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Kohaku wandered the streets, walking stick in hand. Her glassy eyes saw little to nothing but flickers of peoples chakra. That was very simply, what she would have to rely on right now. Sightless, and with a bustling street around her, filled to the brim with people that cared very little about who she was, what she needed and whether she was blind or not- the only chance she had of doing anything to help the young girl with the whiskered cheeks was to follow chakra. She stumbled, only to have a pair of firm hands catch her.

"Yo, miss."

The sorrowful old lady glanced upwards, and saw a flickering, abundant chakra that she was somewhat familiar with. "Hatake Kakashi," she wheezed, finding her stance and regaining her balance. What a kind young man, she thought delightfully. A rare find, in the uncaring ninja generations these days. Perhaps he could help me. "Young man, do you know where Haruno Sakura lives?"

Kakashi nodded, but seemed hesitant. "Yes, but what do you need her for?"

Kohaku shook her head. "I am old and weary, sightless as well, however, I need to find the whiskered woman's children. Their chakra's are faint and not very well channelled, I can't locate them. Would you direct me please?"

Kakashi's eyes narrowed in suspicion. Naruto's children? Why would she want to see them? It could be possible she is working for Danzo, and she is under high level genjutsu... "Yes, she lives down here."

"Please do not lie to me." Kohaku's glassy eyes looked downward. "I have no negative ulterior motives. I wish none of them any harm. Your chakra is disturbed when you lie. Please direct me the correct way."

Kakashi reeled away from her. She can sense if I lie or if I don't... but her eyes- surely she is blind? How can she see...? The once young ninja shook his head. He knew there was no point lying to this woman. Rumour had it she was the oldest woman in the village, and therefore probably the wisest. They had once tried to interrogate her, but Morino Ibiki had realised it was hopeless and imminently pointless. Kakashi saw no need to lie to her. "She lives down the side-street, here." Kakashi turned the old lady to a small side-street, filled with houses of a homey look.

Kohaku nodded and gave a cracked, worn smile, before slowly, tremblingly, walking down the side street, using her walking stick all the way. She felt Kakashi's chakra watching tentatively.

Sakura felt a faint knock on the door. Putting away her book, she slipped it into the bookshelf. Yuki and Haku are still safe, soundly in bed, Sakura gladly thought. At least they're not running around arguing at this time of morning. Warily, she looked through the peep-hole, seeing who it was at the door. Oh, its Kohaku-san! Sakura was relieved. She would have been upset to be called to medical duties at this time of morning.

Kohaku-san often worked with her mother at the market, as Kohaku sold china, and Sakura's mother sold various food. It helped if they watched each others stands for thieves. Not to mention, Kohaku was a lonely, vulnerable old woman, who was blind. Sakura's mother often assisted her in counting money, dealing it out, etc. Sakura did wonder what this was about, though. I'll need a cigarette after this. I'm so tired.

Sakura creaked the wooden door open, the hinges desperately needing an oiling as it revealed the glassy-eyed woman. "Kohaku-san! What is it? Please come in." The pink haired woman stepped aside, allowing Kohaku to tread into her house delicately, as though she would fall apart at any given moment.

Kohaku swept in, slowly, long clothes dragging on the patterned carpet below. "Sakura-san," the elderly lady began, looking around the elegantly furnished room. "Where is Haku?"

The medical ninja stopped. "Haku?" she pondered. "Uchiha Haku? Ahh... I'll call for him, but what do you need him for?" It seemed as though everything associated with the Uchiha or the Uzumaki was a conspiracy these days. Sakura could never be too careful.

"Please just do as I say."

Sakura cursed. They were in bed, she was hoping to have an hour or so more of peace before she would have to decide what to make them for breakfast. They would most likely argue about it fervently, being the children that they are. They always had very different tastes in food. She was rambling to herself, she realised. "Haku!" she called. There was no immediate reply. Sakura decided that perhaps it was down to plain laziness. She shook her head, asking Kohaku to stay there as she ran up her stairs. "Haku! Get up, you lazy-"

He was not there. In one bed, lay Yuki. She clung to the blankets, keeping herself warm, her black hair splayed out onto the pillow and her tiny feet poking out of the end. Upon hearing Sakura's sudden pause, she turned tiredly to Sakura, peering at her. "Is Haku not there?" she questioned dazedly. Rubbing her eyes, she turned towards Haku's bed. It was certain that somebody had slept there. The covers were ruffled and in disarray, the way they always are after somebody has being tossing and turning all night.

