Short Kate/Ari drabble

Kate Todd often wondered how her life ended up the way it did, and how on earth she ended up with the man that she did.

When she sees him sitting at her dining room table reading from a newspaper like it's the most normal thing in the world, she laughs at how un-normal the man is.

She knows that when he leaves her apartment it may be the last time she sees him, knowing that since he is there with her in Washington, there is a chance Gibbs would find and kill him, but they both know that risk, and they both think it's worth it.

They love each other, and neither feels the need to voice it often, but when they do it's always when they're lying in each other's arms or he's about to leave on a mission he may not return from.

She thinks about what her co-workers, especially Gibbs, would say if they found out that she was in a relationship from their number one enemy.

She's pretty sure Gibbs would fire her.

But when she's lying in Ari Haswari's arms as he whispers words of love in her ear, she's pretty happy the way her life is.