You've got spunk, kid. Not many people can stand up to a demon, especially the strongest. I like it. Very well, kid. Wake up and I'll tell you the answers. But don't assume I'm doing this for your welfare. I have nothing to do in the mediocre cage but watch your life go by, and I at least want it to be interesting."

Naruto chuckled. "Thanks."

Naruto opened her eyes. Looking at her test paper, she looked at the question.

"They would read the other one and derive from the writing what should have been on the original."

And so, the test continued; Kyuubi giving Naruto answers, Sasuke using his Sharingan, Sakura simply getting the answers from her knowledge. Until it reached the last ten minutes.

"Before I allow you to take this question; I must ask if you want to have the question. If you do not take the question, your team will fail and you will be able to enter the next exams."

There were cries of, "Of course we'll take it!" and "It's obvious what we'll do!"

"However," Ibiki continued, "If you take the question, and you get it wrong...

...you will lose the ability to take the Chuunin Exams forever."

Kiba glared, and yelled, "But there are people who took the Chuunin Exams before here!"

Ibiki chuckled. "You're unlucky, because I am your examiner this year. So, decide! Raise your hands if you want to exit!"

A good deal of the room put there hands up. As Sakura's hand twitched, Naruto slowly brought her hand up.

Sasuke's eyes widened, as did Sakura's.

Sasuke began to think. You're always yelling, Hokage Hokage... and you always smile, even when we know it's not a real smile. You're always laughing... and when I nearly died, I saw you crying... Naruto... in reality...

...are you alone?

Naruto's hand came down, clenched, onto the table, frightening Hinata next to her.

"To hell with you and your crap! I'm going to become Hokage someday, so I don't give one if I can't take the exams! Sasuke is a ninjutsu genius! Sakura is a knowledge prodigy! I'm not going to take them down with me! I'm Uzumaki Naruto, and I say to hell with the consequences of this!"

Sasuke resisted the urge to laugh. I should have known.

Sakura was grinning, folding her once twitching hands in her arms.

The tension in the room, which had been thick enough to cut, dissipated instantly. The good deal of people that had been considering leaving suddenly smiled.

Ibiki raised an eyebrow. "For the last time, I give you the chance to leave. Remember, you will never be able to take the exams again!"

Nobody moved.

"Okay then." Ibiki smirked. "All of you in this room... pass."

Team 7's jaws' dropped. Naruto blinked. "What happened to the tenth question?"

"You could say that just was the tenth question."

Naruto really didn't pay attention to the next bit. She was listening to Kyuubi laughing, almost as if they had known. She growled loudly, catching the attention of the people in the world. Naruto had always had an animalistic growl, and it had just freaked out anybody who had heard it in the room.

Sasuke was smiling at her, and she smiled back.

Abruptly, a sheet came into the room. As in a sheet of material, and kunai's pinned the corners across the ceiling. 'Mitarashi Anko' was the most visible thing on there, and can you guess?

"Don't celebrate! I'm your second examiner, Mitarashi Anko! Follow me!"

Naruto had the strangest feeling that she would like this examiner.

After Anko's introducton to insanity

They stood at their gate, with their Heaven scroll. Naruto fixed her obi nervously. "So... we have a chance of dying, huh..."

Sakura was the same.

Sasuke scratched his head. "Hn."

Naruto nudged him in the ribs. "You should be more social."

To put it simply, Naruto was at the age were hormones raged through out your system, totally driving your actions and making you do very spur-of-the-moment things. When Sakura wasn't looking, she put her arms over his shoulders and put her head next to his, and when his head turned in surprise she brushed her lips against his.

They both blushed, and Sakura decided to look at that moment.

"Oi, Naruto! Get off of Sasuke-kun!" she hissed. Naruto obliged, unhooking her arms from her around his neck and stepping back from him so her chest was not pressing against his back.

Why did Sakura interrupt?

Their thoughts were the same, and as Mitarashi Anko allowed them access, they were all scowling in annoyance.

They stood in the middle of the Forest of Death, and Naruto excused herself quickly. She came back, smiling gently. "Okay, so what is our next move?"

Three kunai's came at her, one pinning her hair to the tree behind her and the others pinning her shoes to the tree. Naruto had an expression of shock on her face. "...what?"

Sasuke walked over to her, grabbing her kimono and lifting her up to face him threateningly. "Where's Naruto?!" Sakura stood next to him, cracking her knuckles.

In unison, they added, "Naruto's bandages are on her right leg."