Sakura's voice wavered as she called again, worry beginning to fill it. "Haku?" Again, but louder. "Haku?"

Kohaku shook her head. "I am sorry, Sakura-san. This is just how I feared it would be."

The woman did not hear her, in the midst of desperately looking for a child. How could I dare lose a child that is not my own? She grabbed her home phone, dialling desperately. It rang 5 times, before a cheerful voice answered.

"Sakura-chan! What's up, eh? Haku and Yuki doing okay?" Naruto sounded fairly drowsy.

Sakura flinched. "Ahh, Naruto, that was exactly the subject I was calling about... Yuki is fine, however, I fear that Haku is... gone. Its not exactly clear if anybody has taken him, or if he has just wandered out."

There was a fearful pause on the phone, before a faint conversation. "Sasuke!"

"What is it, saiai?"

"I'm going out, take the phone."


Footsteps faded, and a sliding door slammed. There was a few ruffling noises, as Sasuke picked up the phone. "Sakura? What's up?"

Sakura sighed, realising that most likely, the guilt was going to consume her. "Ah, Sasuke... Haku... he's gone. Yuki didn't have any clue that he was gone, let alone where he went to... Sasuke, I'm so sorry." Sakura prepared herself for the oncoming onslaught. Naruto would worry. She would never blame it on Sakura. However, with Sasuke, Sakura knew better. There was no salvation from this.

"Sakura! What the fuck is wrong with you? These are my kids, you mind them for one day and Haku is gone? The hell?"

"It's not my fucking fault! I don't know when she left, but it is 9 in the morning! Haku must have left early morning or late night! You wouldn't have noticed either!"

Somewhere, in the midst of their argument over whom the burden belonged to, Kohaku had disappeared.

Jumping the rooftops of Konoha fervently, Naruto felt a deep weight settle in the bottom of her stomach like lead. It sank and sank, before pressing against her lower stomach and making her feel incredibly sick. Nothing like the butterfly, feeling, however. More as though her stomach was being turned and tipped frantically. She loved her children so much. In an irreversible way, that was created upon bearing a child, holding that child, hearing their sobs, feeling the heartbeat that you created from love. There is something that cannot be replaced about that love. Even if you disappear for several years.

Her feet catapulted herself of every building mindlessly, as her eyes flickered from street to street, searching for her black haired little boy in the early dawn of morning. Market stands were being set up shakily, peoples goods put on display in an orderly fashion. People chatted in the early morning happily, oblivious to Naruto's speeding heartbeat, to her shaking hands, to her white knuckles as she clenched them and panicked and panicked more. Haku was her own, her own cute little boy. He looked like Sasuke, but... somehow, a bit more ruffled, a bit more happy, a bit more energetic in everything he did. More like Naruto in mind, however he was an undeniable carbon copy of Sasuke in looks. His hard-working attitude made Naruto smile at the thought.

Yet, her heart wrenched in her chest as she thought of where he was now. Where could my angel have gone? I want him home. I want him home with our family.

Silently, her eyes burned. This was the sort of feeling she would never have dared feel for the years she had spent in the unpleasant company of Danzo. Salty tears slipped down her face as she wept for the son that had somehow disappeared. Please come home, Haku.

Behind her, an unnatural noise occurred. A noise that should never exist; a swirling noise, the noise of time and space's distortion. A noise that described every other bad noise in the world, in one single vibration. As the atoms vibrated to Naruto's ear, she couldn't help but think that those atoms were not vibrating at will, but were almost quaking in fear, shaky and unwilling at the thought of this being that was unnatural. Wrong, and unnatural. The chakra of the Tailed Beasts was terrifying, because of the sheer amount of chakra that had unpleasant will. At the very least, however, the Tailed Beasts were naturally occurring. Created by God. Kami-sama.

This was nothing like that. The noise of something that is not. That is not human, that is not earthly, that is not... universally right. This noise could have made children cry, adults scream. It was wrong, and more wrong than anything Naruto had ever heard before.

She turned on her heel, and found a masked man standing before her. Danzo had mentioned this man briefly. Tobi? His one eye was a Sharingan, that glared at her as Naruto stated the name with a tilted head, questioning and confused.

"Hello, Nine-tails."