The fake Naruto smirked. "Well well. You noticed. No less from the number one Rookie."

Without hesitation, Sasuke stabbed the fake Naruto. How dare he impersonate her!

The fake transformed into a ninja from Amegakure. Sakura gasped slightly before the transformation wore off; she still couldn't bring herself to see Sasuke stabbing her team mate, even if it was a fake.

Naruto quickly came out from behind a tree angrily. "You bastard! Posing as a girl!" She punched him for good measure, and the ninja retreated.

They sat down. "Okay, we need a password. If anybody says a different password, assume it's the enemy no matter what their appearance. I'm saying this only once. Got it?"

Sakura and Naruto nodded to Sasuke.

"We ask, the ninja song, Ninki? The reply is: It is a good chance when a large amount of enemies are making a scene. There are no hideouts even in a quiet place. It is important for a ninja to know the right time. The time when the enemy is tired, and has his guard down."

Naruto looked uncomfortable. "How am I supposed to remember that..."

A sigh. "You dobe."


"If I'm lucky, she'll show her true power, survive and come to me," Orochimaru whispered. "If I'm unlucky, the snake will kill her and I'll have to use someone else in this pitiful exam."

"Why are you so interested in her, Orochimaru-sama?" one of his team-mates asked curiously.

"Who wouldn't be interested in the legacy of Konoha's Yellow Flash?" Orochimaru chuckled. "She's an interesting one. Who would have guessed that she'd fallen in love with the Uchiha Prodigy?"

His team-mates looked at him warily. "Orochimaru-sama, didn't you hate Namikaze Minato?"

Orochimaru licked his lips. "Yes, I did. However, it was undeniable that the man was of extreme power and talent. If trained by me, that girl could become even better that him. And that man was the one who beat me to the title of Hokage."

His team-mates nodded in understanding. "You intend to curse her?"

"Indeed. If she does not become my vessel, she will be our best shinobi. And... Uchiha Sasuke-kun..."

"Are you going to do the same to him as well?"

"Maybe. It is a risk, though. If I take them both to me, neither will wish the other to become my vessel. They would be shinobi." He lifted his hands, sending a huge gust of wind in their direction. "However, that is fine. If necessary, I will kill the Haruno. She is of no interest." Walking forward, Orochimaru added, "I will take it from here."

Back with Naruto

Naruto trembled as the giant snake stood in front of her, hissing loudly. It's fang suddenly enclosed onto her stomach, going through her. She cried out in pain. She stabbed it with a kunai, pushing it away from her, and taking it's fang out of her quickly. Naruto got Kage Bunshin's killing it, a hundred of herself slicing it until it lay on the floor. Naruto noticed the alarming amount of blood she was losing, more than she'd ever lost before. "...am I... going to die here?"

"...Sasuke..." she whispered, remembering how she'd kissed him on a whim before entering the forest.

"...Iruka-sensei..." Naruto murmured quietly.

"...Sakura-chan..." She remembered how she had shopped with her, and how they'd laughed.

"...would they miss me...?" Naruto wondered. "...I never told... Sasuke..." she whispered.

I never told Sasuke...!!

"I can't die!" she began to yell. "I refuse to die here! I won't drag my team down! I am going to become Hokage someday! I'm not going to die like this!"

Naruto stood up, ignoring the pain as she began to leap through the trees.

Back with Sasuke

"...prey need to keep their guard up in the presence of a predator..." Orochimaru hissed, bringing out a hideously snake like tongue. Sasuke was shaking violently, crying out in horror when Orochimaru twisted around the tree with a speed that was unmatched.

"...you... bastard! Stay away from Sasuke!" Naruto yelled, her voice racked with pain as she stood on the branch, blood pouring down the lower half of her body.

Sasuke's eyes widened. "Naruto!!"

Sakura threw up at the state Naruto was in.

"Run away, Naruto! The enemy is way out of our league!"

Naruto slammed her foot on the branch, ignoring the humongous pain that surged through out her being at the action. "I'm not fucking running away, Sasuke! You're in danger! I'm not going to run away from the enemy! What sort of scum do you take me for, Sasuke?!"

Sasuke looked around. There's no way we'll survive against this enemy. "Here! Take our scroll!" Tossing the scroll out, Naruto immediately jumped down catching it and standing next to Sasuke, shaking with anger. "Naruto, he's way out of our league-"

The blonde brought her fist into Sasuke's face.

"There's no guarantee that he would spare us even if we did that! Are you some sort of impersonator?!"

Sasuke looked at Naruto, shocked to see that she was crying.

"You're not the guy I grew up with! You're not the guy I sparred with! More importantly, you're not the guy I fell in love with!"

Sasuke was utterly stunned, as was Sakura.

Orochimaru licked his lips. "Naruto-chan..."

"You're right."

Sasuke's eyes widened.

"I just have to... kill you all and take the scroll for myself."

He bit his thumb, smearing the red liquid on the Summoning inscription on his lower arm. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu." He summoned a massive snake, arousing a horrible memory in Naruto from when it had pierced her through the stomach only an hour before and given her the thoughts of her own death.

It smashed through the branches, sending her flying upwards. Naruto smashed into a branch with huge force, and she spat out blood.

Sasuke began to shake.

She fell off the branch, her eyes closed from how she'd been knocked out. Naruto's hair flailed behind her, and the loose material of her top fluttered as she fell downwards.

Orochimaru extended his tongue, intending to pick her up.

Unexpectedly, her eyelids opened to reveal a pair of red irises and fox-like pupils. She glared at the tongue coming towards her, batting it off and sending a bone shattering punch to the snake he now stood on.

Her boastful and determined nature disippated as she sent punch after punch at the tip of the snake, weakening it considerable. Orochimaru noticed her eyes and the familiar chakra, raising an eyebrow. What a heartless man Minato really was.

Sending a large cloud of fire towards her, Naruto finally tumbled to the branches below, landing on a branch, unconscious. Blood trickled out of her mouth as she struggled to open her eyes.

The snake soared towards Sasuke, it's tongue soaring out. "How will you fight, Sasuke-kun?" Orochimaru hissed.

It smashed into the branch in front of Sasuke, but the snake proceeded no further.

The girls hands held kunai that were plunged into the snake as she held it back. Naruto, her chest racking with the shuddering gasps that were her breathing, looked up at Sasuke. Her eyes were still a darker crimson. "Are you okay... coward?"

Sasuke lifted a trembling hand towards her.

"You're not the Sasuke I know. It's not true that the Sasuke I loved was just a mask. It's just not. So wake up, Sasuke." Naruto lifted her hands off of her kunai, only to have tongue wrap around her neck. Her eyes widened.

"Let go of me!" Naruto screamed, kicking violently as the tongue tightened around her neck. Her voice weakened, and she whispered, "...Sasuke... please..." she whispered. "...awaken..."

Orochimaru released his tongue from around Naruto's neck, allowing her to tumble to the ground in front of Sasuke. She pulled her knees forward, pushing herself into a crawling position as she coughed up blood.

"A bittersweet scene," Orochimaru laughed. "Ah! That reminds me. Naruto-chan," Naruto looked at him with malice in her eyes which were precariously flickering back to her normal blue constantly. "I have a present for you."

His neck extended, his head suddenly next to hers. Naruto didn't feel the two snake-like teeth sink into her neck. She didn't see Sasuke go from his normal pale skin colour to a china white. She didn't hear herself screaming. All her senses were blocked out by the never-ending pain that had instantly taken over her system.

"What," she rasped, "have you done?"

Orochimaru smirked. "You'll come to me, seeking revenge. And Sasuke-kun will too."

In an instant, Orochimaru had done the same to Sasuke; and Sasuke sympathized with Naruto through his own pain, believing the pain was identical.

Through the agonizing pain, Naruto reached out for Sasuke, and next to her, Sasuke did the same. Their hands entwined, and they looked at each other through the corrupt pain that poisoned their bodies. Naruto was the first one to fall unconscious, and Sasuke felt absolute fear for Naruto as he followed her into unconsciousness.

An hour later

Sakura placed them underneath the tree. They both appeared to be on the brink of death; they only had three days left! If they were unconscious the entire the time, there was no way she'd be allowed to pass, and nor would Sasuke.

"Damn it," Sakura cursed, replacing the towel on Sasuke's head and then proceeding to do the same with Naruto.

But what was really worrying Sakura was that even though Sasuke's condition had been bad, Naruto had died for thirty seconds before jolting back to life via a 'miracle'.

It had really freaked her out.

"...Kami-sama, if you're listening," Sakura whispered, on her knees. "Don't let them die. They can't die yet. They've got so much to do. Naruto has got to become Hokage and Sasuke-kun has got to achieve his ambition. Please... I just..." The pinkette was crying at that time. "...I just want... I want to do missions as Team 7 again... I want us to smile together again... please... I don't want them to leave me like this!"

Sakura began to sob.