Madara felt himself become faintly aroused as he looked at the young woman.

Somewhat tanned, her skin was smooth and toned. Toned most likely down to ninja training, smooth probably due to the Kyuubi's ability to heal skin at supernatural speeds. Still supple as ever at later 20s, a skill in itself. He licked his lips, beneath his brightly coloured mask. Her breasts were pert, relatively high up on her chest, and certainly not lacking in size. With voluptuous curves, she was beautiful, most certainly. Her hips gracefully curved outwards, firm but beautiful. She was not very thin, Madara noted, just toned. A wet dream, for most men.

"So, what do you want?" Her tone was malicious. "I have no interest in you right now."

"Ah, I see," he chuckled. "Well, I fear you have no option."

He slipped from sight instantly. Madara slipped his hands over her breasts, and they bounced gently, even more so when her rage became evident and she span around, teeth gritted and eyes glowing red; such a blasphemous red, slit pupils and bloody irises that promised pain. Such a foolish girl, he reprimanded; his sharingan glaring deep into them as she was rendered unable to move. Madara licked his lips, behind his mask; he fondled her breasts as she motionlessly watched in horror. Looking down at the unaware village below, he thought it inconvenient to keep her here.

The disgusting sound of space and time shifting in a vortex like motion sounded, as she was transported away in a nonsensical warping of space.

Nought but the stirring city below remained.

The world was disgusting. It was all so very incorrect. Block-like was the ground, smooth, atomically incorruptible, frictionless to the touch, mathematically perfect but naturally wrong. There was nothing curvaceous except her own eyesight, a beautiful 360 that differed to the cubic mannerisms of the distorted dimension. Naruto, herself, was too, curvaceous in comparison to the horribly straight and orderly dimension. "I'm scared." There was no echo.

Somehow, fear began to seep into her on a cellular scale, tiny doses of fright and upset worming its way around her blood stream as she realised that this had no end. This was no room, nor no dream. On these blocks that she sat on, there was complete blackness around it, bottomless black. The blonde woman took a metal attachment off of her kimono-like top, testing the darkness below as she dropped it and waited for a metallic clang to sound. The noise came, but from above; after a minute of falling, the metal attachment landed beside her, falling from the darkness above. She drew her knees into her chest, realising that this world was endless and nonsensical in its midst, and without Madara's assistance, there would be no escape.

Noise sounded. Soft footsteps. She whipped around, her hair making a slight whoosh in the thin air. "Hello, Nine-tails. Is Naruto more personal?"

All of a sudden, he was there, in front of her. His orange mask hid a sinister expression, she guessed bitterly, as his eyes narrowed and a low chuckle sounded from him. "I hate you. I hate you! Where is my son? Why now?"

Madara turned from her, looking up into a starless sky. "It has been many years since we collected the other Jinchuuriki's respective demons. They have all been collected. It was merely you who evaded my grasp, who lived within safe walls. Rogue Jinchuuriki were the easiest. Demons with villages were harder. You, my dearest, are the hardest." He lowered his red, swirling gaze. "Though, you are certainly the most attractive. It is no wonder that the Uchiha took considerable interest in you."

She hissed aggressively, spitting at his feet. "Looks mean nothing, especially to a kunoichi. Lust all you like, but my loyalty lies with him. I'm not Hokage yet. You can't kill me now."

The ninja turned around, blood red eyes gaping into hers, freezing her once more. "You leave yourself open for attack, Naruto. Ninjas are never treated well upon capture. They are tortured. Female ninjas... are exposed to worse." He slipped a gloved hand into her bra, grasping the soft skin and running a finger over it tentatively. Naruto's blue eyes filled with angry tears as she felt her body instinctively react against her will. I can't fucking move. Get off me! Get the hell off me, you perverted bastard!

"I can feel you react. You like this, don't you, Naruto? Don't lie to me." She could hear the horrible smirk beneath his mask. The angry tears trembled down her cheeks, her teeth gritted in her mouth. "You're an idiot, Naruto. So is that Nine-Tails. Its very much a pity you aren't like that Eight-Tails- by combining your powers, I'm very sure you would have been a formidable force. On your own... Well, you're both useless." He squeezed her breast, watching her body react against her will, as Naruto's tears became thicker and faster in their descent down her cheeks. He moved his hands to beneath her clothes, touching her waist and hips. "How very perfect. Did the Nine-Tails fashion you this way?" His hand slipped below her waistband, and he pressed onto her, her kneeling form on line with his erection. A guttural noise came from her throat; a loud sob, as her tears fell and fell relentlessly. Her form trembled, as her hateful eyes stared into his. Why can't I move? Why can't I move!