Hearing Naruto groan, she wiped away her tears; berating herself, telling herself that there wasn't any time to cry. A trickle of blood dripped out of the blonde kunoichi's mouth. "Oh God," Sakura whispered. She began muttering a mantra to herself as she replaced the towel for her fever once again. "Don't die – don't die – don't die – don't die – don't die – don't die!"

Sakura became hysterical at that moment. "Why?! You two are always fighting so hard! Sasuke-kun is always striving to become stronger, and Naruto is always smiling and training! You can't leave me behind! You can't die now! Please, you were both my idols... carry on fighting..."

And once again, Naruto's condition stabilized.

Sakura, sadly, had noticed the display of emotion between the two earlier; she'd seen how Sasuke had looked so worried for her. She'd heard Naruto admit she'd fallen in love with him. And although Sakura wished so hard that she could be angry at them – she just couldn't be. Sakura's crush was... just a crush, and in truth, she and Naruto were friends. It could be considered to be the worst kind of betrayal; your best friends, one of which being your crush, falling in love. But she couldn't be angry.

Sakura just couldn't be angry.

She collapsed, crying, in the space between the two. "You two... you've got lives to continue! You've got to grow up together! We've got to share our dreams! We've got to become adults together!" Still sobbing loudly, she mumbled, "You two... jumped into the fight... while I did nothing..." Sakura looked downwards, her sobs quietening. "I just watched you. I always thought I was better than you, Naruto, and I always thought I could keep up with you, Sasuke-kun... but all this time..."

"...all this time... I've only been watching your backs."

After a really long and unnecessary fight...

Lee lay on the ground, looking at Sakura. He'd seen her in the forest when he'd been separated from his team-mates, and instantly fell in love with her. But after fighting the Sound nins, he had been defeated, and now Kin had her fingers dug into Sakura's hair.

"Dosu, get her team-mates and kill them in front of her."

Sakura's eyes widened. "No!"

Kin noticed her grabbing a kunai from her holster. "That won't work on me."

Sakura smirked, and cut off her hair.

Ino, in the bushes, looked close to tears. Sakura...

The blonde kunoichi came out, standing firm, as Shikamaru came out with a reluctant Chouji behind him.

"Formation Ino!"



In Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto saw people walking in the distance.

Her slender hand reached out for them as she realized that they were her precious people. "Iruka-sensei! Sakura-chan! Hokage-oji-chan! Kakashi-sensei! Everyone! Wait for me!"

They looked back, their eyes linking with his for a small moment. They paused in their walk to look at her with hate in their eyes. Naruto began to shake as she recognized that horrible look.

The villagers suddenly surrounded her.

"Monster! Die!"

"You killed our Hokage!"

"Kyuubi brat! You should have been killed long ago!"

Tears filled her eyes as the insults hit her one by one. They continued, and she desperately closed her eyes, hoping to block out the voices if she shut herself down. She ran through the villagers, going for the people who had walked away from her.


Abruptly, someone grabbed the sleeve of her cut off kimono style top.

Naruto turned around to see no other than Sasuke. Her eyes widened. "Y-You don't hate me?"

"Why would I hate you?" Sasuke asked, raising an eyebrow. "You're not the Kyuubi. That's such a stupid way to put it." Sasuke waved it off, bringing her into an embrace. "I'm going to Orochimaru, Naruto. He'll give us power. Come with me."

Naruto nodded fiercely. "I will! You're the last one I have left!"

Her fingers entwined into Sasuke's. "We don't need anyone but each other. We'll both get our revenge."

They walked away from the villagers, they walked away from Konoha.

They needed no one else but each other.

In Sasuke's Mindscape

"Give up on your revenge," Kakashi sneered.

Sasuke glared. "To hell with you! You don't know what your talking about!"

He ran into the distance. Kakashi knew nothing of what he spoke about! This person took everything away from him, and even took away what he didn't have! It wasn't something that was easy to forget; you couldn't just give up on it! It simply wasn't possible. At least in Sasuke's opinion.

"To kill you, brother," Sasuke hissed, "I will fling myself into the depths of darkness. I will sell my soul to the devil himself if necessary. I will not let you get away with what you have done!"

He remembered when he had wept on the floor in the Uchiha complex, horrified with the sheer absence and silence of the deserted place. Sasuke had cried silently, horrified.

And then... a boy in a black top and orange shorts had come up to him.

"Why are you crying?" Naruto had asked. The boys eyes had held compassion, and understanding; but much to Sasuke's surprise, there had been no pity. "You shouldn't cry."

"Shut up! You know nothing!" Sasuke had yelled angrily. "You don't know what it's like to live without family or friends!"

"I do," Naruto had whispered. "I've never had a family. I've never had a friend. I can't remember when somebody last called me by my name, in fact."

Naruto had quickly put on a smile. "But it's okay. One day, I'll see someone smile at me. I'll work hard until that day."

Sasuke didn't know why he had remembered that time. But then, he felt someone grab his hand as he ran.


He turned around, to see Naruto holding his hand gently.

"I'm coming with you. I have no ties to here. We will go to a man called Orochimaru. He has power; power for our revenge. We will not give ourselves up to this village."

Sasuke looked at her in shock, before smirking and standing beside her. "Yeah. Let's go."

And with that, they ran into the distance. They were not emotionless tools. They were not evil. They needed each other.

But nobody else mattered, and Naruto was all Sasuke cared about.

Back in Reality

Sakura felt such a horrible aura surrounding the two. The situation was just terrible.

Naruto and Sasuke were standing, utterly covered in black markings, both smirking and relishing the power that surged within them. "It's wonderful, isn't it, Sasuke?"

Sasuke licked his lips. "Yeah... he gave it to us, didn't he?"

"Yes. And when the time comes, we will cut away everything for this once again."

Their eyes linked with hers for a moment. "Sakura," Naruto hissed, the pink haired girl flinching when she heard the absence of the honorific 'chan', "Who did that to you?"

"We need to serve a fair punishment," Sasuke smirked, the dark chakra swirling around him and Naruto.

Sakura shakily pointed to Zaku.

"Okay, how about you do the arms? I'll try to do the inner decapitation," Naruto laughed. She walked over to him, still chuckling. She put a hand on her hip, and said in a 'did-you-know?' voice, "I'm going to be merciful upon you. Or maybe... just the opposite. I am going to cut off any feeling in your arms apart from the feeling of pain."

In a flash, she held his arms with a smile on her face, her eyes flashing with insanity.

"Oi, Naruto. You're taking up all the fun!" Sasuke snorted. "Well, I'll be the one to break them, so that's okay."

Sakura began to cry. They're...

Naruto pinned down Zaku's legs with her feet, grabbing his arms and cutting the Flexor Diqitorum Superficialis muscle in each of his arms. Piercing two other muscles with sadistic smirk, namely the Flexor Capri Ulnaris and Brachialis muscles. "See? All feeling is disappearing."

She motioned for Sasuke to come over, and he held his arms as Naruto stood up. "You seem to be proud of your arms," Sasuke noted out loud, and began to pull with insane strength. A sickening snap was heard as his arms became dislocated and rendered useless.

Naruto began to laugh humourlessly. "How wonderful you made yourself appear!" She knelt down, lifting up his chin to face her. A disgustingly corrupt smile crept onto her face when she saw his eyes. "Beautiful eyes filled with hate! Do you hate me, want to kill me?" She let his head drop to the floor. "Sadly, I have not the time to torment you. So I shall just put you through the most insane amount of pain you can ever experience!"

Sasuke watched with a grin on his face as Naruto slowly dug a kunai into his neck, ever so slowly opening the skin and wrapping her blood stained fingers around his jugular vein. In his ear, she hissed, "Do you wish to kill me for this horrible pain? Your death will be a useless one, dying by the hands of someone far stronger than you who you could never have hoped to compete with!"

She abruptly ripped the kunai out, injuring his neck beyond repair. Zaku screamed.

"He will die shortly," Naruto shrugged. "Unless he is lucky." Sasuke and Naruto turned towards the other member. "Do you want to do the gruesome part this time, Sasuke?"

They proceeded forwards. Naruto put a hand over his shoulder seductively, her eyes sparkling. Sasuke smiled, before turning towards Dosu. "I hope I am allowed to have the fun with this member."

"Go on, Sasuke-chan," Naruto purred, lifting her arm off of him as she turned to stand beside him.


They stopped.

Sakura in the middle of them, tears rolling down her face. She had hook her arms around their necks in a friendly action, and if it hadn't been for the emotions clear on their faces, it would have appeared that they were best friends.

"That's enough," Sakura choked out. "You... you're not acting like yourselves! Please... regain your gentle hearts..."

The black markings began to recede. The rest of the sound ninja's sighed in relief. "Please, leave us and take this," Dosu begged, leaving the scroll and quickly leaving.

Naruto licked her lips, her eyes moving quickly as if searching for something. "Where... where did that wonderful power come from...?"

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