"Then again, having a bastard demon in you must be useful for fighting. Bear in mind, it was me who put him there. Do you hate him for it? Do you hate me for it? Do you hate your dearest father for it?"

As tears fell and shattered like glass on the floor, as her eyes were forced to look into black and red that she hated passionately, as the man who lead to her father and mothers death violated her, as his Sharingan captivated her sight, she shook her head, and forced through gritted teeth, "Having a bastard demon in you isn't all bad. At least I'll never be alone, like you."

I have watched you for many years. You have worked for respect. Sometimes, power. Mistakes have been made, but in the end, you worked for the respect, and to help your friends. As a respectable man once spoke, those who break the rules are scum, however, those who leave their friends behind are worse than scum. You have firmly believed that. I have remained silent. My input has never truly been necessary, and when you were smaller, my voice was inaudible to you. I am an incoherent force of chakra, a godly being. I have always firmly believed that we have been beyond human sympathy. Understanding.

Looking at you, Naruto, perhaps our emotions are just as human as yours. Perhaps we are more than mounds of hatred and incomprehensible chakra. If we're human, its perceivable that us Bijuu too, can be changed by you. Perhaps you will. Or, possibly, you have.

The Kyuubi decided that he was thinking too much, and let chakra seep underneath the gate, pure chakra with no disgusting will accompanying it. He thought about what he was doing, contemplating if he really wanted to do this, before closing his eyes. It was decided. "I would rather have you as my leader than that bastard, by far, Naruto."

He saw a small grin from in front of his cage, a startling difference to her ever-mounting sorrowful tears. Fight, Naruto.

She nodded. "You definitely aren't all bad, Kyuubi. I'll work to get rid of all that hate... promise!"

The Kyuubi snorted in response, a sadistic smile on his face as per usual, however somehow, Naruto could see the appreciation in his expression. "Thanks, Kyuubi. Its time to change this." She turned, leaving ripples behind as she tread through the water delicately. New found will enlightened her, as a different chakra enveloped her, seeping in through the water and enveloping her. The will in this chakra isn't malicious, she noted. Its... determined.

"My name is Kurama, Naruto."

She stopped suddenly, somewhat shocked that he had never mentioned it before. In an abrupt notion, a small laugh erupted from her throat. "Kurama, eh? I'll remember that. Thanks, Kurama."

He snorted again.

Madara flinched away from the girl, as chakra so potent, so insane, yet not as disgusting as it should have been enveloped her being, scarring him hands and breaking his line of sight. Her eyes immediately looked downward, and she grinned in a malicious manner. Before he had the proper time to react by de-materialising his body, she threw chakra enhanced hands onto the floor. Unlike the effect that was probable, the chakra erupted through the world, and threw Madara violently.

He landed with a crack, guessing that his leg was most likely damaged in some manner. The starless sky cracked, as did all the surroundings, as bloody chakra filled every crevice. Madara's only coherent thought was that which moderately formed the word 'fuck'. Naruto grinned, put her middle finger up carelessly, and as unknown surroundings formed around her, she infused all the chakra she had into her legs and ran.

Trees whirred past her, and many other indistinguishable objects. The outline of them was blurred, and her hurried and terrified mind was too busy focussing chakra into her legs to take note of the surroundings. Her feet pounded the ground, and she was too terrified to remember that he would track her footsteps with ease. Abruptly, the soft ground beneath her turned to pebbles, and she stumbled on them, tumbling into a cold river. Naruto's sight blurred, as she shook her head and picked herself up, this time jumping between branches, cracking them somewhat with the chakra she used to leap from branch to branch. She ran continuously, chakra pouring out of her legs 'til not a single drop could be summoned from her any longer.

At which point, Naruto stumbled, falling onto the ground with a loud, sickening thud. In the midst of fatigue and her harsh breathing, she noted that the crack was most likely a rib. As winds descended, Naruto realised that the cold was probably because she was wet.


Naruto chuckled, ignoring the piercing ache that accompanied her laugh. I know. Thank you so much, Kurama. Her eyelids quivered, eyesight wavering between a scramble of colours and the faint colour of red blood, and a deafening darkness that pierced her sharply.

"Haku," she croaked, frothy, crimson bodily fluid streaming down the riverbed and into fresh water, swirling at the edge and dyeing it pink.

Sasuke slammed the receiver down in unbridled fury.

Its not as though Sakura was at fault in this situation. The obvious person at fault was the culprit, should there be one- however Sakura was simply, as the saying goes, at the wrong place at the wrong time, and the perfect target for the ebony-haired man's rage. His most valued possessions, without question, were his family. His dearest Naruto, Haku, and Yuki. Haku was gone, without a trace, whilst in Sakura's care. Though the fault was hard to pin on anyone, it was convenient to blame it on the pink haired girl.

Upon a long, tedious, and somewhat upsetting chat, Sasuke discovered that his young daughter herself had not at all noticed Haku's absence, and had been deep in sleep. He collapsed into a couch, falling deep into thought. That meant, either Haku was taken without any or any considerable force, or was unable to.

He brought a porcelain hand up to brush the hair out of his eyes. All of a sudden, his heart seemed so terribly loud, the blood in his ears pounding like a taiko drum and his breath becoming so very heavy, each drawing of air seeming more tedious as it progressed. His legs became weak. Where is my daughter? Sasuke's eyes shut, Sharingan stirring in a frenzy below his eyelids. Who the fuck would do this?

A tiny knock broke the heavy silence, bringing Sasuke from his trance-like state. He stood up, walking slowly and steadily towards the door and opening it with a degree of weariness. He supposed there was never a way to be too careful; the ninja (bastard ninja, at that) who had taken his daughter presumably could be either stupid or brave enough to knock on his door. Lo and behold, however, his young daughter stood before him.


Sasuke smiled. "Hello, Yuki." He shut the door behind her, locking it cautiously. It never failed to amaze him how simply beautiful the beings that him and Naruto had created were. Yuki was truly ladylike, her hair glistening and leng, her eyes as charcoal as Sasukes' own. Her face shape was far from his sharp one, it was more soft, like Naruto herself. In mind, though, she was like himself, through and through. Nostalgia filled him, as she quietly slipped into her house slippers.

"Pa, can I ask you something?"

"What is it?" Sasuke tilted his head slightly in question.

The young girl twiddled her fingers nervously, an action unlike herself. "I'm sorry I wasn't awake. I should have stayed up, so I could have saved him."

He shook his head, black hair swaying gently as he denied her self-accused allegations. "Hardly, sweetheart. It was no-ones fault, and certainly not yours. No-one is in a position to be apologising." Sasuke looked around his home. There was something so... family-like about it. So much better than a cold childhood.

Yuki looked down again. "Pa, Kakashi-oji-san went looking for Ma," she began nervously. At which point, she looked sharply down. "No-one can find her anywhere."

Sasuke reeled somewhat, before smirking slightly, in a manner that was both sarcastic and a form of denial for the sake of sanity. I can't have this, I can't have this at all. It simply can't be true that both my wife and my son have vanished into thin air in the own walls of my home village. "Yuki," he began gently, "you must have misheard. How can she go missing in the walls of our own village?"

The young girl emitted a choking, guttural sound; a dry, choked sob. "Pa, I'm sure I heard Kakashi-oji-san and Iruka-sensei talking about it. Nobody has seen her, Pa, and neither have I!" She threw herself at his abdomen, tears silently streaming as she realised the devastating situation. Haku, you idiot. First you, now Ma...

Sasuke's grip on his child tightened, as he became increasingly fearful. Not for himself, but for his dear daughter, for his beautiful fiancée, for his sweet son. For his family, who would never hurt anyone, who bickered harmlessly amongst one another, who truly and utterly loved each other, in a family-like way. He didn't want to lose his freshly reconstructed family.

The woman he had made love with. The fiancée, the beautiful woman who had captured him in the oddest of manners. She was funny, happy, shocking and heart-wrenching, but in the best ways possibly, and somehow, Sasuke had fallen so deep in love with the emotionally-turbulent young woman. He had planned, without a doubt, to spend his life with her. How could someone take her away from me? Just as we were going to become a married couple?

Along with his daughters never-ending streams of sorrow, warm, salty tears pitter-pattered on the floor below, silent in their descent, and ever so painful.


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